Well I am tired out! LOL not sure why. I think perhaps because I worked had 1 day off then worked had 1 day off and now am working my normal week.  Those days in the middle just really mess me up!

Well spring seems to be here, but the mesquite do not yet agree. The legend is the mesquite will not put out leaves until the last snow has fallen. So most wait on gardening until they see those leaves. One year we had snow on Easter when it was the first week in April like this year. 

So I am forcing myself to  wait until 2 weeks from now. That check will have extra hours on it, this check has fewer. Then I will buy plants, perhaps even trees, and rent the tiller. I plan to do flowers and veggies, and perhaps get a couple blue berry bushes too.

I would LOVE to get some pavers or cement to make a patio off the porch steps but not sure I will have that much. This weeks pay is my monthly stock up check and we are low on meat and veggies.
We are in the process of some plumbing work that hopefully will be done today. Then my house will get a deep scrubbing. 

Well I need to finish getting ready for work.
have an awesome day y’all!

So tired today…

I am not sure why but my brain seems to hurt today. Thinking well concentrating is just flat undoable.
I did work yesterday and so far today have managed to make brunch, a cake, started potatoes in the oven to go with the roast that has cooked since just before bed last night.
I cleaned most of the kitchen, and did 1 load of laundry.

I still need to do another load of laundry before bed, or I must call in to work for no clean clothes tomorrow… not an option.

Well that next load will not do itself so I best get to it.

Here is hoping for a better nights sleep tonight and a more energetic tomorrow!

Honey I’m home….

Well ok I never left.
Vacation was nice. I rested, and moved furniture…I did no sewing!
Friday I did laundry and rested. Friday evening we went to town, and got some house stuff at bed bath
and beyond. I need to go back… Saturday we went thrifting, Judy and Chris went too. I found a couple dresses and a skirt for me to wear. I found a jumper that I will turn into an apron. I am still deciding how to do that. I also found a Pompadour, I think that is what it is called, you pust smelly stuff in it and it hangs in a closet. I also found an irresistible metal bear for my red white and blue collection.

Sunday we rested Monday I finished off the furniture moving and now my living room and bedroom look more like usable rooms and less like a storage shed.

Tuesday I relaxed. That was a big day. My sil went into the hospital Monday night. They induced her on Tuesday. At 7 PM they decided she needed help. She had a c section and Conner made his appearance at 7 pm He weighed in at 6 lbs 10 oz and was 19.5 inches long. He was a tad fussy when Auntie Mel got to see him on Wednesday. So not only was he born on our anniversary, but he was born at the time of our wedding.

Now as for what Beloved and I did to celebrate 26 years together, he took me to a wonderful place. If you ever visit San Angelo you MUST eat one meal at the Peasant Village. It is not cheap, but it is worth it. The place is in an old house so seating is limited. We had a corner table, it was small and had easy chairs around it just 2. I had Russian stroganoff, Beloved had spaghetti. Not normal restaurant fare. From the description in the menu, their goulash is the same as mine. The raspberry tea with just a hint of sweet was perfect and so pretty.The portions are huge. We both had left overs for lunch on Wednesday. The flavor was awesome. Though they did serve the stroganoff over macaroni not egg noodles, the noodles were perfect anyway.

They we went to pier one to look at head boards. We did not see anything we liked, but know where we can get glasses open stock to match what we have.

Then we went to wally and got a small cake, and some ice cream to bring home so the kids could share our celebration. Beloved got me a charm for my bracelet and a cross necklace I had wanted for a while, It is one where if you look in the center stone it has the Lord’s Prayer inscribed in it.

We had a wonderful time.

On Sunday I began a Bible study that I will post here once I finish it, It is nearly complete, I should have it up this weekend.
Have an awesome Thursday ladies!


Here it is my first day off! I woke up like normal. I was up way too late last night to be up like normal. Hey wait a minute… I am on vacation… I can… I can go back to bed if I wanna…

So yesterday I lassoed my other boss, the one who really runs my store. I had the same discussion with her that I had with her DH on Monday. Sigh. She said they didn’t want me to pay them the $18 and that my wanting to do so was “going above and beyond the call of duty”… Ummm no dear, it is just doing the right thing…She said I had been going above and beyond since they first hired me… I have? Seems to me I was just doing my job. In the end I convinced her that I would not take no for an answer and she agreed to accept. Sheesh. She did say one or 2 things that kind of bother me. The first was, “no one else would think to pay it back”… ummm… ok so just because the majority would not man up and take responsibility, I shouldn’t??? Then when I asked her, if I broke your window would you not want me to fix it. She said, no I would just write it off on the insurance… ummm I have no words. I get that they are considerate. However seeing as we hire mostly college and high school kids, I am not sure giving then a thump on the head and “just learn from this and don’t do it again” speech is doing them a favor…

In other news, thanks to Klutzymama I have begun to search for old shows online. I have so far found Gilligan’s Island and the Andy Griffith show. The GI is in order and I can pick and choose what to watch, I am starting at the beginning. I saw the never aired pilot Wednesday. Last night while MJ went into the future with Star Trek Next Gen. I went back to Mayberry. Though that site has no way for me to tell what order the shows are in.

