Feeling better today. A tad woozy but no more dizzy.

Yesterday I figured out that moving a table is strenuous and so to be avoided. I moved around the dining table I sew on and… well it took me an hour to get back to breathing normally. I do not plan to make that mistake again.

I watered, weeded a bit and gathered from the garden. I got a huge zucchini, a small cuke, a few small peppers and 2 cups of cherry tomatoes.

I noticed 4 or 5 cantaloupes at least 1 should be ready by now. I also saw 5 or 6 watermelons, none near ready yet.,

The jalapeno is making babies finally, but it looks like I will be buying maters for salsa.

Today I have 1 load of laundry to do, I may finish up one started by Judy last night then do mine.

I also plan to cut and sew and maybe knit.
Have a blessed sabbath day y’all!

First day of Vacation!

I woke up dizzy and woozy again but it seems to be gradually lessening.  My bp was 133/93 so at least the meds are doing something!

Today I plan to take it easy. I want to do laundry, sew, detangle a knitting project the kitties decided to help me with, and play online.

I will of course do my prayers and reading (in Ephesians this week) and then decide on supper.
I will also snuggle and play with the kitty babies, they act so much like toddlers!

Well off to visit the web.
Y’all have an awesomely blessed day!

Last day!

Before vacation! I am still woozy and dizzy so will have to take it easy.
After work I will probably lay down. I did yesterday and slept 2 hours, then was in bed by 10! I have been told it will take several days to adjust to the meds. I hope it goes fast cuz I just feel like a limp dish rag. None of my normal starch at all!

Tomorrow will be my big sewing day. I have plans y’all. big plans! You will all become privy to them soon enough. Like hopefully Sunday.

Well slow as I am moving I best finish getting ready for work.
Have an awesome day y’all!

Medicine, day 2

Well yesterday was a breeze. No real tiredness, until I ate a piece of cake at home! Then I had to lay down, could not keep my eyes open.
Storms are moving through the area starting last night. So today I am not sure if the nausea and dizziness are med related or sinus related. I am also really tired.

I can with God’s help make it through today and tomorrow, then I can sit at home and sew and feel icky for 10-14  days. I was supposed to go back to work on the 11th but my boss has not yet scheduled me to do so. I figure that is fine, just gives me time to get used to the new on meds mel.

The doc said the pain in my feet is planar tinnitus, a strain in the tendon that connects my heel to my ankle. It feels like I am standing on a nail, the pain is sharp in one tiny spot then sort of spreads out. She gave me a foot stretch to do and it seems to be helping a bit. I also massage the feet, usually its mostly in my left foot, and take advil. Today I was able to get up and walk with no pain! I never paid much attention to my feet until it seemed i was walking on a bed of nails all the time.

I know I really should eat something this morning but right now I just can ‘t. I will probably take some crackers with me or some bread. Something easy on the stomach. Water is all I drank yesterday and all I plan to drink today.

Well I am gonna go catch up on the web and see what’s new!
Have an awesome Wednesday y’all!


Well I got into the doc today.
She says my test results are good, My triglycerides are high, my good cholesterol is low and my bad is a bit high.
My sugar is right on target, not even close to diabetic. My issue is my bp.

She says no strenuous activity until we meet again in 2 weeks while we see how this medicine works. She is starting me out on the lowest dose (10 mg ) and we will go from there. the medicine is lisinopril and doc says it is about the same age as dirt… so it has a proven track record and is safe to use.

She also said to keep doing what i am doing, watching my sugars, not eating a lot of processed foods, and drinking 4 to 5 16oz waters a day.

So no worries I should be around to harass you all for a while yet!

Now off to make tacos for supper
have an awesome evneing y’all!

I got a call from a dear friend.

Yesterday I got a call from a dear, sweet lady. I love this woman as if she were a flesh and blood relative. She is not able to be online very much but she checks in a couple times a week. She checked the PH home page and found the link to my blog. She read of doc visits and bp scores and tests and got worried. No I assured her I feel fine, these things are just a precaution.

