An OC Christmas, PH Style!

Many ladies on my site, Prairie Homemaker, use Organized Christmas to get ready for the holidays.
I try too but it seems my home is so tiny, half the rooms on the list i do not have!
Any way my friend Helen, Gramea to PHers created this poem for us. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

An OC Christmas PH Style!
Twas the 1st of October and all across the land
PH’ers were scurrying, pen and paper in hand
The lists they were made with infinite care
In hopes that each could make the tastiest fare

The children were nestled all snug in their beds lulled by the sounds of mom baking bread
And Mel in her kerchief and MJ in his cap had just settled down for a long winter’s nap

When from the computer there arose such a clatter
they sprang from their bed to see what was the matter
Out of bed they both flew like a flash
Mel first checking the safety of her coupon stash!

The room is was bathed in the monitor’s glow
and how it came on why we’ll never know
And to our amazement on the screen did appear
A group of PH’ers from here and from there

With smiles on their faces and hair full of snow
somehow we knew they were there for a show
More rapid than eagles their coursers they came
as they whistled and shouted and called out some names

Now Laura,now Jalene,now Jessica too
On Grace, on Kristen,all our other sisters too
From the front of the porch to the very last wall,
now clean away, cook away,craft away all!!!

As dust before the wild broom it would fall
PH’ers buckled down and gave it their all
So round their houses these wonder women went
Scrubbing, polishing and dusting each vent

And then in a twinkling a knock at the door
and I though to myself “Oh no there are more!”
I left the window and went to the parlor
where PH ladies entered with a hoot and a holler

Some were in dresses with covers on their heads,some came in pj’s they’d just left their beds
And they all carried bags stuffed full of their tricks!

Their eyes how they twinkled,their dimples how merry
While each one munched a chocolate covered cherry
These women were all cheerful,each wore a grin
An outward sign showing of God’s love within

Treasures from these bags they held tight to their chest
Each one it seemed had given their best
Oma’s fresh bread and Chigger’s peach jam
It seemd Gina brought a home grown ham

Some thin some not so much right jolly ‘er young elves
and I laughed when I saw them in spite of myself
A wink of their eye and a twist of their head
Soon gave me to learn I had nothing to dread

They chatted a bit then got right down to work
15’s rest were their perk
Knowing they were finished by eyes, ears, and nose
and giving all hugs up the chimney they rose

They rushed to their seats and each gave a whistle
and away they all flew like the down of a thistle
Driving away clutching a now empty sack
Tey shouted
Happy OC CHRISTmas!! And to all “We’ll be back!”

I have not forgotten…

my blog. I have been busy and tired with this stupid cold. I think I am over it now finally.

I also am working to create a local couponing group. So I am collecting info and writing and such to make sure I have something to say when we first meet.
I have not done any sewing. I am almost sick about it I have such plans but it seems one thing after another pops up to stall me.

Anyway there is really nothing new here, but I have another post coming that I hope will make you smile!
hugs ladies

Man that was a loooong week!

It felt like it went on forever. I know of course it didn’t but it still felt like it. What ever had taken over my throat has returned. I am tired from not sleeping well. Still going into work though. I think it is an allergy. My allergies have been getting worse over the years and this has all the markers of an allergy, I just have no clue to what…

Anyway a week ago Friday we put in a trouble ticket with our internet folks. They said on Monday the guy had fixed it. Well we never saw him. Supposedly he changed parts on the antennae.  By Thursday night we had no internet. So Friday Beloved called and said come fix it on Saturday so we are home and KNOW what gets done. So after tinkering around for well over an hour he finally replaced the modem and the power supply to it. We have our internet back! Woohooo!

Today will be pretty busy for me as I work then need to do the groceries for the next 3-4 weeks. I also have some material to buy and may do some Christmas shopping. Not sure yet, it depends on what I can save out of the grocery money! I am low on meats and veggies, and found a great sale on flour, cake mixes and soups.  I can make cakes from scratch but some times it is easier to just plop a mix together.

Well I guess I best go get ready for my day. My throat hurts, and my tummy aches, and all I can drink seems to be tea… but this is a day the LORD has made so I will rejoice and be glad regardless of what ever is trying to make me feel like death warmed over!

Hugs y’all!

A new week!

Well football sure was exciting yesterday.

The Texans are looking more and more like a real football team. I felt bad for Peyton, he is my fave QB, but the Texans did us proud!

Tony and Da Boyz had a hard time and would have won, if at the last second, literally, one of the guys had not fouled a Red Skin. Seriously dude, are you still in high school or what?

Both games were exciting regardless of who won. next week sees the Manning brothers against each other. I like them both but Peyton edges out Eli for me.

Now this week I am planning to use my crock pot more
Today will be Anazazi beans and rice
Tomorrow I think I will make spicy chicken and shrimp
then Chicken and rice
on Thursday I plan to do some kind of pasta in the crock pot, once I figure out how…
Friday we may do a date night not sure yet.

During the week I need to make up my grocery list too. We are low on a lot of things and I find it is helpful to keep a running list in my phone. No paper to lose that way!

Well I need to fill my weekly vitamin tabs, find breakfast and something to take for lunch. I need to get my sleepy brain focused too!

