is the world upside down?

Or is it just me?
Bad seems good. Illegal immigrants are ok but folks legally trying to enter are given the run around. 
People look to the government to save them from disasters like oil spills and hurricanes. I thought this country was founded on independence and freedom. I thought one of the big ideas was being able to pull yourself up by your own boot straps, not pull yourself up on some one elses. Reading through our history it seems the founders were adamant that government be kept as much as possible OUT of folk’s lives, not irrevocably and deeply tangled in them.

I remember years ago when we first moved to Texas. A few months after being here a huge storm hit. It landed several tornadoes, wrecked homes and businesses and so forth. It took a week for fema to get here. In that week the town had pulled itself together, much of the damage had been cleared and life was pretty much back to normal. Local people pulled together and helped the Red Cross relocate and feed and clothe those who needed it. We did not wait for the government to declare us a disaster area. They did and they helped, but the immediate problems were dealt with by the people here that were involved and invested in the community.I also remember a news reporter lamenting that because we as a town acted so quickly to get things to rights, that the government would probably not give us all the aid we “deserved”.

We did not see the storm coming. We did not have weeks to prepare for its arrival. If we had had weeks to prepare, that damage would have been minimal.

Where is that spirit these days?

Why does it seem that being dependent on others is now a good thing?

I also notice that things that were once taboo are not only openly encouraged but even bragged on.  God is being mocked, or so mankind thinks. God will win in the end. Adultery is advertised, homosexuality is raved on, witchcraft is seen as harmless. All of these things are abominable to God. Yet places claiming to be part of Christ’s church  not only tolerate these things but pat themselves on the back for doing so. Ummm please show me the scripture that says this is how THE CHURCH is to act. I read of a church like this in First Corinthians. Some how I think they were not being given kudos for their tolerance.

The church must coexist with the world, we are not to join in and act like the world. If we do, we become the world and God is no longer in us. If in fact we are the called, we will NOT act like or tolerate the world in Christ ‘s church. EVER.

hugs y’all
have an awesomely blessed day!

Happy Saturday!

Well today will be busy. I work  then comes shoe shopping, a run by the bath and body works clearance sale and grocery shopping.
Since my truck is still waiting to be fixed Beloved and son will be my taxis.
Speaking of my son, he finally got hired where his brother works! So now they can go to work together. Plus he will finally be earning decent money!

Firestone called yesterday. They want $3100 to replace my transmission, with a used rebuilt one… Ummm why not rebuild mine then? Beloved has a mechanic friend who has recommended a different shop that will be about 1/2 as much. I will still be minus my truck about 2 weeks. Sigh!

Well son is about ready to take off so I will go for now.

Have a blessed Saturday!


Monday on a Thursday???

This week has been going great. I have been feeling better, getting things done and doing well.

Then yesterday afternoon happened…

It all seemed ok, small irritations that seemed big.

My day went like this
got up, put in laundry
went to work
It was hot in the shop but not as bad as normal.
Not many customers so I had time to dawddle.
Then I came home with big plans for supper.
I was going to make  beef stew in the crock pot and a strawberry cake.
My helper was going to have the kitchen ready…

Only it wasn’t. I guess  she was sick or something 
so I got my tired self busy did the dishes and cleaned 2/3 of the kitchen.
Cut the roast into stew meat, chopped veggies
finished the laundry
all before sitting down to my snack after work… snack aka lunch
Then I showered and dressed to go see my in-laws.
I have to take my truck to son whose camaro is parked pending major work.
Going down the highway I hear this odd buzz/ping kinda noise, like when some one pings you on yahoo im. I figured it was my phone 
then my truck jerked a bit, like Beloved’s does on cold mornings, in the rear section
then getting off the highway coming up to a stop it shuddered and the wheels all froze… I slid to the stop.
At the green light it seems back to normal and I go on through.
At the next light it does the same thing only it shudders more fiercely and again slides to a stop.
Beloved has now pulled up behind me. I put on my hazards and make my turn and get it into the parking lot where son is waiting. 
Beloved asks what is wrong, son says “Mom why are your hazards on?”
I explain to them what had happened and Beloved decides he and son will take it for a test ride around the block.
About 30 minutes later I get a call. The truck is dead in a gas station parking lot.
Now I am in Beloved’s truck which I can not drive for several reasons. Mostly I am too short to see well around it. None of the guys want me driving it. Plus Beloved, I am sure convinced I was imagining things, took the truck’s keys with him. I am glad he decided at the last second to at least take his phone since son’s phone was locked in his work building, the parking lot of which I was sitting in, in 100 degree heat and no water. 
Since they were only a couple blocks away son walked his dad’s keys back to me, got in his work building and got his stuff, and we went to meet Beloved and wait for the tow truck.
A gentleman Beloved met at the gas station  is a mechanic and says my transmission is shot and must be rebuilt or replaced. 
We had it towed to a repair shop and it will be diagnosed in detail today. 
So now we are down to Beloved’s truck, and my other son’s honda… to get 4 people on diferent schedules to work. 

