5 new to me products I have tried and my opinion on them.

The first item is that new Ka-Boom cleaner.
It is a foaming cleaner that changes color from blue to white once the cleaning is done. I have spent years, literally trying to get  the neglected gunk off my tub and shower walls. I mean I have bleached, cleansered, oxycleaned and Mr. Cleaned it and never seemed to make head way.  I have used this can on my tub for the last 3 weeks. The tub is nearly presentable. No scrubbing, I just sprayed it down let it set for about 30 minutes then rinsed. It has done more in 3 weeks on the old gunk than I have been able to do for all my elbow grease in 6 years. The tub to me is still not hot bath worthy, but the tub is also about 60 years old and probably just needs to be refinished. It however looks much better than it ever did since we moved in! I only use this on the tub and this can is still at least 1/2 full. 
On a scale of 1 to 5 this stuff is a 4, the can tends to dribble and makes a bit of a mess and wastes a bit of cleaner.

Next is Special K Blueberry. 
I LOVE Blueberries.  I liked it ok., It really did not have enough blueberry taste to warrant the big letters on the box. I do not think I could handle the 21 day challenge though.  This cereal does have corn syrup (corn sugar) in it. However it is less than most sweetened cereals. I tend to shy away from corn sweetening. I know supposedly it is harmless and in very small doses it can be, but since it is in almost all prepackaged foods, from ketchup to crackers to meat, unless you cook mostly from scratch you get more than a little bit of it.
 On a scale of 1 to 5 it rates a 2.

Go Lean Crisp Berry.
I am a member of  VocalPoint. They send me things to try. They sent me a 1 serving box of the Go Lean Crunch. Think Grapenuts but sweeter. I did not like it, it felt like eating gravel, though it did taste better.  In the box was a coupon for the crisp version. It made the cereal free so I decided to try that. I do like it better, it has dried berries in it, I think blueberries and cranberries. I can not really taste them. This cereal just is. I do not taste the flavors of the items in it. I am a person who likes vibrant flavors. if some thing says it is banana or garlic or blueberry then I want to taste those things. I find some times foods mix such a mish mash of flavors that you really do not get a flavor.  Just as if you mix a lot of colors you end up with a garish brown color. It just is. This cereal is like that, no individual flavor stands out. Plus, if you have delicate teeth, be careful. The crunchy bits are hard!

On a scale of 1 to 5 this also rates a 2.

Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta

This I liked, It did not claim to be flavored, it did claim to have added vitamins and fiber. It tasted for all that added nutrition, like regular pasta. I love Pasta, I specifically love Penne Rigate.  I had decent coupons for several styles of the Ronzoni brand. Had I not over cooked it it would have been a really good meal. 

This one rates a 5 out of 5.

Challenge Tuscan style butter
It cooks fine, I sauteed my chicken in it. It claims to be made of butter, olive oil, canola oil, garlic and Italian herbs. I saw the specks so I know there was something dark in it. I however did not taste any of it. It did not even smell garlicky. This is one I would not buy if I had to pay for it. I would not use it on my garlic bread (one of the uses it claims on the label) Even my Beloved said there was no flavor to it. I have 4 tubs of it and since it sautees nicely they will save my other butter for baking and such. 

There you have it, my take on 5 things I had not tried before. Looking at this, I guess I am very picky when buying prepackaged foods. I think eating should be exciting. I do not think salt is a flavor nor do I think hot and spicy are synonyms. Spicy is full bodied with a hint of heat. Hot is when it makes your lips numb. If I get a food, other than say fries, which I like decently salted, and all I can taste is salt I won’t eat it. I do not use the food network chef’s rule of a pinch either. a pinch is by definition 1/8th or less of a teaspoon. (Online conversion actually lists it as 1/16) Not enough to wave dribbling into a dish then clap your hands to remove the last bit. This is a big pet peeve of mine. When a chef says they can not taste the salt.  THAT is how it should be! Salt should be tasted in things like pickles, because it is used to preserve them. It should not be the leading flavor in all other dishes.
Now off to do my daily work!

hugs y’all!

To Yard Sale or Not to Yard Sale…

There is a church yard sale in town today. I love church sales. Beloved and I had planned to go. He got over time! (big praise that!). I know I could go.  I could stop and pick up my bp meds and some cat litter for ds on the way home too. 

However the round trip would run about $6.50 gas wise. Plus if I bought anything… Money being tight right now while we adjust to being minus the kids do I really want to spend that just to get out? I plan to scoop ds’s box and see if it needs more litter… before I spend $10 on it. I do need to talk to the pharmacy about my meds but i do not need to go there today, I have several pills left. 

I think I will just stay home, save the cash and do more to reclaim my kitchen. I need to take all the dishes off the open shelves and put up shelf paper. They probably need a good cleaning too, shelves not dishes. I have one shelf I can not reach even with my stool so I need to set up a chair to get to it too. Once Beloved gets home I will do laundry since there was so little yesterday I did not do it. 

