Sunday Supper

This week instead of making a brunch, I made a dupper (dinner and supper). No dupper really is not a term. I am in a goofy mood.

Today I made a family favorite, chicken nuggets, corn and smashed spuds. I also surprised my Beloved with deviled eggs.

Once he worked for a company that did monthly birthday lunches (dinners). They requested 5 dozen deviled eggs. I bought 5 dozen eggs and of course halved that is 10 dozen. Whew.

Well today it was more fun since Judy was here and she helped me fry the chicken.

Of course everyone mimicked lee Lou “gut chicken”. We also did the goauld bit (Must have more chicken) from the last season of Star Gate SG1.

We have fun with it though. We are working our way through Enterprise. (the prequel series to Star Trek to the untrek crowd) Beloved worked nights when it aired and so I didn’t watch (i was a Firefly fan…)

Well I am off to make more tea. Here to entice you into cooking are a couple shots of our dinner, yes there are 2 bowls of smashed spuds. One of my sons can eat a mixing bowl all on his own.

Whew I love cooking.

One of my favorite dishes is Beef with Broccoli. I am tired of having to go out to get it. The frozen variety is full of salt and other ick.
Well I discovered a while ago cooking videos on youtube.
My favorite of the Chinese version is Kai. I do not think there are many new videos by Kai.

I have made his sweet Thai chicken wings. This is a place called ifood, similar to youtube but only about food. The wings were awesome and I plan to make them again,

Tonight we (Judy and I) made 2 different dishes. One was beef broccoli. This site is called Imcooked, also like youtube but devoted to food. It was also wonderful.

We also made sweet and sour pork. It was also delicious.

The hard part is deciding what dish to try next. I have never gotten a bad meal when cooking with Kai! I hope you enjoy cooking with Kai as well!

Do you ever…

begin a Bible study to discover a chapter or 3 in that it is just not for you? I do not mean one that challenges you to study hard or concentrate. I mean one that just sort of… offend is a hard word but it is as close as I can get with out using a wimpy one.

My friend and I wanted to do a Bible study together. So we picked one by a lady that has a decent verbal ministry. She gives lectures and such on doing things for the glory of God. Sounds fabulous doesn’t it?

I listened to a few videos of the lady and thought it sounds like solid Bible. So I splurged and bought the book. Fit for my King by Sheri Rose Shepherd. Like I said I like her speech.

The book is … a different story. The first trigger I had was, she keeps referring to God as our “Daddy” in heaven. This sudden surge of people looking at God as some sort of comfy sofa, big granddaddy kiss and make it all better (said in a high pitched perky voice in my head) really bothers me. God says He is our Father. Father to me means He deserves our respect. Our drop to our knees in worship respect. The word daddy does not invoke that kind of respect. Love, yes, abject humility, no. God deserves abject humility.

Then she goes on to list foods she expects you to “give up” saying that not being able to toss out these foods, even with a family to consider is not a valid excuse… Excuse me? I can see somewhat drastic sudden changes happening when your husband is on board if you have minor children. I do not. I have a household of all adults, and I have a budget where if it gets bought, it best get used. I only shop every 2 weeks, dumping things in the middle is not going to happen, it can’t I do not have the funds to replace it all, with more expensive items too boot.

So the list begins, white sugar. I can get behind this one, there are great not too expensive alternatives. (Honey is not too bad) Bleached white flour. Again not too bad, over processed with not much nutrition to speak of, I can next shopping day get wheat flour and try out some new ones at the organic section. White rice, I love brown though the family does not but I can make 2 rices. Not a big deal. Then she says potatoes… Ummm wait, God gave us potatoes didn’t He? I mean yes processed into flakes, fries, chips they may not be good, but baked… Lastly she says corn. I can give up most of my corn. I have given up wheat and corn once before and I can do so again. However, God gave us corn also. I noticed at this point, she does not bring up pasta, which unless it is home made (I have not tried this yet) is very processed…

My friend has worked in the medical field and she said she kept thinking where is the science? Where is the real nutritional value medically, health wise of these things? None is given other than you will feel better.

The prayers are all over the place, every page it seems has a snippet of scripture and a prayer she wrote. I always have trouble reading prayers, because it assumes I agree with the author on what to pray for. Then she says “make sure you read this book everyday”. There is only one book I make sure to read out of EVERYDAY that is my Bible.

I read up to the first devotional honestly I am not sure I will continue at this point. She talks about how we are princesses. I know the Bible calls us daughters of the King. I have issues with the word princess. Princess denote some kind of authority, an attitude. The word daughter is one under authority to her father. Princess has a kind of (to me anyway) flippant aura about it. That was the underlying vibe to me, flippancy. I am in no way shape or form flippant. I do not enjoy flippant stories and I can barely tolerate flippant people.