Today is starting off  ok but a bit rougher since my pain level has climbed it was low last night but is edging its way to high this morning. Running from the spot just below my head (the worst nerve damage is in my neck just above my shoulders) to my tail bone. I have varying degrees of damage on my entire spine.

The thing is, just yesterday morning I was discussing God and his blessings and how blessed I am with my son while taking him to work. 

Even in the break down God’s hand was there guiding me safely to a safe place, and getting Beloved and son to a safe place for the final stoppage. So many people would say we were lucky. Luck has nothing to do with it, this was God plain and simple!

Well I have things to do before I get youngest up to take me to work…
hugs ladies and have an awesomely blessed day!

Sick again!

I have never been so sick so often! I had to call into work again today. The symptoms are the same as last time too. Dizziness, headache and nausea. So I did some research.

It seems my bp may be worse than I suspected. Those are all symptoms of high bp. Now I have made note of the similarities of the 2 weekends before I got sick. Salt seems to be a big factor, as well as heat. Both weekends I had a lot of salt, one was soda (mexican cokes) and things like cheese puffs. Last night it was the pizza we got after the movie. Mine tasted mostly like salt so I only ate 2 slices. I ate 2 today and with in an hour my symptoms returned.

Now I also found in my research that nsaids, like advil can raise bp. The article said women who took adivl 5 times a month were likely to see a raise in bp.  I take it about 3 times a week (due to nerve damage pain in my back).

So I am thinking of calling and making an appointment after all. I plan to cut out all salt (I rarely cook with salt anyway, I use other spices) I also need to research pain management that does not involve advil, naproxsan or tylenol. Fortunately with out corn syrup in  my diet my pain level has dropped and I have cut back on most pain med use. 

Now to get ready for dinner.
Oh yes I also plan to do even more scratch cooking…

hugs ladies!

Happy Father’s day!

To my Beloved and all the other dads out there Happy Fathers day.
Yesterday I discovered an online quilt supply place that i am quickly falling in love with. 
I love the materials and have plans to purchase at least 1 of the books! 
Sharon, the owner also has a blog that I am enjoying, I go to the archives and read the oldest posts then go back as I have time to read to the new ones.
A bonus to finder her now is she is hosting a give away for a really sweet quilted wall hanging.
Well I am off  to get things going for Beloved ‘s Fathers day supper.

hugs and have a blessed Sunday!

Good Morning!

Happy Saturday to you!
Today I have already fed and watered the kitties and cat. I also have begun laundry. Just 2 loads today I think.
I also watered and weeded the front flower beds and veggie garden. Not completely, some of those flower bed weeds are really tough to get out!
Today I need to 
plan and shop for my Beloved’s father’s day meal. I know he wants key lime pie  but other than that he has not said yet.
That means I must do some shopping. Have I mentioned I hate going to town? Seriously I would rather go just once a month than daily and I especially hate going on my days off.  For him I will do this dreadful thing though.
I need to work on a grocery list too to get us to Friday when it is my payday and I can do a bigger shopping. 
My big plan was to rest today as much as possible in an effort to get my bp lower. I feel better not drinking the tea and such and I have given myself 1 month to get my bp regulated on my own before I head back to the doc for more trial and error meds.
My plan includes taking my potassium nightly, drinking the vinegar stuff (which I am finally getting used to, though I may try it in fruit juice…) eating a better diet and finally work on an exercise plan. I am going slow but I am already feeling better. Still kind of tired but that may not be bp related.

I am hoping to feel motivated to sew today, though since I have to plan to shop (gag) and cook (love the cooking just not the trip to town) I may just plan, shop and veg once the laundry is done.

Have an awesome Saturday y’all

Good Morning!

Well today my sinus are acting like rain…
It is not too warm out yet and there is a stiff breeze that twists and turns my skirt around. There are low hanging dark clouds too. We have a 20% chance of rain…

So far I have watered the garden, fed the kitties and cat and eaten cereal.
My friend GrammyGoo suggested I begin taking  organic apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons once a day. Diluted in water with some stevia… I am trying, really. 

