Mission: New Nightie!

I love pretty nighties. I do not like paying $13 for them. I have not liked any I have seen for sale. I have a couple I enjoy. My solution? Take one apart (Thank you Judy!) and use it as a pattern for a new one. I have not had a new nightie in about 4 years, I think it is time, don’t you?
What I had for my first trial attempt:
Sew Sew Sew:

It is roomy and comfy and long enough to hide my knobby knees.
I have many projects ready to sew. I am hoping this week will be one where my sewing machine and I spend some true quality time together!
Keep Sewin’ y’all!

Garage sales scores!

Today my friend Roxy and I went garage saling. We both love to go but neither of us want to go alone! She of course has her 3 gorgeous little girls to go with but it is also nice to have an adult along chat with and exclaim over scores!
Today we found many awesome deals.
I found a table top full of great things, fabric, books, magazines, toys.

I have taken a few pictures of my very favorite finds.
I love Fisher Price Little People toys. I saw this one at a church sale. It is perfect because it is little people, but they do not come out of the bus!
This is a crocheted pink Barbie dress. I collect Barbie when I see them cheap. I have at least a dozen neekid Barbies. Now one of them has a pretty pink dress!

This Santa is in perfect condition. I love his face!
There were 2 items I did not get and I wish I had. One was a Hello Kitty tea set. It was $5 and since it was the first sale we went to, I did not want to splurge that big on 1 item.
The other item was a book of Peanuts cartoons. A reprint of vintage ones. It was $3 but again as a first stop I was unwilling to drop a full $3 on 1 item. I now wish I had found some one to negotiate with and bought both of these items.
The best Item I got of the day was this:
Miss Suzy, now reprinted and available again on Amazon, is a book I have searched for for years. The last time I saw it on ABE it was going for $80. Now there is an exact reprint celebrating the 40th anniversary of Miss Suzy.
I am very happy to see this adorable book available again for a new generation of children!
So what have you found lately?

Saying good bye to an old friend.

Saying good bye is never easy. I am a gruff sort and do not like good bye. Sometimes though there comes a point when it is just time to move one. One grows and things change and there is just a logical choice to be made.
That happened to me this week. I had to let go of a friend I have enjoyed for several years:

Yes my 1940’s White sewing machine. I just have no real space for a machine that I love looking at but realistically do not see myself ever actually using. So he is moving off to a new home… not too far away and I will be able to visit. He is going to live with my buddy Roxy and her delightful 3 girls.
Moving White out has left me space to open up Kenny and possibly use him now and then:

The whole thing came about because I found this at a yard sale:
Yes a small desk. It fits my new Brother machine (Baby) just fine and gives me extra storage to boot:
This leaves the middle of the sewing room open for a small table on which I can craft, iron and cut fabric. A boon not to have to clutter the dining room up with things my desk does not work well on: 
This table will eventually go into the breakfast room off the kitchen, once we get the bedroom finished and the floor down in the breakfast room.
Another friend left my home last week:
That big empty spot held my desk top pc. Beloved and sons have decided I need a new pc, one built for me with up to date software and brand new parts. The one I had was pieced together of spare parts from various upgrades others have done to their pcs.
Some new babies came to join my doll shelf:
I now have a bride doll. I have wanted a bride doll since I was about 6. There is a handmade jointed rag doll that came with a scroll of instructions on how to make one. She is definitely a vintage doll and the scroll itself is very delicate.(The one on the end in a blue dress) There was another Raggedy Ann. Another handmade rag doll who has a dirty face. I got a passel of clothes for her and she seems sturdy enough to go into my may be played with group.
In the box with the dolls were many quilt items, including some old vintage pieces and patterns. I have not looked through that part closely yet, needing to get my room back in order first.
Well those are the comings and goings of Mel’s Home for now!
Hugs y’all!

The need? Chair cushions.

So for a few years we have had these wooden chairs. I love them however we play a lot of games… Like for hours on Saturday afternoon and they get well… HARD! I knew I needed chair cushion and a few months back I stumbled on the perfect fabric for them at a yard sale. Finally I began planning. I wanted them to have a removable cover so they could be washed when needed. I do not do zippers, yet any way. Then DS dropped off a couple of worn out pillows and the wheels began turning… I decided to make them as if I was making a bag and to use the ties that kept them in place as the closure. The end result was tested Saturday and was pronounced much better than the hard wooden seat! Now to stop the cats from undoing the bows on the ties…
The supplies:
The object, make chair cushions with a removable, washable cover. One that was easy peasy to get off and wash.


I washed the pillows then I cut the pillows in 1/2 and sewed up the end. 1/2 a pillow was just right for what I needed! It is fun to see things in my home, then look at boughten solutions and realize, hey I can make that! I love that word, boughten. I read it once long ago in a book about some one who had boughten teeth… and have loved it ever since.
So what have you made instead of bought for your home?
Keep Sewin’ y’all!