It just screams at me that she takes herself and her beauty queen title way to seriously. I know she reaches a lot of ladies and I know some can use her advice to find what they need.

I also know, I am not one of them.

Something I never expected.

Front porch through the screen
with the door open
my sadly half eaten afghan pine
the drive way
My snowy durango, Son’s camaro and other son’s honda

Beloved left for work at 5:40. I got up and looked at 6:00, you could not see his foot prints, tire track, you could not even distinguish where his truck had sat all night.
In the 17 years I have lived here I have never seen this much snow at once. The kicker, it is STILL snowing. Not flurrying. I grew up in Missouri, I know the difference between snow and flurry. We are getting snowed on! This year I have seen more snow than ever in Texas. They (who are they? Old timers I think) are saying this is the coldest/worst winter we have had in 42 years… yikes!

It is so hard, my boss told me to stay at home today and not try to make it into town. (hmmm more sewing???) My son, the dare devil even decided it was too bad to go in today.
Remember this is south west Texas, no snow plows or salt trucks. The folks at TXDOT will be spraying something on bridges and over passes, IN town but not out here. This is rodeo week, one of the big crowd times of San Angelo.

Amazing, totally amazing. Beautiful, and it even quieted the dogs and goats and cattle and donkeys/mules next door. I did not think anything would do that!

We had a visitor…

Saturday afternoon DS and I heard a loud noise in our front yard. We both went to check it out. We didn’t see anything. Then I walked around the side of the house.

There in my back yard, big as life, was a donkey. Or maybe it was a mule… not sure. Either way it was not mine!

It trotted to the back fence and began nuzzling with the donkey or mule in that yard. Both braying and heehawing to beat the band.

It turns out my neighbor who has the wandering goats, now also has a donkey. He also has a pack of dogs, most on chains or in cages (shudder) and 2 calves. All these animals make for a very loud place. His chickens are gone, not sure where they went.

I hope this critter stays home. I hope his goats do too. They have eaten my pine tree until there are no lower branches left. I have found my potted roses eaten down to nubs.. while on my front porch. Plus goat droppings on said porch are not very nice to wake up or come home to.

I tried to get pictures of the donkey/mule but my camera decided to act out and I could not.It was kinda cute watching him/her though.

Things I have learned from this apron.

Yes dear friends the apron is finished. If I can get the camera to work I will take pictures of it. This project taught me several things.

1) I underestimate what God allows me to do.
2) I like sewing
3) If I can make this, I can make a skirt or jumper too.
4) 41/8 yards is a lot of material to work with.
5) I can thread my sewing machine with out help.
6) I love bobbin winders
7) I can replace bent needles.
8) I do not have the patience for traditional gathers
9) Cheat gathers with elastic look just fine
10) Bias tape hemmed on the ends makes for good ties…

The apron took about a week from cut out to final product. Had I had time it probably would have taken a day. I think this one will not be one I make for sale. I may make a few later, after I have become more experienced. Now I know though that I am capable of more than 1 piece projects and am planning to begin a new one tomorrow. I just have not decided what it will be yet. Judy is picking a pattern for her apron and we will work on it together.

Overall I have enjoyed this experience immensely. I can hardly wait to begin the next item.
OK now for some pics:

The front of the apron. I love this fabric!

The back of the apron. We used iron on facing, Then hemmed the 2 together.

A closer view of the front, I tried to get the pockets in this one.

Whew, now off to make breakfast, eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, biscuits and gravy.

it’s Saturday… having fun yet?

Today is Saturday. It is already 57. Cloudy but supposedly no chances for rain.
I want to do some baking today. I need to gather my recipes for that. If I can convince the kids to help, we may even work in the yard a bit.

I also want to get my apron put together. I like the style, but I think it will have too much skirt for most folks in everyday use. I plan to pin it, and see how I like it. I think instead of doing traditional gathers I will do elastic gathers. Yes I feel like a cheat, but there is a HUGE amount of material to gather. I think the entire apron takes up 4+ yds… I just do not have that kind of patience or time right now. There is a pattern I want to get that has similar lines but with out the huge skirt. I may just learn to make it with out a pattern, but I LOVE patterns, especially apron patterns so one day I may just search it out and buy it. McCall’s 3845 is one I want then there is 9423. Those are the ones I am watching for on Ebay. I found one of them and am watching to see if I can snag it cheap.

I plan to get this apron done today and then look at my other apron patterns and see what I will use next. This one will be fun at work, it should be ok for the things I do there though I will have to hem it a bit above where I normally would.

We did groceries last night and I used… no coupons! Well I did use some that the store offered. I got mostly fresh foods though so I didn’t have coupons for that. I may still need to go back Monday after work for frozen veggies but other than that I should be set.

