OK so this is my 3rd week sick. It turns out that I was not only not feeling well but I am really sick. I have the mother of all sinus infections. The doc says so. Antibiotics, codeine based cough syrup and everything.

Today is the first day I am allowed back among the living for real. Meaning folks other than my family, which I suppose only count as zombies or something. I am, as of today released from house arrest. I am now only taking  3/4 of a dose of the cough syrup at bedtime, none during the day.

Once I am past all this then I can begin my bp meds again. My head is so fuzzy feeling. 

Plus yesterday I officially got my truck back. The mechanic has reissued the warranty on the transmission so I am very happy! 
I will probably need nap later!
It is however nice to be back, even if only partly!
hugs y’all

Well it seems…

My ds has the same symptoms I had. It also began in his throat.  He went to the dr. The dr told him to take off the rest of the week and put him on antibiotics and steroids. He has bronchitis.

So I guess that is what I had. Only I did not go to the dr I just stayed home mostly in bed for a week. DS will also be home in bed for a week, on meds.
I do admit when tired my throat aches a little and I have little energy. I can manage my 5 hours at work but then need a nap.

I am trying to keep up the home keeping but how can you keep up when you are behind anyway???
Today I get off at 1 my plan is to come home and rest then hopefully I will get some extra stuff done since I won’t be in town until 3 or 4.

 Just today and tomorrow then I am off! Heehee. True there is a ton that needs doing on Friday but it is home stuff and a joy to do!

Well I ought to get a snack fixed for work… I am thinking that huge orange in the kitchen is calling me…

hugs y’all

Feeling some normal…

well ok I am NEVER normal but I am feeling more like myself today.
I went to work yesterday and was ready to crash when I got home. I did manage to get some of the kitchen recleaned and got supper made.

I am kind of irked because none of the holiday baking has been done. I always do that the week before Christmas week and last week there was just no way. If you can’t walk straight or think, cooking is in general a bad idea.

I still have to finish up some shopping for Christmas eve supper. I have the turkey and the ham, just need the sweet potatoes, stuffing and more of the jellied cranberry sauce Beloved likes. Then need to decide what desserts we want.

Well I need to go get my lunch made for work.. I have to be there 1 hour early and no telling when I can get off, it depends on how crowded the shop is!

hugs y’all

The Pioneer Woman Cooks… ala mel

Well to begin I have been sick for over a week now. I think I am getting better but then I relapse… snarf.

Anyway just before I got sick I bought a pork roast to fix for Sunday Supper. That did not happen. Actually very little has happened this week. I have not even gone to work. You know it is bad when I miss my fave time at the toy shop.

So yesterday I was feeling definitely better and decided I wanted to make a real meal for dinner. I also remember I had the Pioneer Woman’s site book marked in my blogs to be reviewed list. So I decided to see what she would do with a pork roast. I am so unimaginative when I am sick. Though with working I generally use up all my imagination at work, and then have none left for food. I really need to change that!

Anyway so I went to her recipes section and found a pork tenderloin roast with cranberry sauce. I LOVE cranberry sauce. I mean I have a serious love for this stuff. I prefer homemade but try to keep cans on hand as well.

Well my roast was not a tenderloin but I figured I could roll with it. I oiled it and covered it in spices and braised it then baked it in its iron skillet until mostly cooked through. Then I sliced it off the bone. 

Meanwhile I cooked rice, and made the sauce. I did not use rosemary. While I love the smell of rosemary, I do not like eating it. I used an herb and garlic mix with an italian seasoning mix instead. (Yes I realize it probably had rosemary in it, but I couldn’t taste it so I am good!)

In a casserole I layered the cooked rice, frozen whole green beans, the pork and covered the whole with the fabulous smelling cranberry mix. MMMMMMMMMM it smelled so good. 

I did take pictures but suddenly my phone and PC have decided not to talk… it was pretty in the dish! Really.  It tasted awesome and very different from things I normally cook. i definitely need to broaden my food horizons!

As for the Pioneer Woman’s site. So far I love it. She is definitely creative!
Now I have to get back to the basics. My energy ebbs but my laundry calls.

hugs y’all!

Weird Wednesday

Well I came home from work worn out. About 11 this morning I just lost all my energy.
I tossed the blankets in the dryer that I washed before heading to work.

Then I decided to lay down for a bit. My plan was a 45 minute power nap. Spaz  cuddled up with me, something she is just beginning to do since we got the new kittens. 

My 45 minute power nap became a 2 hour I may never get up again nap! I am still wiped out.

However I decided we needed dessert to go with out hot dogs and chips supper (that tells how worn out I feel, I despise hot dogs!) So I whipped up a pineapple upside down cake. Then did all the dishes, wiped down the counters and plopped another load in the washer. I also reset the dryer since the blankets were not totally dry…

I am still tired but at least I got some stuff done!

hugs y’all


I often get asked for toy ideas. Since my life revolves around children I spend a lot of time looking at and dealing with toys.

  I spent most of my working time as a preschool teacher. I began as an assistant at 17, when I was in college. Now I work in a specialty toy store so my ideas are not usually generated by TV ads.

Here is a short list
For 7 -13 boys, science kits stuff. Discovery Kids has kits that explore weather, make candy and other stuff. They also offer microscopes and a ton of other exploratory and adventure based items.

Snap Circuits. These are actual electronic boards that you can build various things with, just by snapping them together.

Remote control cars

sea monkeys

hacky sac balls

There is a kit that comes in a bottle like a 2 liters coke, called pop bottle science. It is our best seller for the 7 – 13 year old boy it has 79 experiments you can do with a 2 liter soda bottle, a book on how to comes with it as well as some accessories

There is also a new building toy out this year called laser pegs. These are pegs that connect to a battery pack and light up, unlike legos or knex. Get these first, the manufacturer is already back ordered until February so there are no available restocks. They also are not in walmart but online or in specialty toy stores.

For a young girl this year I think the Tangled Rapunzel dolls will be a rage. (Plus she really is pretty I almost want one for my collection)

I always prefer the Melissa and Doug food sets. I am actually a Melissa and Doug affiliate, the link is on the right side.

Groovy Girls are also a fave of mine. These are stuffed dolls that, with imagination you can usually find one that resembles the girl you are buying for.

For the younger set, toddlers and infants. I would stick with Gund soft toys, Melissa and Doug wooden toys and Manhattan Toy items.

Preschool, there are an abundance of puzzles and other learning gadgets.

Corolle baby dolls and items. These may seem pricey but the quality will last for years, the Calin and Tidoo lines are great for beginning baby training. (A great idea, the little golden book, Little Mommy and a Calin or Tidoo doll)

For boys, try the Melissa and Doug Train sets. The are wooden sets, similar to the Thomas sets but 1/2 the cost. All the M&D sets work with the Thomas wooden railway sets. AVOID the Thomas plastic sets.

I will post more as I think of them.