Bits and bobs…

My mind has been fluttering around so much lately!

One thing I wanted to write about was using coupons.
It is important to know when a coupon will save you money and when it doesn’t really.

Here is what I mean. On my way to work, I pass by a wally. I can detour just a bit and pass an Albies too. Now normally if money is an issue wally gets my stop for things other than fresh produce or meat. I do not as a rule shop there, when I am shopping it is usually Fisher (esp for meat) HEB or sams (Frozen or bulk needs)

Well one morning I decided to hit albies. I needed some halls and while they are probably cheaper at wally, I was in a hurry. NEVER go to wally if time is an issue. What takes me 15 or more minutes in wally I can do in 3 at albies. 

So I found the halls and saw there was a b1g1 coupon on it. So I bought one got one. However the albies halls are $1.99 a bag. Wally’s are .99c a bag. So really all the q did was gave me the wally price at ablies.  Now I needed the drops, and the time issue made it worth it. Had I been just out doing my groceries, I would have just hit wally.

In other news, MJ and I went yard saling this weekend and we had a blast.
Here is a list of our acquisitions:
2 RED purses
a star wars trivial pursuit
2 glass jars for canisters
a large cookie jar
a barbie
2 cook books
a complete set of LHOP, including the Big Woods (Not in the original boxed set this one is newer from the 90s or 2000s but in better shape than mine from the 70s) Actually 3 of them her dd never read so they are brand new!
head phones
vintage hankies
Christmas tree bulbs in red
a rectangle cake taker from tware
a set of red geese, like the country blue ones but in RED!
RED baskets
a RED blouse
2 dvds
a knit and crochet book( a stitch encyclopedia, with how tos on all the stitches)
a NT bible study guide
a waffle maker. Not just any kind either. This one has different shapes or you can do sandwiches in it. All the griddles come out for easy cleaning. MJ and I have been looking for one in the stores like this and have not seen any. We got this one for $5!
and a set of correlle bake-ware in the pattern we inherited from his grand mother! Corn flower I think it is the blue and white one. We love it and add pieces when ever we find them.
Well that is all for now!
have an awesome day ladies! 

Mix and match…

I never realized before how hard cute socks are to find… I am part of a sock swap. My goal was to find cute themed socks. Fall, you know pumpkins or turkeys or something. 
So far all I have found are cute white lacy things. Not cute enough and not fall themed. (No I am not doing halloween, I do not do halloween neither does my partner)

The pain in my foot is some better. I can walk with out wincing now. I was pain free yesterday until around 4. Then it began aching again. I decided to try an experiment. I know corn syrup decreases my pain tolerance. I also know corn is supposed too as well. I have never had issues with anything other than corn syrup though. Well this weekend I cut all corn out of my diet. Suddenly my pain level is dropping… I plan to give it 30 days as a test and see just how well it works.

Now, I am irked a bit. This involves Texas politics so if you wanna leave now that is fine. I keep hearing Tea Party this and that. However everyone is saying you have to vote republican in order to stop the dems. Now in my experience lately the rs are just as bad as the ds.  We have 3 folks running here in Texas. Pretty boy Perry, Bill White (who according to most I know has ruined Houston) and Kathy Glass. Glass is a libertarian. While I do not agree with all that party says, her values and thoughts are the closest to my own of the 3. Yet I keep being told I can not vote for her unless I want BW in office… Why? Where are the supposed sick of the same ole same ole voters who are supposed to set things right? According to every one I know they are voting for Perry.Just like the primary when they tossed Deb Medina under the bus, no one but Pretty Boy Perry will do for them now. So which is it, is the tea party made up of do the right thing patriots or republicans in independent clothes? It seems independents are split evenly between White and Perry. The general vibe seems to be get Perry out. Now my theory is if every one saying you MUST vote perry would vote Glass, we would finally have a solidly conservative, constitutionalist governor. Which is what we need. She is stronger on stopping the HCB, protecting the border and in general protecting Texas and stronger on limiting government spending than either of the liberal loons running now.  I am beginning to think the tea party is a sham, either that or they are still so scared of the big repub party they still can’t do whats right.

Ok rant over, off to work I go.

hugs y’all


Yep I am still here. I have just been busy and tired!

Judy got a job! She seems happier now. It is with a place called dippin dots, in the mall.

Not much really new happening other than that.

