Finally Finished!

Beloved decided we would move the room around ourselves with out the boys help… and he promptly caught a stomach bug on Thursday.
So yesterday he went back to work and I saw my chance… I moved everything around but the bed and his dresser. His dresser being bolted to the wall made it impossible for me to move alone.
Remember the before:
He got home from work and noticed stuff right away. Then he came into the kitchen and noticed the pile of boxes of laminate flooring in the breakfast room… You moved all those boxes by yourself???? Heehee Umm no my invisible friend helped…
So then after supper we went in and moved the bed and dresser.
Today I dusted and did the final touches. Here is the finished room:

Well finished until we can rip out walls and insulate and paint and… you get the idea…
hugs y’all

A First Step

Do you ever look around your space and think, man I could do so much better? I do. I have. So this is the beginning.
The space I am working on at present is the catch all room… I mean master bedroom. Really the only thing in it that shows it to be the master, is the closet. The closet is roughly twice the size of the one in my sewing room…
My goal for now is simple, clear out the caught items that do not belong and move things around to be more calming and comfortable.
Since I have stolen the table from the breakfast room for my sewing room, until I find the thing I want for in there (or make it) the breakfast room will for now be the catchall room. 
That big ugly box is really a fire pit for the front porch… though I would rather it not be on the porch but on a patio. The problem is we have not built a patio yet. The vacuum cleaner will go into the closet once Beloved’s office is finished and all his office totes are out of said closet. 4 things must happen for that to work… his foot must heal so he is out of his boot, we must gather our pennies for paint and vapor barrier for the flooring (now stashed under the bed and making the bed all wonky) next we must lay said floor and lastly, we must get the furniture his dad is giving him and set it up in his office.
So what can we get done NOW you ask? Well my intention this weekend is to declutter, restash, sweep and mop the floor and rearrange the furniture.
See the window above the bed? OK that window gets direct sun from around 10 am until around 4 pm. 
See the ac unit? That window picks up the sun from 4 until when ever it sets. Right now around 945 or so. 
This room gets a ton of heat all day and that makes the bed HOT at night. Remember we have NO trees here in this spot of the prairie. This house has no insulation at all in the walls. That can not be fixed this year. We have 1 more truck to pay off then medical bills to pay off too. Next summer we hope to have saved enough to tackle painting and such. 

For now I want my bed away from the heated glass during the day. So the bed and dresser will change places. I did not get a picture of the dresser… it is by the now non-functioning pocket door to the room. My ultimate design will have the walls covered in bead board. I love bead board and this house has not one speck of it! I plan to change that eventually too, at least in the master bedroom and breakfast room! Possibly the kitchen too.
I will post about the moving around and the pics of the progress probably Monday. After all that moving I may not be able to type before then! I have asked my boys to come help move the big stuff. Today I will begin moving out some of the smalls.
hugs y’all!

Thursday Things

Since I have been under the weather all week I have not been able to sew. I have however done some digging in my sewing room. I discovered a few dish rags I knitted this winter. I knit in winter when it is too cold to go out and do other things.
I knit when I need quiet and prayer time too. There is something calming about picking up the needles and a skein of pretty yarn and just letting my heart talk to God while the needles do their work.
I was told I should put these on Etsy too. So I took pictures. They are very cheery. 

I have small hands and while sometimes I want a big dish rag some times I want a smaller one, easier to control too. They measure 5in x 5in. They take a shorter time to knit and less yarn too. I only use sugar and cream yarn for these. I do intend to make some bigger ones too, once I have more empty time on my needles!
I hope you like these!
Keeps sewin’ (er knitting?) y’all!

A Tale of 3 boxes!

