The voices in my head

I am close to the start of my business. I do have an issue though.
Every time I get close to doing something like this I hesitate and usually turn tail and run. Why? Because of the voice of my childhood. The voice tells me I am not smart enough or talented enough to pull it off. It is like a huge road block. Never mind that most times the voice is wrong. I have tackled numerous things and conquered them, with the Lord’s help. The voice still persists. The same voice that told me my essay for english that scored an A+++ from a very difficult to impress teacher was eh. Yeah that voice. The one that over the years of my teenhood convinced me I could not do anything.The one that tried to convince me my Beloved was going to leave me… yeah that one. BTW he never did try to leave and here we are 27 years later, happier than we ever have been!
It is in my head now. Even though I have a good friend who is willing to walk me through the path and she has succeeded beyond even her own imagining. Still I hesitate. Do I do as I have always done… go so far then box up the dream and store it away for another time or keep it as a dream? This time do I just plow ahead and see what happens? I want to plow ahead. I want to try and see.
I plan to begin this week working for my dream. I am seriously decluttering the sewing room. I have a huge pile of misc. for free cycle on the porch now, posted and ready for pick up.
My sewing machine has a nice clean sewing table. Now just to find my auto bobbin winder…
My dining table is nearly cleared for any ironing and cutting I need to do.
I have a plan. I have the will. I have the brains. I can develop the skills since I love sewing anyway. This year my business begins.
Look out world, here comes… me!
I will be beginning a new blog as soon as my idea takes shape, it will be the business blog, this will remain as a fun chatty blog. The business already has a face book page. I have been told I should join twitter too… eek!
Wanna come along?
hugs y’all!

Motivated Monday!

I have decided to get rid of the “curio” cabinet in the hall, It just does not function well. Plus it just does not fit anywhere. It used to be a built in some place so it is old but I just do not have a spot for it. So I think to Free Cycle it will go.
I am thinking of asking MJ to make me some simple shadow boxes with Plexiglas fronts we can hang on the walls. For now the s&ps will have to be boxed up. This cabinet used to be a built in an older home…
I may try to find a different place for it, but we have too much stuff as it is, at least until MJ finally puts his office back in his office not the living room.
I also chunked the black (ugly) tv stand thing from the bedroom. Originally I was going to use it as a night stand but then realized, having that much extra storage next to the bed just invited more clutter… I detest clutter so…. away it goes. if I have my way the tv will leave the room as well…
I am thinking of using some aprons ladies have made me for curtains. They are lovely and I want to keep them however, they are 1/2 aprons and I only wear full aprons… I think they will look fun and cute draped across the sewing room windows… Well the 2 windows you can see anyway. They will not match, but I think I can live with that. I figure one on the top and one on the bottom, sort of like cafe style. I may even consider using a couple as wall art…
Tomorrow I will be busily finishing the rearranging so that my office space is really workable.
I will get the aprons hung, and clear out the rest of the free cycle stuff. Perhaps by afternoon I will finally finish that cute 50’s apron I have been working on… for months…
hugs y’all

Quiet Sunday

Today I plan to take it some easy. I will do a load maybe 2 of laundry and dishes. I always have dishes to do it seems.
I may piddle in my sewing room, and gather more items for freecycle.
I am still a bit tired from the busy week and so plan to begin my regular schedule again tomorrow.
My darling son, Chris is recovering well from his dental surgery. He had a rough go of it Friday, until mom came to his rescue with pepto and ice cream… I asked him last night how the war was going and he texted back… Winning! So I am relieved, and I slept better last night than the previous 2.
We did go yard saling yesterday
I got:
Another Nativity set.
2 canning jars
a red and silver necklace.
and a Baby Crissy doll, in need of TLC. This was a guilt purchase. I felt bad walking away from the elderly couple and the face on this doll called to me. So I shucked out $4 for her. Her hair is a mess, I will replace the ponytail, and the missing cord eventually.
MJ found 3 movies and some software. He found a complete set of HalfLife, some game he and the boys like. 
We got an email from Dad last night. It seems MJ’s Aunt has written a book! It is called Elizabeth Island and it sounds intriguing. I may have to get a copy. Of course not until I whittle down some of the to be read books I already have… eek.
Well my friends I am going to go and try and get some stuff done.
hugs y’all!

Another busy week

Well Monday was not but Tuesday I worked on the house and had lab work done.
Wednesday I worked on the house and had a dr appointment.
Yesterday I took Ds in for his dental surgery.
Today I am totally exhausted. 
Tomorrow is yard sale day and I plan to relax and shop for good bargains!