Before I decided to try this i studied the benefits. Lower bp, which I need, lower cholesterol, which can not hurt and many other things. If I can just get past the smell, the burning in my throat and… oh yes the taste. My stomach is churning and and I have only had 2 swallows! 

I got a chuckle out of the guy at GNC when I went to buy the vinegar.. He was really pushing a couple of supplement chews. I asked him if they had corn syrup in them. (new readers may not know but I am very sensitive to corn products, mostly corn syrup) He said he did not know then read the label and said yes, but they are so good for you… I said hon, if they have corn syrup they are not as good for you as you think they are. 

If the President and his wife are as concerned about obesity in America as they claim, they need to follow other countries in banning the use of HFCS in things. Yes it is fine in moderation, but since it is in everything from lunch meat to saltines to juice, you can not get it in moderation.  Banning HFCS would go a lot farther fixing the “health care crisis” they think we have than robbing folks to pay for other folks health care. HFCS can be linked to liver problems and obesity, plus other stuff. Get rid of it and we will be a healthier nation over all. 

Gaaaaaaaaaaa this stuff is hard to drink, but if it works as well as it should I will suffer through. Those pills the dr gave me last year only made me ill. 

Well time to get ready for work.
Have an awesome day ladies!

Wednesday thoughts

 Well I was off work the last 2 days, sick. Well I was really sick Monday but not bad yesterday. Since I was still sick Monday evening I called in then.

Today there is something on my mind that pops up from time to time.

When I was little my mom and I lived in Florida. We moved around, a lot, from place to place. The last place we lived was a condemned apartment building, the rent was low because the place was due to be torn down in 6 months or so. 

This is where my life drastically changed. Mom had her stroke here. Now in some respects that was a blessing, my guardian taught me to read the Bible. I am grateful for that even though we now disagree on what it really says.

That is not what is on my mind though. Mom had some friends here, DeeDee and Gary White. They had 2 children, a girl named Tracy and a boy whose name escapes me. They were unique people. DeeDee Was a stay at home mom, and I have no clue what Gary did. I loved them. Gary had a hobby, milking rattlesnakes. Yes seriously he sold the venom that made the antidote.

The reason for this post is I never got to thank them. They were there for mom when she had her stroke, and cared for me until my guardians came for me. I have tried to find them but have had no luck. I have no clue if they will ever know how much they meant to me. 

Hugs Y’all


Well yesterday I did not get everything done.
I did get bread made, linens done and made chicken nuggets, deviled eggs, smashed spuds and fresh bread for supper.
I also got the daily cleaning list done and went and got potatoes and sour cream.
Shawn came by and hooked up my dvd/vcr for the bedroom tv up and got the old tv stand out of the room
I still need to sweep and mop in there and move around the furniture that is left.

I have a dilemma. As most know I am a utilitarian person. I like things I can use. The exceptions to this are Barbies, Rag dolls, red white and blue beanies and nativity sets.

Now in my bedroom is an old rocker.When I got it the lady that gave it to me recited its history as she knew it, dating then about 95 years. That was about 19 years ago. I love this rocker. However I can not use it. One of the rockers was broken in some horsing around and as yet I have not found anyone who can repair it.

Part of me says to get rid of it. Sell it if possible. Part of me wishes to keep it. If I  could get it fixed I would use it. However so far as I have found no one in San Angelo repairs furniture anymore. 

Well I guess I will just keep thinking on it and praying. So far the response has not been to sell it…
I hope you all have a happy and blessed weekend!

Busy day!

Today being Friday is my first day off. 
I need to finish the reworking of the bedroom
pick up rocks from around the garden bed. The tractor has 2 flats so I am not looking forward to this! I think I will pile them in a corner of the garden bed until we get the tractor back on its tires!
About 5 loads of laundry. I need to wash the new quilt it smells funky
Work on getting my printed recipes either in my book or on cards, and ditch the pile of printer paper
refind the dining table
plan my menu
thaw chicken for supper
make bread for supper
run and get potatoes, after I hit the local yard sale (yeah one out here in the boonies!)
reorganize storage in the kitchen
make tuna and egg salad
scoop kitty box
water gardens
Have DS take down the humming bird feeder until we get rid of the wasps

I am still toying with the idea of getting a few chickens, I keep going back and forth on it in my head…
Today I really would like them, but who knows tomorrow? 

I do want a pool though, it should hit 101 today!

hugs y’all have an awesome day!