Other than baking and sewing, today will see me cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.
I will probably toss in a load or 2 of laundry this afternoon.

Well off to gather recipes and find some breakfast!

It is a glorius day

I even have my front door open. It is a bit chilly but not cold. The really unusual thing is, its rodeo parade day! I have lived out here for 17 years (March 3rd) and I have in all that time never seen a glorious parade day! Usually is is sleeting and cold and very, very windy.

I took ds #1 to work. His camaro is leaking again poor guy. On the way home I saw a lone buffalo. Usually if I see any it is the small herd wallowing, grazing and just doing what buffalo do. He was large. I almost stopped to take his picture but I had a new friend waiting for me at home.

My new friend is a Brother 5000 sewing machine. Her name is Baby and she came home with me last night.

It took some work to get her threaded. I just could not see step 4 (the thread uptake hook inside) so DS #2 had to do that step for me. I hope I can find it next time, he may not be home!
I sewed a bit on some scraps, made a small gather. I LOVE how smooth she is.

So that Kenny does not get jealous I am letting my son’s girlfriend use him. She is even more of a beginner than I am!

My white is now on display in my room. His cabinet is coming apart (it is 70 years old) so next chance I get it will be off to the CIA store for a new (old) cabinet for him.

I freecycled the Ward. I do not need it and never was able to get attached to it.

Pictures of my sewing kids up soon, I want to take some new ones.

Corn Syrup, my big pet peeve

I saw again one of those commercial touting corn syrup. Accusing people who think it can be harmful of being misinformed or worse stupid.

I am not stupid. In fact instead of trusting the “reports” of corn syrup’s effects, I tested it myself. I gave up all corn products for 30 days. Now for this beans and corn bread lover that was a challenge.

Slowly I added back corn products. I really thought I would have to give them all up due to allergies to corn (and every other grain, veggie or meat there is). I was fine, until I had things with corn syrup! With in 48 hours my energy drained again and my pain spiraled out of control. I have nerve damage in my back, so pain is nothing big. However the pain after having corn syrup is not just pain, it is excruciating.

This discovery was fine, I can handle sweets with sugar or splenda. I plan to investigate stevia next grocery day. Realistically, I could do with out sweets all together. What shocked me was the multitude of things I can no longer have that should not have a sweetener to begin with.

Ritz crackers, a staple here, wheat thins, saltines even. One of my favorite frozen meals, one that actually has real food in it. Marie Callendars steak with cranberry green beans and roasted potatoes, has corn syrup in it. I checked labels on their other items, most have it in there. Did you know many cold medicines contain corn syrup? The most vile thing I have ever had to swallow, nyquil, has corn syrup in it.

So I have begun writing to companies whose products I can use and thanking them for not using corn syrup. Just because it is harmless to most, does not mean the ones who have issues with it are misinformed or ignorant.

Items I have found and enjoy that do not have corn syrup in it.
Quaker oats (the squares cold cereal is good too)
Lays potato chips
Barilla extra protein pasta
Prego spaghetti sauce, I really like the mushroom and the garlic and herb
Ocean spray craisins (though the juices do have corn syrup)
HEB ketchup (woot!)
Kashi Go Lean Crunch (Blueberry and Cranberry flavor is my fave).
Fiber One apple flavor bars
orowheat bread
Natures own whole wheat bread
Hershey chocolate, I prefer the dark.

These are the ones I use most often.

In reading labels and finding the vast amount of corn syrup people eat with out even knowing it, it is no wonder we are a nation of fat people. I mean seriously. Some sugar, corn syrup and such may be fine. However when you find it in your drink, your burger bun, steak sauce (a1 and Worcestershire too) then have even a small dessert, You may be heading for trouble. Too much sugar saps your energy. Even some vitamins contain it.

Since becoming aware of, looking for and then removing, hidden sources, of corn syrup in what I eat I have noticed 2 things. 1) way less pain and 2) I have more energy. I still have slow moving days but not every week now. I sleep better at night too, not so restless. I wake up refreshed, not feeling like I just went to bed.

Do I think everyone needs to give up all corn syrup? No. I do think they need to make themselves aware though of just how much of the stuff they eat. I admit I still stumble. I mean when you are hungry and everything available contains corn syrup, you grab the snickers. I always, yes always, regret it though.

All I am saying is, be informed about what you eat. Just because some lobbying group gets it a pass does not make it good. It doesn’t even make it food (Have you read yogurt labels and pudding labels lately? I saw one in the fridge section the other day, not one word on it could I recognize as a food)

Bottom line, read labels, even “safe” things may have stuff in it you do not know about. (Like chili powder having corn syrup solids in it…)