Just wanted to give a note but I am too tired to write much!

hugs y’all

A very nice weekend

Saturday Beloved and I went yard saling. This is our entertainment. I am not into movie theaters and we do not have cable. So we go look at other folks offerings. Some I admit I resell on ebay but mostly I look for stuff we need or want but refuse to pay retail for.
This weekend we got:
A popcorn popper, the air kind. It worked that evening but did not work last night… not sure what is up with that!
a strawberry shaped red sugar bowl
a corning ware small skillet in the blue I collect
A red and white oven mitt, like new!
And a large tote of books
All for the grand sum of $8
Not a huge haul but the fun was in the picking anyway. Poor Beloved found no new cds for his collection.
Then we went grocery shopping where he used his yard sale money (we each get s set amount each week) to by me a birthday cake and ice cream. I said I could bake a cake just fine but he said no I needed a fancy one.
About 1/2 way home my son called and wanted to know where we were. I said on the way home! Heehee
His brother showed up shortly after we got home and the boys did a dump run while the store bought lasagna baked.
When they got back we spent the afternoon playing games, boggle, 10,000 and uno while we ate lasagna, cake, ice cream and then popcorn.
I was presented with a rose that the cats have been trying to eat ever since, I think I will stick it in a Bible now to save it! I was also given a nice boot magnet with a clip on it.
Sunday was quiet, just Beloved and I and netflix! I did get a load of laundry done and got the kitchen cleaned up but other than that naps and tv took my day. My allergies are acting up so things have to move slow!
Today will be a quiet day at home. I think I will indulge in a day spent reading in between jobs today.
It was indeed a lovely way to spend a weekend!
hugs y’all

Happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers!

Km, short for Klutzy Mama. KM is such a fun lady! She is kinda cute too and funny… Often I have laughed so hard at her retelling of her life’s adventures, I have had tears streaming down my face!

She has a hunka hubby and 2 sweet adorable girls! She is athletic and appears to be talented in many things. Like crocheting the world’s largest afghan and gardening. her gorgeous yard puts mine to shame, seriously. 

I hope one day to travel out and meet some of my fave bloggers and other folks online and she is one! Her town seems quiet but full of folks enjoying life!

So step on over and wish dear KM a wonderful birthday, please!
Happy b-day dear friend!

hugs y’all!

I did it!

What did I do??? I, yes me the weakest link, planted 4 cherry bushes. I even gave them some miracle grow for good measure. I have 6 bushes, 2 I had planted a couple weeks ago in large pots. I think they will go in the ground this fall.
The other 4 have been languishing in a large vase of water. They were not happy. My plan had been to ask my son to dig the holes but he never has time. So this morning during quiet time I asked God to give me the stamina to do it. The pick is heavy. Seriously heavy. My legs were still some sore from 3 power walking days in a row, but I decided to try anyway. So, I did it!
Woooot! I do not think I will power walk today but at least the laundry will get done, the dishes will get done, the bills got written and mailed, and the cherry bushes got planted! I also got all the coupons cut… Plus over the last 3 days I have accrued over 100 swag bucks. I probably could do more with these videos but I get busy and forget about them. That iso k though because the cherry bushes got planted, some more marigolds sprouted and a few of the butterfly attracting flowers a friend sent me have sprouted.
hugs y’all!

That time again

My b-day is coming up. Every year I get to feeling sort of down at this point.
I am not sure what it is. I do not feel older, I still enjoy things I did when younger.
A selfish part of me I guess wonders why no one remembers. It is not the gifts. (I love gifts but I don’t expect them kwim?)
Part of me looks at my place in life and gets discouraged. I want to be totally debt free and I am not. (Close but not there yet) I want to have people over and cook for them, but I do not. (Beloved is not comfortable with the house)
I want trees in my yard and rose bushes and such. I have not got the stamina though to dig the holes and so those things do not get done.
My goodness I am so whiny! I despise whiny and yet I feel so blue!
On the other side, I am blessed with a hubby that loves me enough to come home nights, he doesn’t drink or gamble. My boys are smart, successful and straight arrows, no drugs or anything.
The insurance finally settled and we should have the check soon to catch up on our bills.
I have a humble shack but I LOVE it.
I know I have much to be thankful for and I thank God everyday for those things and people.
Still I miss the days when a birthday meant a gathering of family and friends over a nice lasagna meal followed by cake and ice cream.
It just isn’t as much fun inviting folks over for yourself, kwim?
Hugs y’all

Another busy ish week…

I want to get a lot done this week. My birthday is next Monday and I want to begin my new year with a clean and organized home.
I have also decided I want to make my self a new apron, maybe 2. I seriously need to get my groove back sewing wise. As well as cleaning wise.
I did my power walk this morning, my goal is to do it every day now that the mile does not nearly kill me! Eventually I want to do callanetics too, but that will have to wait until i get a decent floor mat. Also I may need to replace that dvd as it skips part of the work out…
Today I need to do a couple loads of wash, deep clean the kitchen and bathroom and wait for it isp guy to come tell me why we are paying for a 2 meg download and not getting even a meg. Funny thing is, the upload speed is fine… Also need to scoop kitty boxes, make boiled eggs, fill the ice tub and then plan and make supper. I was going to do the Carinos spicy chicken and shrimp but I am out of most ingredients, other than chicken and shrimp so I will be hitting the books looking for a recipe!
My kitties are going bonzo this morning! More so than normal.
I hope you all have a blessed Monday!
hugs y’all