I have a lovely friend online. Seriously this young lady is too cute. She is wise, funny and pretty. She is also a spitfire on occasion.
Anyway she knows of my love for things prairie, kitchen, sewing and Currier and Ives.
Recently she said I have mailed you 3 boxes. She could just as easily said she had given me 3 wishes, because of what I found in the boxes!
Imagine my surprise Monday when 2 boxes showed up on my door step! They were large and some heavy but I got them into the house and up on the table. Then the waiting began. You see when ever I get something like this I MUST share the opening with my Beloved. It does not matter what it is, good surprises must be shared.
So I waited and waited and… you get the idea.
One of the kitties got tired of waiting and she began to try and open one of the boxes…
Inside I found, bits of everything I love!

There were many Currier and Ives dishes! Despite the creative packing some were broken. However, 5 dinner plates, 2 soup bowls, 4 cereal bowls, 4 berry bowls, 4 salad (I think) plates, 4 saucers and 4 bread plates survived!

There was a prairie cookbook, 2 sewing patterns, 3 skeins of very soft yarn, and 2 pieces of material! 
Just in those 2 boxes!
Today the waiting began again as box #3 arrived. 
Sweet! Today I got a set of 8 C&I tea cups, a large piece of dark blue material, 3 more skeins of yarn and a cute country themed box! I fell in love with the box immediately! One tea cup lost it’s handle but other than that no damage!

I see this material becoming a jumper or a skirt in the not to distant future…

Thank you my sweet friend! I am so blessed to have you thinking of me!
hugs y’all!

Tag Sale adventures 6-18-11

Today we decided to just hit a few sales on our way to do some errands before going to see the family at Fil’s.
Today’s haul:

At the first sale I got Beloved 2 like new pairs of pants, 2 tiny blue bottles (I collect blue glass) and 2 Large body pillows (I have a plan for these I will share later)
The next sale I scored!
5 sewing patterns
6 large pieces of fabric and
a sewing mat, the kind quilters love. The price tag on the mat said $50.00. It was marked at $10.00 but the girl pulling it out said $2.00! The lady holding the sale said yes take it! This mat has never been used! it takes up 1/3 of my 8 seat dining table!
The mat:

The next sale I found
The Case for a creator
A box of laces and trims
several lacy collars
a Wicker sewing basket
and a large target bag full of facing!
All I had on me was $5 and the lady said take it all!
The basket is too sweet:
The next sale we happened on and Beloved found for me
Season one of LHOP and a dvd that had 3 horse/pioneer movies on it.
Next we happened on a sale where I got some sort of mystery word game…
The last sale I scored again, a 5 book set of Zondervan Bible study helps books. I think you can see the titles in the pictures:
Total spent by both of us today? $25 (MJ found some computer things he collects)
All in all a very productive day.
We got my truck inspected, and got it a free car wash! We were going to celebrate because last night we paid it off. So once it passed inspection we decided to treat it to a $5 wash. We pulled into Stripes and discovered we have a free wash coming only it was not the $5 wash… it was the $11 one! So my truck is now totally legal, totally clean and totally MINE!
Hugs y’all!

Hot Hot Hot

I know this blog seems abandoned. It is not. The only thing I have been doing is trying to not get so hot.
I have finished another apron you can see it on the other blog.
I like this one, it is pretty, functional and fun!
Here is what my kitties are doing now:
Hugs y’all!

Friday Finish!

Well this week I did not get much sewing done. Today I finally finished this LHOP apron. I loved this material, seriously it is too cute. Though the wobbly lines did not make it easy!
We began with this:
Iron Iron Iron:

Pin Pin Pin:
Sew Sew Sew:

 The mistake:
Actually it is not really a mistake. I wanted to be certain the ties and straps were sewn in good and tight. It just showed up badly on this one spot, but is hidden well among the gathers!
Now from prior experience with this style I learned you need a button or something on the straps to hold them up. So I went with a big red button and a sewn loop.
I think the next time I do a LHOP apron I need to find some way to contrast the fabric. One so my eyes don’t go buggy again and 2 because I think it would look better.
I have tons of lace and such, it is just deciding what lace is sweet but not too fancy to use on an apron.
3 Aprons done and ready to get final pictures for the Etsy store! I may actually get it open tomorrow!
Keep on Sewin’ y’all

Wonderful Tag Sale Finds!

