We have arrived!

We got to the hotel around 930. The room is very nice!
We plan to take full advantage of the pool in the morning too!
Beloved took me to dinner around 10 at the Temple Ihop. Then we had to go to walmart for a computer cable to get my laptop on line.
It is now midnight and I am pretty bushed after shopping and doing laundry and driving all over Belton/Temple!

I just wanted to let y’all know we arrived and are safe. 
hugs and good night, I will post more tomorrow at some point!

Since my Beloved…

was finally able to get my pc and my phone to chat I am able to now show you the 2 new members of the Frizell household.

Please welcome Spaz (aka spaz attacks or spaztastic)
Snickers (also known as snickerdoodles)

The easiest way to tell them apart is the tail. Spaz has a white tip and Snickers has a black tip. They are a blast to watch!
Both are girls, about 7 weeks old.
Both enjoy playing with toys then crashing for a nap in mom’s (me) lap! 
They also enjoy night time games of climb under the cover like cavers then clawing their way back to the top…

Well I need to get packed for my trip, have fun y’all!


Beloved and I leave for our first real vacation in 26 years! We have reserved a hotel room and everything!

We will be going to a friends bbq, with several ladies from our website! I am so looking forward to it! 
Today after work I need to
wash all our clothes
make sure there is food here for the kids
clean out my truck
We will not leave until Beloved gets off work at 530 or 6 but I want everything I can get done today done!

This will be our second honeymoon and I am soooooooo looking forward to the time with my Beloved away from home!

I am trying to get some pics off my phone and on here but it just is not working!.
Well time to head to town.
Have an awesome day y’all!

My birthday was lovely!

Beloved and sons gave me books from almost all the series I am reading and collecting.
The Red River valley set by Lauraine Snelling
Daughters of Blessing
Return to Blessing
Home to Blessing

MMMMMMMMMm such lovely pioneering reads in my future! 
They also gave me 2 in the Knitting Mysteries series by Maggie Sefton. No one local has the newest book, which is ok I still have 2 to read before I get to it anyway!

Beloved said he also could not find Sarah’s Promise, the last in the Leisha Kelly set I need.

Then we went to lunch. Carrinos! I LOVE their spicy chicken and Shrimp, hold the spicy and the sun dried tomatoes please. They held the tomatoes but forgot to hold the spicy.. it was still awesome! 

Then we went and walked around the mall window shopping. I am still deciding on a skirt there. I want it but the cost… ooooof! 

After we walked of some dinner we went to Marble slab for ice cream. I got a small one. mmmmmmmmm it was good! No more 31 flavors for me!
Then last night he came in the bedroom and…. told me today Chris and I are to go meet some kittens! We want 2 or 3 preferably siblings, he found 2 for us to go meet! I am a blessed woman indeed!

Today it is back to normal life. Work, then laundry and cooking. I really love my life. I do not think I would survive the princess life of yesterday as a regular thing, though Beloved comes close to giving it to me daily!

I am beginning a new Bible study too. It is called Women in Alien Lands, by Johanna Bos and is about Ruth and Esther. The introduction is interesting. I wonder what the writer will reveal. The study is for the methodist church it says. I am not sure why they feel that is relevant, should a Bible study not be profitable for any religion?

Well I need to finish surfing and getting ready for work.

hugs y’all have an awesome day!


I am having a blast! Thunderstorms last night, and predicted for today, tomorrow, Monday and on through Wednesday!

I love the rainy season. I really do. It causes me some pain but I love the smells and sounds of rain! It Is cramping Beloved’s plans of edging and mowing but other than that it is just glorious!
Of course my sinus and ears are aching, but the sounds and smells are way worth it!
Well I am going in to work this morning so I need to get busy.

have an awesome Saturday y’all!

Product reviews

A while back I got some coupons for snuggle dryer sheets. The coupons made the boxes almost free. I got 6. I have finally used them all. I do not like snuggle dryer sheets. They made the clothes smell nice, probably even softened them some.They did nothing however to avoid cling. Which to me is a bigger issue than smelly slightly softer clothes. I have gone back to bounce. Bounce I can cut in 1/2 and get great results.