I might also work on the yard. There are lots of bits to do. I may use my extra time to bake too, we do need some banana bread!

Yesterday in town I got some good deals on ground beef, chicken and a few other meats. I found the free butter. Finally! I had taken $80 with me and spent $60, including getting 10 bar towels to replace paper towels. I have not seen these in a big bundle anywhere  so each time I happen into wally I will grab some until I have a washer loads worth. 

Drew signed the papers on his house yesterday! He plans to move out the 5th. We do not know yet if Chris is going with or not. 

Well I need to plan supper so I best get going!

hugs y’all

It is Town Day Again…

Though I do not want to go to town!

Albies is having a fantastic deal on chicken breast, boneless skinless breast is only $1.29 a pound! We have a lot in the freezer but at this price I think I will get more. We use a lot of it after all and frozen it will last a long while.

I do need some ground beef to add to my supply.

Bananas would be good as well, I hope to find the .99c bag.
Miracle whip is on sale and I have coupons!
I also want to hit HEB and look for that free butter I keep reading about.
Then wally to replace the spoons I ruined at fils on Saturday.

I just do not feel like leaving home today. Probably because I took yesterday off. DS was home and that makes things difficult because I do not like turning up “MY” music since he does not like it. I am looking forward to having my home back.
MJ and I did a date night last night. I did not want to spend the money (Ds calls me the money nazi…). However we went to visit his dad and we needed some time away. I am concerned. Working to keep concern from turning into worry, and praying for wisdom to know the difference.

Well I guess I best do something before I cave in to the desire to go back to bed for the next 3 days!

hugs y’all

Thrilled to be here Thursday

It is a glorious day the Lord has provided for us today! 
My chore list is light and I have energy!
I plan to get the dishes put away from last night, work on my bedroom, finish the living room and possibly back cookies.

I want to make peanut butter. Maybe some oatmeal and some chocolate chip with pecans.

Beloved has decided that tonight we will go see his dad. 

Drew is calling utilities and getting things set up for his moving.  I am not sure is more excited, him or me!

Well I have many things to do, all little things but things regardless so I had best get begun.

Hugs Y’all

An experiment, unintended…

So Saturday I did not cook all 12 lbs of pretty cubed chicken for the family. I brought home the uncooked in the flour batter bag. I put it in the fridge for 3 days. I cooked it last night.
The pro is, the seasonings had intensified and tasted great. The con, the chicken had dried out some and I did not like it as much. Plus a lot of it had formed big blobs, that I had to separate. I mean we are talking blobs the size of New York… well ok bigger than my hand anyway, but in chicken nugget measure, it is the same thing.

So next time I am thinking  I will season the chicken over night in the egg mix, and for a few hours floured in a covered pan then fry. Maybe that will give me the best of both worlds…

Today will be a busy day. My kitchen was sorely neglected yesterday while I tried to finish the bathroom. I still need to sweep and mop in there. Bible study was great! If you want my notes posted here just drop a comment and I will plop them in.

I finally got all my “religion” songs on my pc, and with the speakers Beloved got me I can hear them all through the house! Someday I will make a cd of them but for now this is fine!

Well I need to get the wash going, scoop boxes and such so I best get on it!

hugs y’all!

Take 2 Tuesday

Ok so yesterday I had little to no pain from my on the feet and doing marathon of Friday and Saturday. Today however, not so lucky! My neck and shoulders are the worst but my lower back and legs are making themselves known too.  That means it is an Advil day. The liquid gels work fast and I can more easily monitor my reaction. I have permission to take them 4 at a time from my doc. For some reason the prescription ones just do not work for me. Some doc in the past said it may be the coating. I dunno all I know is 2 of them every 4 hours works better than 1 prescription 1 every 8. yes I know Aleve supposedly works better, but the prescription version makes me seriously ill so I hesitate to use much of the otc version.

Today is bathroom day. That means washing down the bathroom, the shower mat and the rug, So far I have sprayed the cleaner and begun the towels.

Also I need to finish my notes on the 2nd Beatitude, since the study is today at 10!

I need to bake bread, peel pecans, make some cookies, and finish cleaning the kitchen.

That said, I best go get busy!

hugs y’all!

Wow, what a weekend!

Ok on town day, I shopped, for hours! I did get lunch out, the 6 m&ms did not go far and Judy did go with.
I went to
Lowes and used 2 coupons on cleaning stuff. yes Lowes Home Improvement store takes coupons!
Walmart looking for the free butter, never found it. I will try HEB perhaps Friday.
Albies, got all my deals, plus a couple not listed, but forgot to use my GC!
Hancocks and got lots of awesome fabrics! They actually had a several tables of good quality (apron worthy) fabric for… .95c a yard! I did go over my GC amount by $5. 
Then hit Sams.
We had dq for lunch and stopped on the way home for a steak express tea,

I did well and did not go over budget.