Today we headed out early, leaving home about 6:30. One of the church sales began at 6!
We hit nearly a dozen sales and found something at most of them. I even got to talk football at one!
Among my finds are:
A food processor:
Just like the one I have but a bit smaller and complete! The kids get my old one!
Some fabric:
I have some fun ideas for pieces of this already!
Some Quilting bits, not sure just what they are:

Several blouses and 3 more pair of shorts.
Some books:
An OLD Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, a Glenn Beck Common Sense and a couple Quilting books top my list!
2 printed aprons:
These were just too cute to pass up! One is watermelon and one is a gingerbread dude.
3 sewing patterns. 2 ladies had boxes of them I oculd have gotten really cheap but one was only baby stuff and the other… well I did not like the condition of the patterns or the boxes.
A lot of trims:

A really cute white shelf:
Not sure just what I will do with it, but the breakfast room is calling for it!
A tiny clock that looks like a lap top PC!
And several spools of Aluminum Yarn…

I have no clue what this is but the spools are really old looking. If anyone has ideas for this, please post them!
Hugs y’all!

Fun Friday: Altered Apron

Well I did not get any serious sewing done today. I really should have. However my brain just could not handle it. My Beloved was ill last night. A call to his Dr resulted in reduced medications and he was ok this morning. Still I spent a sleepless night expecting to take him to the ER.
Once he was safely fed and off to work I laid back down and slept for… 5 hours! I never do that!
Then I had to tussle with my sewing machine, Baby, which I LOVE but she did not want her new needle put in. I guess she was tired after yesterday’s apron and mending too.
Finally after about 30 minutes of fussing the new needle was installed and threaded. By then my brain needed something fun and quick and so an altered apron was born.
I do not know if you are like me or not. I always have too much stuff I want to keep next to my living room chair. To the point where I recently downsized my table from a 2 shelved rectangle to a small no shelf square. Just enough space for my lamp, tissue, note pad, Bibles and a drink. Some days that works, others not so much. What do I do with the magazines? What if the kitties knock over my drink on my Bibles?? Such great problems needed a solution.
Here dear ladies is that solution.
You will need
1 pocketed 1/2 apron
safety pins
some method of sewing
and a wooden dowel about 12 inches long.
This is my beginning:

The apron was made for me by a dear friend, but as you already know I just don’t do 1/2 aprons. I also have very limited storage space. So if I am to keep it it must have another use. 

Cut cut cut:

Pin Pin Pin:

Sew sew sew:
Now to put it in place
Slide the dowel end between the cushion and the arm:
Hang it over the side:
Put the cushion back:
Fill it with things you do not have space for on your tiny square table. 
In my case I have a Country Living Magazine (new one!) Penzey’s Spice catalog and one of my Bibles. I also put my back scratcher in there.
I hope you enjoyed this diversion!
Keep Sewing y’all!

Retro Style Apron

This finish was harder for me. Mainly because I began this one over a year ago and it has been sitting partly sewn in my to make basket since then. Things I thought were ok then, kind of pester me now! LOL
I like this one for its full coverage. It is almost a jumper! One thing I have decided is that any new aprons that have the facing will also have material to cover it. I am just not giddy with the facing.
Here I go again:
Iron the rumpled pieces

Sew some seams

Oops broke the thread! I really dislike those nicks they put on the thread spools. When hand sewing they are ok but when one stops your thread when you are machine sewing everything goes all wonky!

Get the magnifier out for rethreading…
Ok off again sew sew sew

Place the pockets
Pin the bodice

The facing I am not giddy about:

The collar I am not really sure about either

The skirt

Tada! I will get some pics of a person in the aprons this weekend.
Keep on Sewing y’all!