Terrific Tuesday!

Well the Mrs. Claus skirt is done. You should have seen Beloved and son when they saw me in the wig… Judy giggled and says it is cute. I am not sure I like how I did the skirt… I think I rushed it a bit. I do plan to get more of the Christmas red material and make at least 1 more.

Yesterday was an odd day at work. When I got there the back door was unlocked. I called my boss and security and had them walk me through. yes we were robbed. They broke the cash drawers, stole the children’s miracle network jar, the MTG cards and 2 mushroom banks made to resemble the mushrooms in Mario world. The mall said my boss had to fix the door… It makes me mad all over again thinking about it. Though we suspect it was mall rats, I am glad they were not still there waiting for someone to come in. 

Today I will come home at my normal time of 130! I think anyway. Judy is working until 430 so I will not wait for her.

Once I get home I will do the load of laundry I did not get to yesterday, decide on and fix supper and wipe down the bathroom.

Tomorrow, or maybe later today I plan to write a post about my favorite toys this year. 

hugs y’all

Meandering Monday

I think Beloved may be right. I am not feeling too hot today. He said I was working myself sick this weekend.
He actually sent me to take naps on Saturday and Sunday and to bed early last night. I think it is just allergies due to all the dust my deep cleaning has produced but he is convinced I am sick.

Which ever the case I am up and dressed for work. He did not let me sew last night so my Mrs. Claus out fit will have to wait until after work today. 

My right side is still achy today. Especially where my neck and should meet, that curve. I have a thermacare thing I could use, they feel nice but they also feel like a maxi pad on my neck. YUCK!

I think tonight’s supper is going to be turkey and dumplings. Finally all the pie is gone. I may make some cookies… it depends on how much sewing I get done! I also have to super glue buttons to magnets… As usual lots to do!

hugs y’all!

Busy busy days

Well I have been pretty busy lately.

Wednesday was my last day of work before Thanksgiving. I shopped and prepped the things I was taking. 

Thursday I did laundry and mounds of dishes as well as cooked Deviled eggs, Dressing and key lime pies (I make them in the mini tins so folks can say they ate a whole pie). We went to the inlaws. My little nephew is such a cute little boy! He will be 9 months at Christmas and I think we have the perfect gift for him!

Friday was some shopping, though most of out BF deals we did online and did not brave the crowds at 6 am. 
I made our big Thanksgiving meal for us here at home. While cooking I did more laundry, deep cleaned parts of the kitchen. After the meal I put away food and decided the rest could wait until Saturday.

Saturday I deep cleaned the kitchen again, and went so far as to purge another big tote of stuff for free cycle. We also purged Beloved’s pc cables and assorted things, books, even some … ornaments and Christmas decor. I even purged some fabric.

All in all we unloaded 3 large totes, a big box and a 13 gal trash bag of items. 

During this we decorated the tree, did yet more laundry. Swept the living room and dejunked the bedroom and swept it as well. While I worked inside Beloved was burning the steady stream of trash. 

Today will be a day of rest for me. It has to be I am stiff and sore, even my booboo from my fall a week and a half ago is achy again! 

Today is Bible study and prayers day. This will go on all day. 
My chore list is short and sweet. 
Clean out the fridge (maybe)
Sew the skirt and apron that are cut out for my Mrs. Claus outfit. 

I have to admit it does feel good to have so much stuff out of the house. I love purging stuff!

hugs y’all

Blessed by Freecycle!

Well God did the blessing but free cycle was the messenger.

MJ and I have decided to use a real tree this year. We have a nice fake but I hate it. It does not smell like Christmas to me. So we decided on a real one.

Anyway last week I saw a lady asking for a fake tree. Her daughter is not well, depressed or such and the lady felt perhaps a tree would help, but could not afford one.

So after consulting MJ, I offered her ours. We can replace it easy enough after the new year if we want to.
When we took it down last year we left lights on it. We lucked into a huge supply of lights at a church sale a couple years ago, and still have at least 2 boxes unopened.

The lady emailed but instead of the usually thanks got it, she told about setting it up and how nice it is with the lights on it.

She sounded so happy it made me smile.

We ourselves are facing several temporary challenges right now. The doc actually said I am under too much stress… but this lady took time to let me know I had helped her and hopefully helped her daughter as well.

Words can not express what that gesture did for my mind set this day. I have a lot to do and a lot of pain to handle while doing it (had a semi bad fall at work yesterday) but her note lifted some of the ache from my shoulders.

Isn’t it funny how though my situation is unchanged at this moment, I can feel better because some one else feels better?

Isn’t it awesome how God uses us in the unaware moments when we do something that to us is no big deal but to some one else it can change their outlook?

The tree will not be missed by us, nor the lights yet it made her so happy, better, she says her daughter is interested in it! All because we decided to change a small thing in our celebration this year.

May God allow you all to see the blessings you share in the small things you do.

Sassy Saturday

I am still achy from my fall. However I have decided to over come that and get stuff done!
I got the new sewing area mostly cleared yesterday. So much trash! No wonder Ds moved his pc elsewhere.  The trash is cleared out and I am now working on setting it up to be usable for me and Judy. 

Later today she will help me move our fabric stash in there… We have a TON of fabric. I will be rearranging some in the bedroom too.
I also need to begin working on a daily cleaning list. So I can do little bits and not have huge deal to get done on my off days, so that I can sew on those days.

For the first time in 5 years I do not work on BF!!!!! I am uber excited about it too. I have to get Judy’s big gift that day! Plus we will do our big feast and set up our tree that day. Which means Beloved and I will be up and out early to find said gift and tree unless I order the gift at midnight… I may do that since crowds really annoy me.

I have a turkey for BF, just need the ham and fixings.

Well I should get off here and begin my working. I have already done some dishes and straightend the kitchen and bedroom. I have a couple small loads of laundry to do, and the sewing room. Plus I want to wipe down the bathroom and dust the mantle in the living room… it holds all my nativity sets.. well most of them. 

hugs y’all!


I did not realize it had been so long since I posted!
I guess that is what happens when nothing really changes… just work, home keeping and work.
I am already gearing up for Christmas. We decided this year to go with a real tree. I miss those.

The smell just seems to says Christmas. I am searching for red to make a skirt. I have a plan to make a Mrs. Claus outfit to wear to work. I am also writing a story about Mrs. Claus and trying to find time to sew, and find my sewing area! I feel almost suffocated with the amount of stuff sitting around here.
Well it looks like I may get my truck back tonight. Here is hoping!

I am very stiff and achy today from a fall at work yesterday. I fell over a platform I had just watched my boss put up… fortunately there was no display on it yet and I didn’t break anything. 

Today I have the whole house to myself and intend to clean and rearrange the sewing area so I can begin sewing things again.

Well I need coffee and it is not in here so I am signing off now cuz my hands hurt and are coooold!

hugs y’all