Cool Deals at the Books Sale!

Here in San Angelo we are blessed with 2 totally awesome books sales each year. One is the Friends of the Library sale in the spring.

The other is the Adult Literacy Council’s fall sale. I so totally scored this year!

The first time I went I found not only 8 Grace Livingston Hill books, but several neat kids books. A newer copy of Chronicles of Avonlea (mine is a hard back from the 40s and not in the best shape!). I also got a copy of Kin to Anne, which I have heard of but never read. I forget what all I got the first go round.

The second time, on donation day, I got more GLH books, all different than the first day! 2 Raggedy Ann books, and well just look at all this bounty! Mouse was very attentive while I was putting my books in to genre piles.


When I was an antiques dealer Kovels was the go to guide!

These will come in handy when we redo the kitchen, we plan to build our own cabinets!

One can never have to many LHOP books!

Jan Karon’s Father Tim is one of my fave characters. Now I can share him with others!

GLH one of the BEST authors ever!

I loved Taste of Home and its sister magazine Quick Cooking! 

Jannette Oke is another awesome author. I have never read Roses for Mama the others I have but did not own them… until now…

Kids book bonanza! I am totally besotted by Raggedy Ann…

Ooodles and gobs of  Patterns.

More patterns!

Annie’s Attic Patterns! 2 envelopes full of them.

Many quilt magazines too. Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting and BHG’s American Patchwork and Quilting mainly.

I loved Crafting Traditions! I collect them when ever i find them!

The BHG Quilting magazines. 

A variety of interests! Even a kids snack cookbook by Discovery Toys!

Of course I had to get this one since I love Beanies too… I think I may be a toy and book hound…

Looking at all the books just plum tuckered Spazzy Girl out! 

I have reading material and crafting ideas for months!

Plus I got to spend the morning with my friend and her 3 precious girls. What could be better?
Hugs y’all!

Different Kinds of Therapy.

When I am feeling stressed of bah, I need to do something to shake the feeling. There are many kinds of “therapy” out there. Some folks turn to food, eating, some use retail therapy and so on.
I have several types of such therapies. There is sewing. I love the busy hum of my Baby as it zips along making nice even stitches.
I do retail therapy after a fashion. I do not like to go to malls or such, but give me a set of yards sales and thrift stores and zip away I go. (Like the yearly books sales for the Adult Literacy Council and Friends of the Library…)
Yesterday I needed some therapy. We had attended a big bbq Saturday. While I like the folks there I have nothing in common with any of them. Most drink and or smoke or discuss what they did that time they were so drunk… I quit smoking when I was 18, I only drink medicinally and have never been drunk… Most of the women have careers besides “just” being a wife and or mother. Several have been divorced and are remarried. All very nice people but similar to me as much as I resemble a jelly fish… Yesterday I was keyed up, the flora at the BBQ always messes with my allergies, add to that the smoke, and well I was having issues. I needed comfort.
My big therapy is cooking. Yesterday I made chicken and noodles. It was going to be chicken and dumplings but I decided on biscuits instead of dumplings and served it over rotini.
This was a simple meal, crock pot the chicken over night (I only use boneless skinless breast meat) With some chicken stock and lots of Mrs. Dash Herb and garlic. I used some of the seasoned chicken stock to cook with the noodles. I added peas and carrots to the chicken for about an hour. Then I did the noodles and popped in the biscuits.
What took my morning, was the making the cake. When I cook for therapy I like to try something I have never done before. This cake was it. It was more involved than anything I had ever done before, including baking bread.
Hubby saw the ingredients and was aghast… you are going to put THAT in a cake…
Here are the ingredients:

This cake, because I was trying to do it following the instructions, took 2 sauce pans and 3 mixing bowls.

The result was a moist decadent shot of espresso on a plate! I loved the process. Though I did not use the cake flour, and just used all purpose. I could have made cake flour but I just sifted the all purpose and the cake baked just fine. Also the recipe called for making a layer cake and I do not have a convenient way to store a layer cake. I instead baked a layer cake. I have a baking pan that has a lid which makes storing the cake much easier.
So once the cake was safely in the oven i began the frosting. I had only made simple whipped topping frosting. This frosting required melting butter, mixing in cream and melting in chocolate chips… PURE decadence!

I love chocolate in my coffee, now I was going to try coffee in my chocolate…
So I put the frosting in the fridge to cool. The cake came out of the over and smelled divine. 

While waiting for the frosting to cool I took the chicken out and skimmed the icky bits, you know the fatty stuff. I poured about half of the juice into a separate pan to cook the noodles. I shredded the chicken put the peas and carrots in the seasoned juice. I added a can of cream of chicken soup. added the shredded chicken back in and set the pot on high for an hour. About 30 minutes in I started the water for the noodles. Once it began boiling I added the noodles, brought it back to a boil and took it off the heat. Then I popped the biscuits in.

About 10 minutes later the noodles were ready.
The result:

The cake was delicious. However we all agree the frosting was just too much. It was wonderful in taste but soooo rich!

Sunday supper was definitely a success!
hugs y’all

A few of my favorite recent finds.

Yard sales have been very uninteresting lately. Today I did go to one, where I found some shoes, a picture frame and a cross to hang on a wall. None of these items, though neat, really make me go wow. Ya’ know what I mean?

