Welcome to Monday!

Today begins chat sessions on PH for the 15s. I used to be on flylady’s list. I was on and off of it for a few years actually. I always felt bombarded… no that does not cover it… harangued… yep that fits better.  I did how ever glean 2 bits that have stuck. 1) get dressed to the shoes every morning.  I find this makes me feel like getting back into bed is not an option. I will take them off if I desire an afternoon nap but to climb back in before noon, no. 

The second thing I have mentioned before. You can do anything for 15 minutes. This helped me immensely. Though at the first I let it overwhelm me because I miss thought it. I thought I could do everything in a room in 15 minutes. So for me a better mantra is I can do anything FOR 15 not everything IN 15. 

To deep clean a tidy room, with minimal clutter takes me 2 15s. A cluttered room may take 3. They can all be in one day or spread over 3 days. Depending on my energy level and mood, plus other variables like is the family home? No work gets done when every one is here. That time is limited and precious to me. 

Once the 15s have worked their magic, I can maintain my home in just 1 hour and 15 minutes a day. This does not count laundry, or baking and heavy cooking days where things are going constantly. It just includes days where there are no extras happening. 

Speaking of I need to get my oven heated and ready for muffins! I am reworking a recipe I found on line. The taste is good but they crumble so badly! I had to eat mine with a spoon yesterday because all I had was hot buttered crumbs!

hugs y’all!

Well it is finally here…

The day I do not have to go into town every day unless I want to! heehee or as my darling friend Farmer J says SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

OK so my day will be light duty, lots of resting and reading. I do plan to deep clean my kitchen and do laundry. 

MIL is better. Last report they would have released her but she has lost her mobility. So they are putting her into rehab to regain that. Once she is settled we will go see her. Fil was not sure of the day or time for the move yesterday.

In other news, DS1 is looking seriously at a home he thinks he wants to buy. If he chooses it, on Sunday at the walk through, he will be moving in March 1st!  So soon! I will miss my boy. Not his guest or his cat but I will miss my boy!

I am now deciding if I should will eat Special K for breakfast or cake…

I may have to go to town, cat litter is out and DS’s box needs to be emptied and refilled. His cat uses different litter than mine do. Silly beast will not use the litter my cats do, and their litter works much better!
Wow I have all day to do what ever I think of needs doing…

Well I want to do 15s today so I best get moving!

hugs y’all!

PS.Cake won out.

The LAST Thursday…

Which is the LAST day as far as I know!
For those praying for my mil, she is greatly improved and they are moving her to a rehab facility to regain her mobility.

I am tired today. I think the end of stress always causes me to feel worn out. Then I sleep for a couple days and be lazy and I am right as rain again. 
I never realized the job stressed me out so much until I was positive it was ending, and on a positive note. 

The Doc identified 3 stressors she said I needed to fix for my health. 1) resolve the issues with my truck. I finally have my truck back. 2) get my extra house guest out. Well in 6 weeks or so DS is buying a home and the guest will be renting from him. 3) she said I had to quit my job.  That was in November. I did not quit and ended up crashed and sick in December… so here it is January and my job is ending because God took over. 

And I keep giggling like a little girl…
Well for today I need to finish getting ready for my LAST day of work so I need to go.

hugs y’all!

The LAST Tuesday…

Heehee what am I gonna do for blog titles when the count down is over… The FIRST Tuesday of not working… giggle.

No I am a dork but not that big of one!

Today I am taking Judy to the doctor. Hopefully they can help her feel healthy again. 

Other than that today is a slow day. My Beloved is home again not feeling well. Fortunately it was a slow work day for him. 

It will probably be a slow work day for me as well. Next Tuesday begins the new PH ladies Bible study. I am so excited and still making my notes. 

Next Monday begins the new PH group chat for 15s… that will be daily, except when we have the Bible study. I mostly do 15s in the mornings. I have discovered that if I keep up my 15s it takes me 1 hour and 15 minutes a day to keep my home sparkling. That leaves more time for sewing and cooking and reading! I never could deal with flylady but the idea of you can do anything for 15 minutes, really works for me. Though I have to remind my self it is anything FOR 15 not all of it IN 15. some days I remember that better than others!

Ds also told me last night he has found a house he wants to buy. We looked at it on google maps. It is in a decent neighborhood, and looks nice. He has not done a walk through yet since the guy has renters in it right now. He said it should be ready in about 4 to 6 weeks. I will miss my son. I will not miss his buddy or his cat!

Well I need to gather my bread, or crackers, and cheese and also fix my hair.

Hugs y’all!

The LAST Monday…

Well though I do not work today it is momentous just the same. This is the last Monday!

I have plans today too. I will do my 15s to my 80’s tunes. I will read my Bible and my book.
I may make time for baking. Though there will be plenty of time for that next week.
I am working on a schedule that will fit around a couple Bible studies I want to listen also. 

