Mmmmmmmm thats better…

Some days you just NEED a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with toffee bits and pecans.
No they are not carb conscious but I did use smart balance and egg beaters so they are cholesterol free!

I made carb conscious Peanut butter cookies for Beloved last night. I love PB but so not like PB cookies. I needed a cookie!

I am listing books on Amazon, so far nothing really cool. The cook books will be going up today I hope and the rest tomorrow.

If I only knew what to do with the magazines!

Well I need to make some lunch so I have an excuse to test more cookies…

hugs y’all!


Quiet, peaceful, normal. This was the first truly normal day I have had in months. God was here with me and gave me such stamina as I have not had in a long time. I got 80% of my home deep cleaned. I got my bedroom swept! My rocker is back in my sewing room, a place I hope to sit and have conversations with God.

I scrubbed my bathroom, did laundry, cleaned my kitchen, got the salt and peppers all cleaned and put to dry. I swept and mopped the hall way. My home is going back to normal. 

I called the ambulance place and we will get their bill tomorrow, so I can send it to the insurance folks. Called the power company and got out KWH rate moved down from 11.9 to 8.8! LOL not a huge deal but every penny helps!

Before I forget, my friend Farmer J is having a drawing. J is an awesome lady, and a very talented writer. She and her husbie hobby farm up in Nebraska. please pay her a visit, I am sure you will have a blast! If you want, enter her drawing but be warned I really want to win!

hugs y’all

Life around here

Today is a home day. The first I have had in about 2 weeks. Tomorrow I will head to town with Beloved, and his crutches. He to work, me to gather hospital info for insurance stuff.

This weekend the kids got most of the rest of their stuff, there is still a small pile that Youngest is supposed to come by and get today.

My office is beginning to look like MY space again. I have once again weeded out books and magazines. The books will be going up on Amazon this week, the magazines I have offered on PH and am not sure what to do with them if no one there wants them. Perhaps I will post them here as well. There are some cool ones.

The breakfast room is back to rights. Not painted but usable. The painting will have to wait as the walls need repair and cleaning.  I will post a few pictures later provided my phone will speak to my pc.

Beloved seems to be doing well on the new strict eating plan. Counting carbs, sodium and potassium is real mental labor!  A lot of low carb stuff is high in sodium or potassium, and he can not have those either. I am muddling through and so far so good.

I scored at the library book sale, I found my fave weight watchers cook book plus several others that meet our dietary needs. Plus 3 carb counter books.  I may go back tomorrow when the books are free and see what is left since I will be in town anyway.

The kitchen is almost back to rights. I moved the deep freeze into the breakfast room and will rearrange a shelf unit or 2 in the kitchen before I am done. Beloved had ordered me a new knife set for our Anniversary and it arrived yesterday. I am not going to use it until I have the kitchen set to rights!

Well I am going to sit back and relax for a bit. There is a lot left to get done but I have been working on it and fixed 2 meals already today and I am tuckered out!

hugs y’all


They have released my Beloved!
He is home with a tray full of pills, glucose monitors, bp monitor, scale and crutches.

I have discovered that making a meal with  enough carbs but not too many is harder than counting calories. When I fixed breakfast i struggled getting MJ the carbs he needed. I did finally get it.

I will update more later I just wanted you all to know that prayers have been answered and we are very blessed.



My Beloved

My darling husbie is in the hospital. He has had a cough for about 10 days and yesterday he could not catch his breath. Thinking it was bronchitis he came home from work and we went to the urgent care. We were expecting a rest, fluids and inhaler. Possibly steroids and antibiotics. What we got was much different.

His BP was 2oo something over 170 something. His sugar level was 333. His heart was under stress.

The doctor diagnosed congestive heart failure and diabetes. He took an ekg and other tests and came back in the room and said. Well guy there are 2 kinds of heart cases, those with urgency and those that are emergency. You are in the emergency category. I called the Er they are expecting you. I suggest you let me call an ambulance to get you there.

So off we went by ambulance to the er. The ER dr was convinced the UC dr had over reacted. Until he ran the tests the UC dr had ordered… then he came back and said, the only way to get you under control is for you to come in. MJ said tell me when, the dr said now, we are admitting you…

We have no real info other than his heart has some damage, how much we are still waiting to find out. We do know there was no heart attack involved. He has been diagnosed as diabetic, and is on nitro and various other things to get, and keep (that is the heard part it seems) his bp down.

They started him on metformin today for the diabetes and we met with the dietitian and the diabetes counselor. The cardiologist should be by tomorrow. Then we hope to find out how much damage there really is. 

