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What is Prairie Homemaker?


Prairie Homemaker is a group of women who have come together from all bible based religions and all walks of life and joined forces to become a voice for God on the web. We hail from all over the world as well.


We subscribe to the belief that Ephesians 4:5 binds us together. United in the one Faith that God created regardless of the rules men add on to it called religion.


We are conservative, standing on the words of our Lord. Even when doing so disrupts our earthly harmony. God is never wrong, the world often is. God is always Faithful to those who stand in his word. Standing on his word does not give us carte blanche to be rude and hurtful. A biblical woman may be clear and she may be blunt but she is also to be kind and caring.


We are here to join on the journey to being women of God the way he desires us to be. We are dedicated to our Lord and our families. We take seriously the task of stewardship in using what we have to provide for our families.


In these troubling times conservative Christian women need each other for support and courage.


If you are looking for such a place please email me at MJsLady (@) Wcc. Net.


Since we have come under attack by sales bots we have disconnected registration. However we are always accepting new members! Just drop me a line including your desired user name and a short bio on yourself, your Faith, why you wish to join our ranks and how you found us.


May God enter your life and encourage you.






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