The deals I did not do.

There are a couple Wags deals this weekend, that I did not do. One would have been completely free with overage. One of them while not free is an awesome deal on the pain meds I use most often.

The first deal was for an Accucheck meter. This is of use to those monitoring blood sugar. It is also a good donation to free clinics and so on. The deal is this, the meter os on sale for $14.99. I have a $10 coupon, and there is a diabetic magazine at Wags that has a $5 coupon, that expires today. To sweeten the pot, your get $5 in rrs. In essence it means they would pay me $5 to get the meter. I have 4 of the $10 qs.

The other deal is advil. It is on sale for about $2 off normal price and I have 4 $2 off qs that also expire today. I could get each bottle of 50 count for under $3. Not bad.

However here I am at home not going to get these deals.

I wanted to do the meter deal. My hope is to one day be able to donate a decent supply of items to shelters and such. However today It just did not seem prudent to spend the gas to go to town for a one day deal (since my qs expire today it had to be today to get the deals).
If I had gone today I would have been to town everyday since Monday. I worked yesterday and this coming Friday is payday so I will be in town Monday through Friday as it is. This is my only day to stay completely at home.

I am missing being at home more and more. I love my job, but I love being home more.
These deals will be gone. My hope is that they will return before my other coupons expire and I can still build a donation box with some of these items.

For now I will spend my one day at home with my family, and finish the laundry i could not do while at work yesterday.

Texas Politics

I have been looking at the Texas Govenor race, specifically the republican primary.

I have to say, I dislike Rick Perry. He comes off as so arrogant and “high falutin” as my mom used to say. He is slick, and I do not trust him.

Then there is Senator Hutchinson. I emailed her a few times with concerns I had. The one time she replied it was with a noncommital attitude with no real answers to my questions. Now when I ask a straight forward question, I expect a straight forward answer. Every time I see her asked anything, even a yes or no question she seems to tippy tow around it.

Then there is the long shot. Debra Medina. I like her. Well what I see of her and read of her. She is not slick of speech. Her look is not polished. The thing I like though is she gives you a straight answer.
Are you pro gay marriage? “Personally no”. Should Texas recognize gay married couples? “The people of Texas already voted on that, they said no. I support that policy”. (not a direct quote but it is what she said)

I watched the BELO debates this morning. Like the other debate earlier this month the Senator and the Governor seemed more interested in contradicting each other and posing for the cameras than seriously taking on Mrs. Medina. Asked out right yes or no if she supported R V wade, the Senator never did answer. Instead making such an obscure statement even the panel did not seem to catch the answer. When asked how she would fund the 30 million TxDOT wants for roads, she said audit, when pressed for an answer, one can only guess, but it seemed like she supports new gas taxes. Granted TxDOT needs to be fixed, but answer the question as asked first.

Rick Perry is out right proud of his program to give college educations at in state tuition prices to illegals, if they “promise” to file for citizenship. HUH? Yes come break our law and go to school. What really blew my mind was his ignorance on IF the TEA actually followed up on these folks to see if they did in fact file for citizenship or not, all he knew was that it was their job to do so… Then there is his fund that he uses to decide what businesses to support as an incentive to get htem to come to Texas… (country wide was on the list, before it went under. He says businesses that do not follow the program give money back… I wonder if country wide did before they crashed…)

I am sorry but that is not a TRUE republican stance. A TRUE republican is a solid conservative, or are folks right that it is time for a new conservative party to form? It may just be that time.

I have begun to dislike all current politicians. From the head dog on down. (Mr. President, I understand your health care plan, you explained it plenty well, I just do not want it).

I think maybe it is time to wipe the slate clean. Time to make constitution a mandatory pass course in all schools. As in you pass a test, in depth on the constitution or do not pass the grade. Make people read it, study it. Then if they do not like that, as THE law of our country, they can find another country they like better.

I dunno all the answers, I just know neither Gov. Perry nor Sen. Hutchinson seem to be the ones to fix the problems. They can’t since they are part of the problem, they helped create the mess we all (Texans and Americans alike) are now left to deal with.

We need serious, dedicated people to solve the messes left for us by previous administrations, democrat and republican alike. Debra Medina I think just might be the one to begin with.

Whew that feels better.


was cold! Well for us. We got more snow, and lots of ice.
Beloved hubby came home and decided we needed some out time. So braving the cold we went to dinner. Lets just say grilled cheese at home would have been better.

Then we hit walmart. I did use a coupon for almost everything and saved $6 off my order.
I got taquitos, frozen fish, fries, peanut butter, tp, wheat thins, pickling spice, 4 cans of rotel and bread. I spent about $45 after qs, which is sad but we needed the items and since quality doesn’t matter, and Beloved wanted other stuff too, we went there not HEB.(I refuse to buy meats and “fresh” veggies there but frozen name brand items are ok)

Then we hit WAGs.
I got
2 Bic extreme advance razors (b1g1 so $5.99)
2 Bic soliel razors (5.99 x2)
2 chips ahoy cookies (2 for $6)
2 journals (.75c each)
Qs I used
Wags $3 off 2 bic soliel and $1.50 off each

2 b1g1 free bic razors
I also used 1 $3 rr

Total before all discounts $38.96

After qs and rr $4.48
I also got a $2 reward on the cookies. This was one of them i missed last night by getting distracted.