For now I am asking for prayers. He is ok, not fine by a long shot but not in icu or anything. He i well wired so if anything gets wonky  he has alarms going off. They check on him at least once an hour. He is in an excellent place. However, I miss my cover snatcher. 

Well I am tired so am going to bed. I will sleep some, but I will wake up often. 

Hugs y’all
PS after I typed this all out he called and told me since I left at 455 tonight they have given him 2 insulin shots.

I told you I was busy…

though for the life of me I can not seem to remember exactly with what…
The kitties got spayed on Friday, Spaz gets her turn this Friday.
My Beloved has promised to look at my phone and PC and get them communicating again.
The kids moved out last night. Not all the way out but 95% of their stuff made it into the big uhaul and into their new home. They are coming back tonight for the rest.

I actually got up and cooked a real breakfast for my Beloved! I even packed him a lunch… I am tuckered out already from not getting enough sleep, but I cooked, did dishes and am now doing the umpteenth load of laundry for the day. 

I plan to wash up the stuff the kids left behind so it can go with them this evening.

I got such a score at Albertsons yesterday! I had a $1 off 2 Ronzoni coupon, Smart Taste. They had 5 boxes of the penne but it was destroyed. The pasta was fine but the box tops were crushed. The grocery manager was getting me my sparkling grape juice and so I asked him about marking down the boxes. 

He marked them down to .25c! So after the coupon I paid a whopping .05c per box!  I love scores like that!

Well it is lunch time, I think I will have a ham and cheese with wickles and mayo… and perhaps a Jello Pudding cup…

hugs y’all

Busy day ahead!

Today, in addition to my normal Monday stuff, 4 loads of wash, reclaiming the kitchen and working on the bedroom and living room, I am going to Ds’s new home to wait for the water, cable and carpet cleaning people.

Yes they are all still here, then after these people they are doing a preemptive exterminator visit. 

I may not get all my house stuff done, I figure it will still be here tomorrow. I may just take my cleaning supplies with me and work on his kitchen. The floor around the newer fridge and old (nasty looking, needs replacing ) stove is a nightmare. The former tenants were supposed to clean it up but have not. I will have to pretreat the floor before the goo will come up. 

The house is very sweet. Very small, but very sweet. It has original light fixtures, antiques one and all in the hall and bedrooms. Some one has carpeted but I bet there is hard wood underneath. 
The yard is nice. It has trees (I wish my place did!) The back yard is divided and has a gate on each side.The front yard is a hill… The drive way is a steep angle I would not park on if i could avoid it. I would park on the street!

The neighborhood seemed quiet, none of the houses are fancy but they look decently kept up.  The garage is really long, but only wide enough for 1 car. DS plans to turn the back part of it into a room to host games. 

Well I need to get the burger meat out for supper and get some things done here so I feel free to go there. 

hugs y’all!

Everything is rolling along ok then you get THAT call…

My Beloved and I we just in the truck taking supper to my fil last night when his phone rings. (mine had rung first but it was in the car and I was in the house).
What I hear:
No way??? 
your kidding right?? 
Are you serious??
What do you mean dead??

By this time I am thinking car trouble, especially since we just tried to start my truck and the battery was dead.

He hangs up and looks at me and says, ” You know how Chris’s phone was not working? Well it was turned off.” Me “Why?” “Apparently the phone company has Chris down as deceased”…
Of course they have no clue how this happened. Just after this exchange the phone company calls me and asks to restart his service. The young lady asks how I was doing and I said fine until I heard from my son that he was deceased…

Supper was nice, it ended up being just the three of us. Next Thursday is kielbasa, sour kraut and potatoes. 

Today is supposed to be town day but I am not planning on going. For 1) MJ has my truck and 2) he is working tomorrow so I may just go then early and maybe hit a few yard sales along the way…

Today I will work on the kitchen and dream of the kids packing and moving…

hugs y’all

Good Morning!

I feel much better today. I have spent time in my Bible and that always helps! 

I have much to do today, since I was pretty lazy yesterday! I need to clean the kitchen. 
Mop the bathroom
1 load of wash
water the flower beds
straighten up my bedroom
and fix supper to take to my fil this evening. 

I also want to study the 4th beatitude and read more in my homesteading book.
I may or may not do the walking work out again… I think I should but I do not want to be in pain again tomorrow!

I might bake some but that is iffy. I still have banana bread from the other night left!

Well I need to get moving.

hugs y’all