I know the first 2 weeks will revolve around getting my home in shape and a schedule set up.
So far a basic looks like this.
15s in all rooms
walk 1 mile

15s in all rooms
walk 1 mile

living/dining room
15s in all rooms
walk 1 mile

15s in all rooms
walk 1 mile

mall walking
15s in all rooms
15s and what ever else comes up. Beloved is not working Saturdays right now so as the weather permits we plan to work on the outside of the home, together.

I do know each day will contain at least 3 sessions of Bible reading/study, one when I get up, 1 mid morning and 1 afternoon. Then reading before bed. I also will do the deep cleaning in 15s or 30s. generally 2 -3 15 minute sessions takes care of it. I will fill in small dailies like scooping kitty boxes as I find them fitting in. Sewing will also need to happen each afternoon. Gardening also will have to be planned, for early mornings before the heat comes up.  As will baking. 

OOOO I am so excited to finally get to do homemaking again. REAL homemaking. Not if time and job and health permits homemaking. That is never satisfying to me. My home should be first, not last. 

Well Judy missed her ride to work so I need to drive into town anyway. Sigh. At least I will be coming straight home again.

hugs y’all!

Second to last Saturday…

Ok I do not work today but I just could not resist!

Today looks to be a fairly easy day. The laundry is done. There is 1 load I could do but it is not needed.

I am doing research for a Bible class I plan to lead on PH beginning the 1st. (I plan to post it here too for anyone who may be interested) I am reading some study helps and some old sermons. I like the old sermons but they are so negative sounding. I get the point, we are not worthy of heaven. I just do not read my Bible with all the angst they did I suppose.

Today I might make a trip to the local grocer. I forgot eggs yesterday. I would like to do some baking for the games tomorrow. We will be having nachos. The guys like those. For superbowl I am planning a big feast of finger foods, but for the playoffs, nachos will be fine. Perhaps with some cookies too, if I make it out to the grocer. If not, Beloved splurged last night on zingers at Sam’s… man are they sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

Well I have more reading to do so I am gonna go do that. 

hugs y’all!

2nd to last Thursday…

Well one thing is for sure, this counting down thing is making daily titles easy!

The advil pm did help me sleep. Though I woke to a knife sharp pain in my lower back… I took a hot shower and numbed it so I can function. I really wish I knew what triggered these “spasms”. The doc says nothing needs to trigger it, they just happen. She also says advil and rest is the only remedy since I refuse surgery.

the wind outside is howling as if we were in a blizzard! Woooooooo around the eaves and through the house cracks.

My mil is in the hospital, please pray for her. I have back issues but her make mine look like a picnic. She is in terrible pain right now and on iv pain meds that are just taking the edge off.

Well I need to get ready for work. I need to get the oatmeal made and so forth.

hugs y’all!

2nd to last Wednesday…

Giggle.This counting down thing is kinda fun.
I did not sleep well again last night. I kept dreaming about ants when I did doze off.  They were everywhere.

Today it is foggy and 34 degrees out. Not really cold but yesterday at this time it was 50 and sunny… 

I am gonna have to take it easy today. Something aggravated the nerves in my neck. I have nerve damage in my spine. My neck  is the worst area. When it gets buggy my fingers go numb. Starting at the tips. Usually it is just my right hand, today it is both. It is not that novocain numb where you do not feel things. it is a hypersensitive numb where everything you touch feels like needles. Ick

My big plan at the moment is to make it through work. Then come home and crash. Taking appropriate doses of advil along the way. Once I get home if it is too bad I can take 4 advil (this equals the rx dosage) I have an advil PM I will take about 6 so maybe I will sleep tonight!

I plopped a pork tenderloin in the crockpot for supper. I will make butter/garlic noodles and some kind of veggie to go with later. Easy peasy.

For now oatmeal with blueberries is calling my name!

hugs y’all

2nd to last Tuesday…

My brain is fried. I am sooooooooo tired! The last 2 nights I have not slept very well. Waking up a lot, really waking up not that sort of I am drowsy zonk kind. 

Beloved has said this will be the longest 2 weeks of my life, and I think he is probably right. Do not tell him but he usually is! 

Last night was fun. We were set to meet bil and wife (and cute little baby boy!) at Double Daves. We go there on the buffet nights now and then. The pizza is not bad and you can order your fave as well. I do not do that other pizza buffet place, the food there just icks me out. Though the people seem to enjoy their job more. 

Well it seems bil and family contracted an illness. I understand that, and the mind numbing that goes with it, after being sick for a whole month… So Beloved and I were sitting there thinking man it is getting late and they are not here yet… Something is wrong… yep the illness fried their brains and they forgot to tell us they were not coming…

Beloved called them and I fear they felt very badly about it. I am glad to know that they are on the mend though. We do worry about folks!

Beloved said the look on their faces when they heard the message must have been priceless!

Dear ones, if you read this, please know while we missed your company, we enjoyed our evening just the same! Now hug that baby boy for me! Giggle

OK I need to eat breakfast and get bread and cheese for work.

hugs y’all