Still tired…

Well I am still tired but feeling better. So far the weather for the next 10 days looks warm and wonderful.

Planting is scheduled to begin on the 16th. I can hardly wait!
We got the plumbing done last night so now we can use the washer and other water things at will. I am glad. One of the draw backs to country life is the septic tank.  The guy said ours needs to be serviced every 5 years. Well it had been at least 10. Plus some smartie decided to cement the lid on… 
It is done now and we can live once again like real people.

Which means now I have a mountain of laundry and other water based cleaning to do. I think I will take some time later though and get some pictures of my iris. They are blooming better this year than ever. Especially the  big white ones. Once they are done blooming all 3 beds will be dug up and moved. I plan to put in a trellis against the porch for morning glories. 

I will probably do pictures today and relax and begin the big jobs tomorrow. Saturday I want to do a good baking. and Groceries are tomorrow night. 

It is cloudy out but looks to be a glorious day. Remember, God is always with you and He will never forsake you. He promises us this. 

Have a blessed day y’all!