Well we are now decently supplied with razors, neoporin, kleenex, cold remedies and feminine items. Oh and laundry soap…

all for pennies on the dollar thanks to learning the ropes of wags deals!

Walgreens tonight

I did go though did not get all the rrs I should have. I got distracted by the police (4 of them…) that showed up to arrest some young woman a few feet from my register.
Anyway I missed $5 in rr I should have gotten but still did save a lot.
I got:

2 Milk of magnesia (3.99)
4 tostitos (2.50)
4 Tostitos cheese sauce (2.50)
2 bandaids (2.79) (characters)
2 bic soliel (6.99)
2 bic hybrid advance (5.99)(on sale b1g1 free, ended up paying only tax for these)
2 Chips ahoy (3.00)

Coupons I used
$1 off any bandaid product x 2
$1 of MOM x 2
Bic b1g1 free x2
Wags qs
$2 off character bandaids x2
$1.50 off bic soliel x2
$3 off 2 bic soliel

RRs used $3, $3 and $1

Total before qs $79.64
After qs total $27.55

2nd transaction
6 boxes Kleenex (1.99)
2 cases of water (2.99 each)
4 All laundry soap (6.99)
2 packs Diabetic socks ($5 each)

Coupons used
.50 off 3 kleenex x2
$2 off all x4

Wags qs used
Kleenes b1g1 free
water $2 x2
all on sale $4

RRs used
$10 x2
Total before coupons $67.03
After coupons $ 8.11

So total of $146.67 for a cash price of $35.66

All of the items purchased are ones we can use. The bandaids are of course going to give us giggles but at .79c a pack we can deal with Barbie and sponge bob

If I can figure this out, anyone can! (I think I figured it all correctly. )


Saving is one of those things. We all know we need to do it but how? Some folks are disciplined in the art. Some have it in their genes. Some do it by proxy. (Have the job take it out before they can see it…)

Well I have neither the gene, proxy nor am I skilled. Actually when it comes to saving I stink. I mean skunk under the house stink at it.(For you city folks, skunk under your house is one of the worst smells out there)

My salary is what I buy groceries out of and gas up my truck and such. It is small, and not at all a livable thing. Generally 90% of it goes to the grocery. I am working on that also, which is why I am trying to learn the art of Wags shopping and other couponing ideas.

I have finally figured out if I want to save out of my salary (DH’s is his own thing) then I have to do so creatively. That was hard to figure out. I mean if I know I have this bill or something specific to save for I can manage, just. However to save for the sake of saving for an unknown or (gasp) just not to be broke, well that is another animal all together.

I finally found a creative way to save, and in the last 2 pay periods I have done remarkably well for me. This is not a huge step, this is not even a Dave Ramsey baby step. It is however a big achievement for me.

I do have a change jar that gets my spare coins when the purse gets to be weapons grade. This new plan though does not involve that.

I began pay period before last to get $10 in gold dollars from the bank. I have done this the last 2 times. No it is not remarkable, to anyone but me, but it is a beginning. I set aside a jam jar and placed the gold dollars in it today. Out of the $20 I had, I still have $17! I remember spending one of them, (DH thought a gold dollar to the teen bagger would be cool so I gave him one.) So today I hid away a jar with $17 gold dollars in it. A small victory, but a victory all the same!


Months ago I began an embroidery project.
I love Sun Bonnet Sue. I love embroidery.
I found a pattern for Bonnie Bonnet, which is Sun Bonnet Sue under a different name.
It was an iron on pattern. I like those because I can put them on anything. This one being the first I have done in years (I think I was pregnant with my now 24 year old son last time….) I chose to try her on a piece of scrap linen. That way I can figure out what to do with her later.

Well I finished her on Sunday. I was resting on Sunday it had been a hard week for me. We watched football (congrats to Saints and Colts! I really am looking forward to this superbowl. Though I like both teams so am not sure yet who I will root for) And I finished her.

Now, I changed my mind on colors a few times, and ripped out everything and began again (I almost felt like old Finnigan). The thread knotted a few times, more ripping tying off and beginning.
Finally she is done. She looks like a beginner, and since I began her so many times I guess that is no real shock.

Anyway with out further meandering adieux here is Bonnie:
And so begins my new learning experience, needle work. Not like knitting and sewing but stitching for the sake of stitching…

Good Morning

My plan was to out line my WAGs shopping trip. However I have misplaced my receipt. I was kind of disappointed because they did not have the dawn I wanted. However at HEB I got a huge jug of Ajax in red grapefruit.

Red grapefruit is an excellent scent for dish soap. Citrus scents are the best for dish soaps here. You see I live in an open field. I have 5 different types of ants in my yard. Ants will NOT cross a citrus scented line. That means with all the dishes I do, they avoid my kitchen. Plus I do not need to spray ant killer all over the place where I prepare food. (that just makes me gag)

Life has been busy here on the prairie. The store I work for is in full blown after Christmas restock and man the loads are huge! Fortunately my son and his girl friend are willing to help me out with it!