Hugs y’all, have an awesome day!

Thursday, the day that drags on and on…

Well I already got my linens washing, if I do them today I have more time for other things on Saturday. I have been doing well doing 1 load of wash a day.

Now if I only had the energy to do up the dishes after supper instead of after work… 

Today I work extra hours, plus we go visit Beloved’s family. It makes Thursdays a very long day, after we get home I still have supper to get on.

Tonight will be crockpot beef stroganoff, over noodles, and I still have a whole loaf of fresh bread from last night. I am precooking the hamburger with peppers onions and spices then will add it to the crockpot with cream of mushroom soup, mushrooms and sour cream. It will cook on low all day. 

I woke up feeling tired this morning. I hope this cold or whatever it is moves on quickly.

Tonight we are excited to watch the first football game of the real season. 

Well my beef smells about ready so I must go and finish it then get ready for work.

have an awesome day ladies!

Off to a good start…

The fish for supper is marinating in spices and a bit of lemon juice. A load of laundry is washing. The crock pot is soaking from last nights supper and  kitties fed…
All this while I feel a cold coming on. I know the list is short but it is a beginning to my day.

The guys are all off to work too. Now to finish getting me ready for work… I may start some bread too and set it to rise in the fridge… or I may just wait until I get home to do that. I want garlic bread tonight with the green beans, baked potatoes and fish.

After work I will at least put the laundry in the dryer. I also should finish  sorting and folding the material I washed from the yard sale too. 

Have an awesome day ladies!

Price Books and Coupon binders

A price book is compiled of pages with lists of items you purchase and the price you paid. This is a wonderful tool because then you know what a true sale price is, and how often sales happen.
I am working on redoing mine since it was years old and the prices were out of date. Price book pages can be found here, and are a free down load. Just print off how ever many you need.
Once you have your pages printed out it is up to you how to best use them. I make a separate page for each item. For example, Milk has its own page. I record how much, such as a half or full gallon, the date, the cost and the store where I bought it. I take the info from my receipts.

It may surprise you to know that it is not always the big guy stores that have great prices! Just 2 weeks ago we found milk on sale for $2 a gallon (have not seen that price in a couple years here) at the tiny mom and pop grocery up the road. Usually I can find milk for about $2.50 in town. So while that .50 may not seem like much, once you add in the $6 in gas to drive into town and back again, vs the drive  5 miles up the road… the savings add up more quickly!

Now my coupon binder is combined in my price book and with my homemaking binder which i am also working on. I use a combination of card pages for holding baseball type cards and photo pages. I use the ones the photo slides in, not sticky ones. Yes I knwo that should be obvious but I have met people who did not think so.

On one of the pages I label a month, coupons that expire that month go in that page and the ones behind it up to the next months page. Then, each month I move the previous month to the back of the binder so  the first coupons I see are the ones expiring soonest. For example now my September page is in front, on October 1st I will move it and have October in front. Right now my once thriving binder is nearly empty. I got out of couponing and am just now trying to get back into it. I will try and get some pictures of my binder up. I have not had time lately to take pictures!

Well they are predicting heavy rains for today and tonight! My allergies are agreeing! I love rain but I do not like the head full of wet wool it gives me!

Hugs and have an awesome day ladies!

Shopping weekend!

Since Beloved was off this weekend we went yardsaling. Now to me it is just not fun to go alone. 
We scored well I think. I got
A short diameter, deep cast iron skillet
a knitting basket with crossstitch items inside
a metal colander

a boxed set of LHOP (a big score, for $1.50!)
a new in the box never used NIV slimline Bible, in purple
a stack of home decor mags

A red kitchen clock with a snowy scene, if all 3 batteries are in is chimes every hour with dashing through the snow… heehee
Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartin
A wise woman builds her house. I have heard of this study but never saw it until Saturday

Lee Strobell the case for Christ,  I got this at the library and wanted my own copy

8 Grace Livingston Hill books, most of them I have not ever read! 
2 Jannette Oke books (seasons of the heart spring and autumn)

A Nancy Drew double book

Paper towel rack
and yards and yards of fabric! 

Beloved found a book light, and several cds for his collection.

Yesterday found us at HEB for groceries. 

When you go grocery shopping you have to be careful to read! For example, I needed some tomato sauce. I usually like the big cans, but the smaller cans were on sale. well when I looked at the cost, it was .99c for 15 ounces in the big can, or 32 ounces for the smaller ones (4 8 oz cans) for $1. I got a case of the smaller cans, they should last us awhile.

It used to be the bigger the can/box/ bag the better the deal. Not so anymore in most cases I am finding!

Also stores will try to fools you with prices such as so many for so much. Example, Albertsons had corn 10 for $3. Sounds like a good price for cob corn. However some searching found it and other better deals at HEB, 5 for $1. Or 10 for $2. We got 20 ears so I can freeze some.

A wise consumer can get deals and keep costs down, one savvy in coupon use can do even better. (Just stick to the rules, misuse of coupons hurts all of us!) I am working on a price book too, that is the best tool next to a coupon binder a shopper can have! I will talk about that set tomorrow!

Have a blessed day ladies!

hugs y’all