Saturday morning Beloved and I made a dump run. He and the boys loaded the truck and he unloaded. He takes me along for company.
Once we got home he worked on the yard some, I made deviled eggs and processed 14lbs of chicken. I ended up with roughly 12 lbs of cubed chicken for frying. It took me an hour to get the chicken ready. I know because I began right after I started the dryer, which was set for 1 hour. I also cleaned the kitchen, did laundry and… something else I can not remember now. He peeled the 10 lbs of potatoes.

We left and got to fil’s around 315 ish. I began cooking at 430. Drew got there around 530, then bil and family then Chris and Judy around 6.  Judy took a turn at the chicken so I could rest a bit. We had it ready around 630.

Beloved led the clean up team. I wanted to but my back just would not cooperate. I was in a lot of pain even to last night. I am better today.
Fil has decided this is a once a month event, the next to be on the 19th where we will celebrate nephew’s 1st birthday!

So today is back to normal, scooping kitty boxes, laundry, cleaning the kitchen and working on the living room. I also need to make some time to begin turning over the garden. One of the things I got at lowes was seeds! I got pinto and black beans and corn and peas. I am going to get more 2x4s and more fertilizer and soil and expand my garden too, this time I will do it my way with a layer of black paper and or news paper, then fertilizer then soil to prevent weeds. I need a bigger garden so I can cut the grocery bill this summer! I really hope to learn to can as well as freeze my produce.

Well my day has begun, laundry is going and kitty boxes are scooped. Next is strip and remake the bed.

hugs y’all

A First for me!

Cooking for a crowd.
I have cooked for crowds, I make pizzas by the dozen now and then. This is different. I am making one of Beloved’s favorite meals. Chicken nuggets. I am making them for his dad, brother, sil and the 5 of us. I have never cooked for my fil before… Nor have I cooked for his brother and his family before…

I have never made a batch big enough for more than 6. It took me an hour just to cut the chicken. Boneless skinless breast, but I cut off any fat and the veiny things. Those I boil and make broth feeding the cooked chicken to the cats. o try not to waste anything.

So I have 12lbs of chicken to season and fry, 10 lbs of spuds to cook and mash. Plus 5 lbs of corn. I know that is a ton of food (plus 24 eggs, deviled). The hope is there will be some left overs to go with each family or at least a couple meals set aside for fil to have during the week.

Well there are spuds to peel and things to pack up….Oh did I mention the cooking will be done at fil’s??? Oh my I need to find my good apron… 

hugs y’all

Town Day!

Jah I am a dork I know. Today I think officially begins my 1 shopping day per week set up. This is the first normal week since leaving my job. 
My errands include
Albies to score some great deals on Peanut Butter and chicken and a few more things.
Hancock’s for some $1.99 fabric… why I am not sure yet since I have no space for cutting and sewing! (3 more weeks!)
Petsmart for cat food
Steak Express for an iced tea, to replace the cup I lost some place!
Sam’s for a bag of corn, tub of oleo and milk and carton of cream

I think that is it. I have my gift cards and coupons in my purse, because I am always forgetting them. I have my list in my phone because a paper list gets left behind.

The only thing I do not know yet is if I am going solo or taking Judy with me…
Oh and the blogger I asked to share coupons with, did reply. Sadly she is sick and can not get to Albies today. Maybe next time!
Ok is it sad that I just munched on orange M&Ms and am considering that may do as breakfast???

hugs y’all

It is already Thursday…

This week has just flown by. Of course last week is a blur and it feels some how like we lost a week. Weird I know.

Ok so I did something out of the ordinary for me. As most know I am a semi hermit and prefer to stay at home and not talk to strangers. So I was reading on a local lady’s blog about how she did not have the cool Peter Pan coupon for the .19c peanut butter. I actually thought about it and emailed her and offered her 2 of my 5. I doubt she will answer cuz that is just an odd thing for a person to do but I just felt like I needed to offer. 

It feels like rain today. That will end by noon. We will get no rain I am guessing but the feeling of moisture in the air is lovely. Saturday we have a chance of drizzle…

I am beginning to read the 2nd Father Tim story. I love Jan Karon. I know I have only read her Mitford books about Father Tim but I LOVE them. I am gaining quite a library of books I must read over and over. To date I have
The LHOP books
The Red River books by Lauraine Snelling (all of these from the beginning to the Home to Blessing series, and the Dakota Treasure series are excellent. I just need the last 2 Astrid books to be complete!)
The LCS series by Janette Oke (I finally have all of them!)
The Anne books by Lucy Maud Montgomery (I finally have all of these as well!)
HMMM there are several others I will post about later because they are in the other room and I am hungry and not willing to go searching for books right now, I need to search for food!

Breakfast will be reheated Roti with honey butter and cinnamon and sugar. I love Roti. It is similar to a tortilla but no fat, and the texture is more chewy and substantial. For supper last night we had black beans and rice with Roti. This is one of my favorite meals.

Well now I am really hungry so I will go now and eat, then begin my bits for today!

hugs y’all