Well I need to work on another post, about something besides ants, work and Wags.
Have fun y’all

Small walgreens trip

Well my coupons did not arrive today. I used a couple and did a small shop.
We needed water (the water here is completely undrinkable, I can not even cook with it)
So I bought

2 15 bottle packs of water 3.99 x2 = 7.98
2 50 count bottle of advil 5.79 x2= 11.58

Total was 19.56
Coupons I used
MFQ (manufacturer coupon) $2.00 off any advil 40 count or higher x2
WQ (Walgreens coupons)
$2.00 off advil x2
WQ from weekly ad making water 2 for $4.00
Total after qs $7.56

Now to pay this I used $7.50 in RRs that I got last week. RRs are register rewards, basically manufacturer coupons good on anything you wish to purchase There are some rules of course. I have not completely figured out rolling yet. I do knwo you can not buy an item with an RR from that item and get a new reward.

So in the end I got 2 packs of water and 2 bottles of advil for .06 cash.
I am still learning the ropes and I only use deals at walgreens. I plan to learn their deals thoroughly before I move on to any other stores,

I do much research at AFC. Though I have been doing well, I have not gotten tons of fantastic stuff yet. I have managed to get some needed items for my family for pennies. I hope my posting my journey in learning these deals will help you on your journey to do the same.


Remember in my first post I mentioned my friend at Calico Prairie ?
Well I was catching up on her blog this evening and found a post I had missed. She is having a give away.

She is giving away to the lucky drawing winner the things listed in this post Drawing.
Now I am just discovering cross stitch, I do embroidery, where you iron on a patter then stitch it. I also would love to win this drawing but as this blog is new and has no readers, I probably will not. I do however hope that who ever does, enjoys the goodies tremendously!

I was going to go over the walgreens shopping thing tonight but I have had a long day so it will wait until tomorrow. I need to plan out my trip with my coupons and my ad.

While you wait head on over to Calico Prairie and check out my creative friend!

Research. Misconceptions. Learning to see the truth of the deal.

I have been doing research lately. A lot of it on shopping. I use the web site AFC to find the good deals and coupons that are coming out. Then I head over to My Coupon Hunter where Virginia cuts the coupons I want for me and ships them to me post haste. Some coupons I get off the internet and print out.

Most of my coupon shopping is done at Walgreens for non food items. Walgreens often has excellent deals when you combine coupons with their register rewards. Register rewards are like cash. They are manufacturer coupons off your next order. The rewards often make items very cheap or free. I will do a post later about how I will combine things at Walgreens to get the best deal for my family.

Today what is on my mind though is the misconceptions people have about shopping. There are 2 that many folks need to understand in order to be truly savvy shoppers.

One is double coupons. I know some folks score great deals using these. I used to be one of them. Then the one store in my area that doubled changed their rules. So I began doing research. It turns out that their great deals were really not that great. Often the deals I got there, were ultimately the same as the deal would be at my local HEB with out the coupon being doubled. Granted this was not the case every time. However it happened often enough that dealing with the dirty store and rude staff, when weighed in, made the few cents difference more than worth it to me. I am not saying to not use the double and triple store. What I am saying is do your homework. Research the deal to see if that .50c off doubled to a $1 at one store, is not just as easily .50 off becoming the same price at another store. I may not be brand loyal on most things, but I AM store loyal. My local HEB has outstanding quality. They are a local company and they own most if not all the farms their meat, dairy and veggies come from. Their store brand compares hands down with the national name brands, at lower prices.

The next misconception folks have is, walmart. Everyone has been hypnotized by the chant that walmart has lower prices. Often they do but at what cost? Again research is key. Take jeans for example. Yes at walmart you can get a pair of jeans for your child for maybe $10. Those same jeans at Sears might be $15. However are they really the same? No. Not when you match sears replacement policy if the jeans are worn out before your child out grows them. Wear out walmart jeans and they do not care. Sears does.

It is the same with ladies wear. I have looked at walmart for dresses. First off, I found only 4, all same style and in some hideous patterns. We have a store in the local mall called Avenue. Avenue is attire for regular size women. You know us fluffier ones. They had dresses of similar style but much better patterns. Further inspection shows better craftsmanship as well. The price? $3 more than the walmart dress. It was worth it to me to get a dress that did not make me feel like a throw back to a bad 70’s cop movie. (Big hair, big gaudy orange, pink and black patterns…. Shudder!)

I was glad I took the time to do the research and did not just assume walmart was the best choice. I have done a lot of comparing, and if you shop well, and do your homework you can often find better quality, often on sale for the same or even lower, than walmart.

Yes doing the research takes time. However, when you consider the savings that are possible, you can be well paid for taking that time. Some ladies will say but I do not have the time. That is where sites like AFC come in. People post the deals they find there in various stores. Me being me and working I still like to slowly walk my deal through the store so I can see why it works. My goal is to become a savvy shopper. One of the things I am learning and hoping to share with you all, is the way to make the research more doable. As I learn things I hope to share them with you.