Next I will look for the Dick Van Dyke show. I love him and his son Barry in…. Oh man now I forgot… ooooo yes Diagnosis Murder. I like the old shows with Mary Tyler Moore too. My friend Cat had a blog post about one of their skits last week.

Do you ever want to get something, but do not wish to spend the money? I commented to Beloved last night that Avenue has a blouse I want for $15, a Sweater (would be a main jacket in cool weather) for $15 and a skirt for $35 that I really like. he said and you have not gotten them… I just can not seem to spend the money, the sweater is sort of a need, the other 2 are just wants.

For the skirt I plan to check goodwill today, I also have an idea for aprons using old clothes…I did splurge yesterday on some red and silver jewelry. I do not buy jewelry usually. Beloved likes me to wear it but I rarely do. I am wanting to put together a really eye catching blue and red out fit for our anniversary. I know he has something special planned and part of my gift to him will be dressing up with jewelry.
Man this ramble is longer than most!
I hope you all enjoy your Friday!

One more day…

When I get off work this afternoon I begin 5 glorious days off. I am worn to a frazzle and I need the time. Not physically worn but mentally. There is so much to get done here that I seemingly have no time to do. I spend most of my time there cleaning already clean shelves. This week is better, it is spring break and there are out of towners buying. Believe it or not I do better when the store is busy. I feel needed. The rest of the time I am talking to the toys.

While I am off I plan to make curtains for the bedroom. This of course presumes that I will be able to find the material I want for in there.

I also plan to make at least 2 more aprons.

I had planned to rent a rototiller for this weekend, however we are again supposed to hit freezing and I know that we will not do it in cold weather. (yes we are sort of wimps on the prairie here.) So that will wait until my next payday.

With the fast change thing the weather is doing my allergies are going bonzo. I was fine yesterday, today I can barely breathe again. Usually I feel some better in the afternoon. Here is hoping!

Having been ill Monday and Wednesday I did not get my walking in. I am hoping tomorrow will be better.

I did something to my right hand in my sleep last night. I felt an intense pain and now it is some what swelled up where my thumb is. Not the thumb but where the thumb joins the hand… It hurts but not much. It has not changed color, It is really weird. I thought I had dreamed it. I was having odd dreams last night anyway.

Well I suppose I should find something constructive to do before work. I just do not have any energy to do anything…Perhaps since I get to stay home tomorrow until afternoon I will just be constructive then…

People amaze me.

I goofed at work. I missed a key entering a debit amount. It is the first time. When my boss told me about it he made certain I knew it would also be the last. That is fine, You can not have employees shorting the store. The customer looked at her receipt and did not say anything. I will give her the benefit of doubt that she was harried and did not notice.

I agree that this should be a one warning deal, I have no issue with that. It does depress me somewhat that I made such a dumb mistake. I am generally more careful and there is no plausible excuse for it.

What amazed me was his response when I told him I would pay him back the difference, about $20. He said, there is nothing in your work contract that says you have to do that. (imo there should be!) I said but we know for a fact it was me who messed it up. It is not fair that you be out the money for my mistake. He said I can not “make you” pay it back. I said you are not making me pay it back. I am paying it back because it is the right thing to do. When you mess up you fix it. He just stood there shaking his head as if I was dumb as a rock for not getting his point.

Finally I asked him, is there some law that prevents you from allowing me to make this right? He said no. I said then it is settled, I will pay for it Friday. He says you do not have to. I said yes I do, it is the right thing to do and I sleep better when I do the right thing. No I did not short you on purpose but since I did it is my duty to make it right. Finally he accepted.

When did doing a thing because it is right become a thing we have to beg to do??? What manner of person is it who thinks it is ok to cause harm to another and walk away? Especially if it is in their power to correct it? I should have asked him, if I proved to you that you shorted me on my pay, would you make it up or just expect me to eat it on your mistake? To me it is the same thing.

I am a big girl, when I mess up I will accept the consequences and pay the price. I guess my mom did raise me right…

Happy St. Patrick’s day y’all!


Well I finished the work apron last night. It is a variation of the one I began with. I have not yet added the pockets. I had a major allergy thing, due to the wet weather. So the pockets will happen probably this weekend.

I like the way it turned out though I may make the strings longer on the next one. Plus I may decide to line it also. Even though it does not need to be heavy duty for work (I do not deal with real grime there, just dust) I like the fresh look of a lined apron. Yes my table is the worse for wear after using a towel to iron on it. Since my plan is to refinish it anyway I am not too worried about it.

