The first ever Living on the TX prairie give away

This first one I will make easy. Just comment, tell me why you read this blog and you are entered.  You may share the gie away with others on your own blog or fb or what ever if you choose.

This first drawing will be what ever sewing items I can stuff into a flat rate envelope. It will include, buttons and laces and ribbon and embroidery floss and I do not know what all and it will be stuffed as full as I can get it and have the flap seal securely. (My PO will not allow tape to help hold it closed.)

If everyone who enters gives me a favorite color then I will try to include something in that color if they are the winner.
I will pick my winner on May 6th, the day I was supposed to be born… I was 10 days late!

Farmer J asked a question on if I begin my plants indoors. I do not, I have no place that is safe from the kitties and they loooooooooooove to eat plants!

Well hugs y’all, I have lot to do and only until 230 to get it all done!

Windy Wednesday!

It is bending the trees over it is so windy, I am talking big pine trees, that is all I can see from my window. Mine and the one across the road. I really need some trees!

So far I have read my Bible, eaten breakfast, tossed my bed together, scooped kitty boxes, taken out trash and watered and weeded in the yard.

I think I give up on the seed I planted in the veggie patch. It has been near 3 weeks and not a peek of a green thing other than an odd weed now and then. I will jut have to go with plants but my word they are so expensive this year! At least at walmart and HEB they seem so. i will try lowes and maybe get a few this weekend.

I have been thinking about doing a drawing… maybe 2.  My friend Farmer J is doing a new one… I could do one on books, and one on sewing knick knacks…  I will think about it and post more tomorrow. 

Right now my nose is running and my eyes are watering so I am gonna go find tissues and pick the next thing to do.
OH yes some one asked me to restart the yahoo group the 15s and so I shall do that after i find the tissue!

hugs y’all!

Twit and shout Tuesday

Well I did it. I got out the yoga mat and the Callanetics .
I did about 1/3 of the exercises. They are not as easy on this older body as they were on my younger self  years ago. Ouch… The point is though, I got up at 530 and fixed MJ breakfast and felt awful. Head ache sore throat and so on. I went to lay back down and decided to try and exercise instead. I plan to do Power walk 3xs a week. So I grabbed the callanetics dvd and hit the floor.
Lessons learned, a yoga mat is not soft enough to do anything on a hard wood floor… that is where most of the ouch comes from. I also learned I am not nearly as flexible as i ought to be, I can not stretch like Callan does, no matter what she says! So I stretch as much as i can and move forward. I learned too that exercise even when I feel icky, does help! I have energy now where at 7 I had none. I am cleared headed where as before I was not. I will probably take a nap later but for now I am off to town to pay bills and possibly find something fun for supper… I have an idea but in case beloved reads this I will not pot it here today, maybe tomorrow!

hugs y’ll

And so…

Monday dawns bright and clear, not a rian drop in site. Though the storms were all around us last night, we could see the lightening. We got nothing. The pressure in my face is less but still there. Not painful jusst there.

Today I must get things done! still no life in the garden area none of my seeds have sprouted there! One planter of marigold has sprouts, the other nothing.

So today finds me cleaning the house and loading my music cds on my big pc.

Have a great Monday y’all!

Still no rain

My face has been hurting for days and yet no rain. let me explain. Usually when we are in for rain my face, around my eyes really hurts. Once the rain comes the pressure is relieved. No rain and the pressure builds… arrrrrrrrrrrrgh. My head!

Seriously though, Happy Resurrection day.  He is risen, hallelujah amen!

Be blessed y’all

Walmart’s New coupon and price matching policy.

I am sure any serious couponer has heard of this by now. Walmart has changed their policy to make it easier for customers to use coupons. 

Now to be honest I have never had a problem with coupons. I do not know if it is who I am or if there is an invisible blinking sign above my head that says “do not give this woman an issue with coupons, she just could not handle it” or the fact that I just chat and smile and act the part of an innocent… What ever the reason I read the horror stories about having to call corporate and just cringe. Then I go in and everyone is like sure we can do that…

So anyway I had some good printed qs and there were some good prices on things and I did not want to go all over so we decided to hit Wm. We tried to make sure there was no huge crowd but who were we kidding this is walmart after all.

So I placed my orders by price match:
Libby’s veggies wm .68 cents Fishers .59c This one gave the guy a start cuz my veggies were the naturals and the pic was select. The CSM  said do it.

Lysol wipes wm $2.48 Target $1.89

Strawberries wm $1.88 lb Fishers .99 lb.

Red peppers wm $1.88 each Lowes .99 each

All went through with out a hitch.

I have also heard they would not let you use coupons on price matched things, not true yesterday. I have 4 of the $1.50 coupons so my lysol wipes were .39c each! I did forget to price match a thing or 2 but it was late (yes 8 pm is too late for me to be away from home!) all in all I saved 14% off my bill.

Not great and I did have to get a few things I had no coupons for but it was an easy peasy experimental trip. Next time I will be more prepared!

Hugs y’all!

I feel like a flop today…

No real issues just feeling… mew. I am tired and my head hurts. My head hurts and i think it is going to rain. The rain will relieve the pain, it usually does.

So far my garden has no sprouts. The cherry bushes I put in the pots seem to be doing well. My rose bush is going great!

I finally got all my fabric totes all stacked in my sewing room closet. Now to get the books organized.

I am doing a lot of studying on couponing too.  I got the ads today and planned to match coupons but my head aches too much to concentrate.

I hear the thunder, I see the rain in the distance and the wind is blowing hard. Well it was until 2 minutes ago. I hope we get some and I hope it squelches the fires burning all around here!
I am going to bed early I think.

hugs y’all

And Monday Dawns…

well yeah ok so the sun is not up yet… but I am! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Yes I am full of energy right now. Of course having not slept much (awake still at midnight, awake before 5!) I may crash and need a nap later but for now, let the fun begin!

The update on the fire, 130,000 acres burnt. It is as of last night only 10% contained still. We really need rain but none is predicted.

Today I plan to work on house and garden stuff this morning in 30 or 45 minute session, it is muggy out, already 70 the high is close to 100 predicted. So the yard stuff will be begun as soon as the sun gives me enough light to work by, and probably will cease about 8. Hopefully that will at least let me get a bush or 2 in the ground and begin watering/softening the spot for the new iris beds.

Some of the iris will be planted around the bushes, an attempt to keep any stray goats away.  I have a feeling today will be a wonderfully productive day. I feel the Lord has made it so!

hugs y’all

We are still here…

My head still hurts from the smoke but that will clear in a couple days.
The fire has burned 116.000 acres.  That is 181,25 miles. The blessing is no lives have been lost in this fire, no homes or livestock lost either. (There is a death associated with a fire in Gorman, my prayers for the family there). Friday they had 20% containment. Earlier today they reposted 0% now they say 10%. 

may God have mercy on Texas! The issue here is not only the heat and the wind but we are also in a drought. There are in my area many now dry wells.

Please pray for rain!

hug y’all

The View from Mel’s place today…

The top right picture was taken from my drive way about 10:15 this morning. The picture to the left and below it was taken from my drive way about is

The last 3 are from 11:00 this morning.  The wind is fierce today and is shaking the house. This fire or these fires rather are headed for our little town. They have even asked the folks at the AFB fire school (the top rated fire school in the country.. I’m just sayin’) for help.  There is even talk of evacuation but not formal requests yet. The smoke seems about 3 miles from my house right now, though I can see it hazing the end of my street, which is about a mile from my house.