They are a precaution I am taking now because 36 years ago, when she was just 4 years older than I am now, my mother did not. The doc she was seeing knew something was wrong. The day she had her stroke, she was too tired to go see him. As a 10 year old that episode made quite a deep impression on me. She came home, opened her nightly beer and began a cigarette and asked for aspirin for the massive headache she had. While I was getting the aspirin the headache became a massive stroke. My mother became a functioning brain in a disabled body and suffered that fate for 5 years.

I am taking these precautions because all the folks on my mothers side, the women especially have died of strokes or complications of strokes. On my father’s side it is heart attacks. My generation seems prone to cancer, but we just like to be different!

So while I do not like chemical solutions I admit defeat for now. My bp needs to be lower. So while I focus and work on making the life changes needed to get, and keep it down naturally I will submit to the chemical help available. yes I do realize I may need this help for the rest of my life, however long God has decided that will be.  I also know He has put it on my heart to seek this help that I have resisted for many months, even years.

I hope you all have a blessed first day!

Well it didn’t happen…

I did not go to the doc yesterday and get my results. Actually they called me at 845 while I was waiting for my boss. The doc was sick they said could I reschedule. Is she ok I asked. yes she is fine just sick… Ummm in the dictionary of mel, fine and sick are not synonyms, generally they are opposites! So  I said yes I can reschedule, they were the ones concerned and asking for an earlier appointment. Oh hold on … the hold commercial is not entertaining… yes they are very concerned and want to see you… can you come in right now??? Ummm no I am just getting to work and my boss is not even here yet… I can probably be there around noon… No the doc is leaving by 11…

End result of the goofy call is I go in at 145 Monday, 15 minutes after I get off. The doc’s office is only 2 minutes away if I catch the light, if I miss the light it is 5 minutes. My relief just has to be there on time. If I have any “issues” I am to go to the urgent care of the ER… I think they are trying to scare me into a heart attack or stroke some times…

So today is going to be laundry, sewing and then making a nice supper. We got some rain last night so I do not have to water until  this evening. I think my basil died out. I may try to get more to keep in the house. I LOVE the smell of sweet basil.

Well I ought to find breakfast and begin the laundry. Snickers has claimed my lap… she is rarely one for loving but the last couple days she can not seem to get enough cuddles!

Have an awesome sabbath day ladies!


Well the lab was quick yesterday. I got in and out in about 20 minutes. They took 4 or 5 vials. They are testing for everything I think. Tonight I will get my results.

Today will be a busy day. After work, I may run home to shower, then back to town. Since I can not get my check until 3 and I get off at 130… not decided yet on if the 45 minute round trip will be worth it in an unair conditioned car…

Either way after the doc, I plan to do the grocery shopping for the next 2 weeks. That way once I get home I do not have to leave again until Monday and I can veg and relax and sew! I have not been able to sew all week, just too busy. My self imposed deadline though is fast approaching and I must meet it!

Last night we harvested more cherry/grape tomatoes, cucumbers and another zucchini oh and a few peppers. The peppers are small but if I try to let them get bigger they just get smushy.

I will try to get some pictures up tomorrow.
Since I am up first,  well of the crowd that leaves when I do, Beloved left 20 minutes ago, I am gonna get ready for work.

Have an awesomely blessed day ladies!

It’s Lab Rat day!

Ok so I am not really excited about it. I can try to be can’t I?
Today I plan to go to the lab, then get something to eat, then work, when I get home I will shower and veg.
The new store is gorgeous. I love how the white walls showcase the colors of the toys. It looks like a toy store, bright and airy. Definitely a good change.

Well I need to go.
Have an awesome lab rat day y’all

Good morning Wednesday!

Today I get to see the new store for the first time. I can not open it yet because the doors are not ready. So today I work on stocking the shelves.
I am supposed to be “taking it easy” until I see the doc and have my labs done… umm yeah, right. I am taking Judy with me to help. Next week I am back on 4 days 4 hours a day. Beloved says that is good because I have been way over doing it the last few weeks. He is probably right, but stuff must get done and I am usually the doer of stuff. I did not move or pack anything for the store move I just sold toys.

Tomorrow is lab rat day. I hope we determine a just and fixable cause for the fatigue and high bp. I am tired of being tired and I am NOT so old it should be the norm, yet.

Well I need to get the guys moving and I need to water the front garden.
have an awesome day y’all!