My apron went from this:

To this, front view:

Back view

I used sewing ribbon for the ties, I liked the contrast of the solid color against the pattern.

The material was $2.50 a yard and I probably have enough left for 2 aprons. The ribbon was .72 cents, and pennies for the thread. If I had been feeling better it would have taken maybe 2 hours, from making the pattern, to final product. Next time I won’t make the pattern, because i already have one!

Yep it is Monday…

Storms are moving into the area. That generally means a quiet day at the mall. It also means I will be all sinusy all day. gack The cool wind is welcome after yesterdays still and hot 82.

It is also the first day of spring break. Even though spring does not begin for another week.

Man I am sleepy today. Beloved had another rough night. I woke at one point because his coughing had stopped abruptly. I would tell him to go to the doctor but he will not.

I did not get my apron done this weekend. I did get it cut out, just not put together.

Well I really should eat something but I have no appetite. I always get like this in times of sinus junk.

I am looking forward to being off for 5 days next weekend.I plan to get the vegetable beds and a few flower beds in too. Perhaps a fruit tree or a couple of berry and rose bushes…

Hopefully Beloved will feel better. Next Tuesday we will celebrate 26 years married!

OK I am too tired to blog this morning!

Have an awesome day!

Christian or Christ follower???

I have been hearing lately about a “new” kind of Christian, they do not call themselves Christians. They do not want to be associated with the image of a Bible thumper. They are laid back, Jesus was a cool dude kind of thing. I googled Christian VS Christ follower and got some interesting results. Christians are now being portrayed as uptight bigoted people. While Christ followers are relaxed and easy going.

I see it a bit differently. Christians are Christ followers. They are one and the same. You can not be a Christian with out first following Christ. Christ Himself says that if you follow Him life will not be easy. There will be of course some form of persecution by unbelievers. However, there is also the fact that a Christian has rules to follow. Christ set up His church, not a new religion, but a Faith based band of believers. All who claim His gift of grace and salvation, are in this church. He gives us rules for this church. He tells us how to see if the people or person we are with really truly get it. (Gal 5).

What He does not list out in scripture is the name of the religion these followers will profess. Now I grew up in the church of Christ. Some in that religion are very uptight. When I was a kid I heard over and over the claim that is the one true church because it is named in the Bible. However so are the church of God. (Acts 20, 1 Corinthians 1 and 11) there is also listed churches of the gentiles (Romans 16). What most often is said in the new testament is THE church. The church trusts in Christ for its salvation. The church strives to follow what He taught. The church understands that while nothing we do can get us into heaven, that does not mean there is nothing to do..If you are a true Christian, follower of Christ then the fruits of the spirit will be abundant, and obvious in your life. Just a refresher those are: love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Sisters, let this verse apply aptly to our lives. Galatians 5:25 If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. 26 Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.

In the end my thought is this. If one is a true Christian (not just a religious person) they will also be a follower of Christ. They will study and follow what Christ says. You can not be one with out the other. A Christian does all they can to respect Christ, not dumb Him down or make excuses for bad behavior. Sin will be labeled as sin, good fruit will be marked as good fruit. No you do not have to dress a certain way, Jesus said it is not the outward but the inward parts that matter. Naturally what your inward parts are will be manifested by your outward parts. Christianity is not about clothes, or peace love and hippy beads. It is about doing what Christ told the church to do.

God Time

This morning I got a gentle nudge from my Lord that He wanted some time with me. So at 530 I got up and spent time in reading and prayer. It is not everyday that God wakes me up for some one on one alone time.

I have to admit though, reading in the quiet house, just the reading lamp on, is a pleasant experience. I am finding lately that I am more and more drawn to scripture. I do not know if it is the result fo the 30 day Bible challenge or not.

I am finding a new… in depth thought process on things in scripture. I read things more as if they are directed at me. I have begun to look at what I am doing and realize God is there. He is helping make me who I am. I always knew this. It was just on a back burner though, and now it is on the main burner.

Small things mean more to me now. I actually studied hair in the Bible the other day. To most it is “just” hair, but is it that way to God? Look at What the Bible says of hair. It gave Samson his strength. Solomon wrote a lot about it in the song of Solomon, the love story. Paul gives specific instruction about hair in 1 Corinthians 11. If it is just hair, why is God so interested to include it so much? It is used to denote loveliness, strength, pain, anger, so many things. Yet we today just ignore it.

Did you know, your hair can indicate your health? By testing hair doctors can help diagnose illness. The same is true of the nails, though mostly it is the holistic or homeopathic doctors that use these methods.

I guess it amazes me that something we take so for granted God gave us, with instruction, for a purpose. It makes me wonder what other things has He given us that we just zoom on by and do not give proper thought to…