Last night I made jambalaya from the last issue of First magazine. it was good, though if I am to feed all 6 of us I think I will have to double the recipe…

Today  I am trying to rest my foot, it has been a real pain lately. I have been taking my advil and even icing it. It is ok until afternoon. They it remembers to hurt. I have decided to cut out more corn products to see if that helps. I have been eating too many corn chips lately I think.

Since I got nothing done yesterday I need to get a couple loads of wash done today, and make spiced pecans and clean the kitchen. I plan to do most of it now before football.

hugs y’all

Couponing Tools #1

Couponing tools 1
Coupon resources.
There are many ways to get coupons. Most people already know about them. However a new coupon user or some one not used to the internet may not.
The first resource is the local paper.
The local paper in our town is not always a good resource. It uses the coupon pages mostly for mail order ads. We can also purchase the paper from a bigger city for $3.50. They do have more coupons and some times it can be worth it if there is an especially cool coupon. Like a free item. However buying multiples at $3 each is pretty pricey.
Some ladies are lucky and can make a deal with their paper carrier for the extra inserts. I used to be one of them. I had a deal with the manager of a gas station and she got me the unsold papers from her guy. I have since been told the paper does not allow this but you can buy the inserts for $1.50 each from the paper office. Umm no thanks.
Some ladies go dumpster diving for papers. I am not a dumpster diver. I used to be, but that was back when I was a kid and I did it for my mom. There are some nifty things tossed out. I will not dive for a newspaper though.
You can also ask friends and family to save the coupons for you if they do not use them.
Next there are magazines.
Most popular women’s magazines will have coupons for various things in them. Some times the amount off is better than the newspaper coupons.
Some magazines are sold based on the amount of savings the coupons in them provide. All You is one of them. I have found coupons in many other magazines though.
My favorite source for multiples of coupons is a coupons service.
Coupons services have methods far beyond me of getting multiples of most if not all newspaper or magazine coupons. They do not charge you a fee for the coupon it self, that is illegal. They do charge a fee for the service of cutting and mailing you the coupons. My favorite coupon service is My Coupon Hunter. I have done business with Virginia for almost a year and have been completely satisfied. If I get my order in before noon on Saturday I generally have my coupons (also called qs by folks on the boards.) by Tuesday. She is fast and friendly and is happy to answer questions when you have them.
You can also buy multiples off ebay. Again you are technically paying for the sellers time in cutting and shipping the qs. It is very important to be careful when buying off ebay. Please check feed back carefully. Some folks just do not play fair and will sell you bogus coupons. Never hesitate to ask a seller questions about coupons they are selling. If you get any hinky feelings off the seller’s response, walk away.
Trading for qs.
Often you can find some one to trade qs with. I do not need baby qs and am willing to trade for things like tooth paste, Pantene and so on. Most trades I have been in have happened online on various forums. I have begun working on a local group where we can trade locally too.
What about other resources?
So far most of the ways to get coupons involve some cost, buying a paper or paying a service etc. There are ways to get similar if not the same qs for free though.
You can print them from your computer. There are several sites that allow this. They are linked in blogs and on sites. They have real manufacturers coupons on them. All you need is the ink and paper. Well also some time. Most limit you to 2 copies of coupons. If you have multiple computers in your home you can usually print 2 from each one. You can also trade with others who do not need the ones you want and have them print ones for you they do not, and you print the ones they want but you do not. I spend some time each week printing out qs I need for my shopping. I cut them and organize them with my regular qs.
An internet printed coupon (IP for short) must have the same info on it as a regular newspaper q. The redemption info, expiration date, and most have a design in back of the printing. Stores are choosy on this and if an IP does not line up they will refuse it.
*** Please note, make sure you know your stores coupon policy. Some are now refusing internet coupons because of coupon fraud. Coupon fraud is when some one xeroxes or alters a coupon some how so that the manufacturer refuses to accept it from the store for payment. This is theft and carries real jail time if caught.
Some times companies will place coupons on their site that you can print out. Sometimes these will include free starter qs for new products.
Also many will send you coupons for writing them. Email a company if you like their product. Or even in you do not. Many of them will send you coupons. If they do not, write their competitor. Even if you will not or can not use the competing product, it gives you qs for trading for the ones you can use. Often companies will send qs for free items. These always have good trade value.
Some coupon sites to print qs from are

Rewards programs will give you points for redeeming qs you print through them too. I use them for rewards to Since I do not shop through them it takes me a long time to get my goals, but every little bit helps and if their qs work as well as any others, I may as well get a bonus from the deal!