About the same time I got coupons that made ALL liquid laundry soap about $2 a bottle, I got 6 of those as well. Since I have a front loader washer and they recommend liquid soap I decided to try it. Over all it is fine. Seems to clean the clothes well and doesn’t leave bits of powder every where. I think I will stick with it for now. It costs less than the Gain I was using in powder, though the bottles do not seem to last as long… 

HEB Opti meal shakes. I LOVE these. I like slimfast for breakfast mostly because I despise eating before 10 am and I have to be up and moving by 630. I can not manage real food before 8 at the earliest. Slimfast puts corn syrup in their shakes. HEB Opti meal does not.

Activia. I decided to try this because of a sample at Sams. After reading the label and finding no corn syrup, but lots of things I can not pronounce I decided to buy a case as a trial. It actually does work. I felt better, not so sluggish. I had more energy. I have decided to stick with it. It is a bit expensive, but if it works to make me feel healthier it is worth the extra costs.

Fosfree. This was suggested to me by the ER dr before my cancer. Since i had been feeling unenergized i decided to pick it back up. Fosfree is a multivitamin that is meant to help fight osteoporosis. Something estrogen helps fight. Since I have no hormones, this helps. Plus it has iron and other vitamins. I feel better after taking it nightly for the last 2 weeks. It seems expensive at first at $13 a bottle, but that is a 2 month supply, so $7 ish a month is worth it!

OK that is all for today. I still have not taken any pictures of the garden, I need to i have flowers on the maters and tiny berry starts on the strawberries!

have a great day y’all!

Happy Mothers Day!

To all my mom friends, I wish happy mother’s day.
Please say something sweet to your mom for me.
I so miss mine.
My mom was not a stay at home mom. I was actually a latch key kid. 
Still she loved me and did her best to make sure I could handle life with out her. As it turns out that time came way to soon.
While I do not want to emulate her life, I do admire her strength. In a time when single motherhood and divorce were taboo, she made a life for us. It was not always happy go lucky, but the good out weighed the bad.

Though in truth it is my philosophy that in life you learn from both the good and bad, then you throw away the bad like so much trash. Once you are an adult, your parents are no longer an excuse for what you choose to become. From my mother I learned strength and got a big dose of disdain for those who carry past wrongs with them as if they were a badge or something to keep polished and visible. They are not. Chunk them to the trash heap, and get on with YOUR life. Making things better for your kids.
THAT is what my mom taught me. She had a hard life as a kid. She lost her mom at 3, lived through the real great depression and was always feuding with her sisters. That is just the tip of the iceberg. She was flawed. We all are but she made the best of it and taught me to land on my feet not worrying about what others said about me as long as I did what was right. Funny how mom did not know God yet taught me lessons I need in my life as a Christian just the same. Now after her stroke, perhaps she and God became acquainted. She could not speak clearly after that but she lived 5 more years. Who is to say God did not meet her in the trapped recesses of her brain?

In any case she was my mom and I loved her. She loved me and went out of her way to teach me what she felt I needed to know.

If you are close enough to yours, hug your mom an extra couple times for me.

Have a great day my friends.

Welcome to Thankful Tuesday

I have noticed in myself a bit of complacency. To begin to deter that I have decided to make Tuesdays a day to blog what I am thankful for. The lists will not be complete, and I will try to put in different things each week, not just the same old list every time. That would be boring!

So to begin I am thankful that God created me to be what I am. A wife and a mother. I am thankful that He loved me enough to send His Son to die for me.

I am thankful for my Beloved who loves me and takes care of me.
I am thankful also for my sons. They have grown to be wonderful young men.

I am thankful for my job. The hours give me enough home time.
I am thankful for my health. It has not always been the best, but now I am stronger than ever. Even though I am still a wimp.

I am thankful for my quiet home. Though it is small and needs much work, it is full of love and comfort.

I am thankful also for my online friends. They help keep me sane and remind me that caring for some one is not just a face to face thing.

What are you thankful for this glorious Tuesday morning?

This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it!


is something I just do not know how to do. Today is supposed to be my do not leave home day. Read and relax…
  Beloved decided we needed some stuff in town. Me being me and liking to spend time with him I went along. 

 Now there is just something about going to or being in town that saps my energy. I dunno why but by the time I get home I just do not want to do anything but sleep.

 Today though I cleaned the kitchen, made tortilla pizzas, put new cushions on the outside furniture and… I forget what else.

I have been in town every day for the last 3 weeks. My plan is on Friday I am not leaving the house. I get home from work, clean some room, do a load of laundry fix supper then clean then clean the kitchen again. I want to go to bed and sleep for days…

 Tomorrow I will get pictures taken and the rest of the house stuff .