Not pictured are a cookie sheet, the wall cross and a Bible cover that is in the washer.
So today I decided to share some of my favorite finds that were not acquired at yard sales.
First on ebay I have been looking at dolls. I have purchased several. My very favorite is this Raggedy Ann. She is a home made one but every detail is perfect.

Betty Armbruster is very talented!
Next I got 2 lots of rag dolls. These are Holly Hobbie friends. This lot also contained a Campbells Kid doll. I had Holly Hobbie herself as a child but not her friends. Now I just need to find a new (to me…) Holly Hobbie doll. i never had a Campbells kid doll. These do need a good cleaning but I have not figured out how best to do it yet.

The next lot advertised a set of Groovy Girls. I LOVE GGs almost as much as Raggedy Ann. This set had 4 gorgeous dolls in it. However only 2 of them are actual GGs. The other 2 are Unimax Toys Inc. dolls.

Brenna and a GG I have not found the name of yet.

The 2 Unimax Dolls. I have not been able to find names for them. 

Now I do a lot of giving on Freecycle. I also answer ads that interest me. One I posted about a few weeks ago was for dolls.
Well now it is time to share the other treasures in that box.
Remember the “Dirty face” doll? Heehee I have all the parts to make a “Clean face” counterpart!

Also in that box was another box labeled “Dutch Doll pieces given to me in 86 by mama” Here are the contents:

Now look at this:

I know there is no way I could ever do this stuff justice. It is destined to be something I pull out and look at longingly from time to time.
Also in that box was another box containing all this bounty:

Tulips are my favorite flower.
Then there were these 2 signed blocks:

These blocks make me wonder who the 2 Mrs. (or Miss) Livingstons were.
Underneath all that bounty was this:

More vintage quilt pieces for me to fondle lovingly while I bemoan my lack of talent with a needle…
All of these items are things I will treasure. Someday perhaps I will be bold enough to work on the quilting part. In the mean time I will practice my aprons…

Plus, a picture of my Ham, also known as Spazzy Girl…

Hugs y’all!

Another project finished!

realize I am not doing as many projects as I had hoped. What I need to do now is figure out why. I enjoy the doing of the project. They do not take long, a couple hours usually.
At the end I have an apron, a nightie, seat cushions, or something else useful.
So why do I just not sit down and get it done? I have no clue. I do know I need a schedule. So beginning Monday I plan to implement one. I want to plan 2 hours of crafting a day.
Yesterday was a nice day, I actually made an apron yesterday. This material I have had for years. I bought it wanting to make a full length apron. I LOVE the fabric’s theme and saw myself as Laura in it. Well I may not be Laura, but it did spur me on to getting homemaking things done this morning.
So here is my accomplishment from yesterday:




What do you think? I love the homesteady feel of the pattern. 

The length goes to my ankles, just as most of my skirts do.
What have you created lately?
Keep on Sewin’ y’all

Nice Weekend!

It began like this:

There were no good looking tag sales in the paper this weekend. However the thrift that irked me so much last week was having a 1/2 off everything sale this week! Just to be sure I called and specifically asked if this included the pc stuff (Beloved) and the dolls. I was told yes it did! Of course the floor person said she had not been told that but she let me have my way anyhow.
I feel I scored awesomely on the doll front! I found 2 of these:

Topsy turvy dolls! Both look vintage and one if not both appear to be homemade! I love them!
I also found this blonde beauty:

She is a little souls doll and I believe her name is Nora. I found a picture of her online in her box and now I want to make her an outfit similar to that one. She is just totally precious!
This brunette darling, has highlighter on her face:

She was so pretty though I decided to risk the .50c and see if I can remove it. I also want to make her a dress that is more fitting than the cow designed fur thing she is wearing currently…
The last doll I got I had to have because I simply fell in love with her face:

Isn’t she gorgeous? She is a tolly tot doll, I believe she is Tatiana, one of the Disney princesses. I did some research and found that these dolls are the same size as American Girl dolls, only a bit thinnner. Since I have many patterns for clothes for the AG dolls, I will make her some darling things! I really want to cut and make a colonial gown. I got the patterns at Hancocks on Friday, the first time I have actually bought a pattern from a fabric store… I may now be in trouble! I had only ever bought 1 new pattern before and that was at Walmart, to replace one I had got on ebay and worn out…
Here are the patterns I got:

See the costume one?

 It is my desire to dress this way so I plan to make a skirt and blouse out of this and see how it goes. Most of my skirts are about to my ankle anyway as it is so I do not see any difference!

There was 1 I could not get they were out and the sale ends today.
It was  McCall’s 6412. I seriously want this pattern!

I also got this darling fabric:

My library also grew:

I got a copy of Knit 1 Kill 2, a knitting mystery by Maggie Sefton. A Crochet mystery called Dead men don’t Crochet. A Religion mystery called Murder at the Monk’s Table…

I snagged another copy of Christy… I buy it every time I see it. Also a book of quotes from Abraham Lincoln. 
I also found this 3 part series:

I have only read 1 book by the Lacy’s and I enjoyed it. It was NOT an easy read. It was called Shiloh Autumn and was about a family during the depression. It seemed that until the end, every time there was a light at the end of their tunnels, something happened and snuffed it out. Hard to read but it was very good.

I also added to my Nativity set collection:

I fell in love with the Babe on this one! It is a painted wooden set. Now to find a place to set it up… I keep my Nativities up all year long, I love them so much. 
Yesterday when the kids came out, Judy and I baked cookies. The kind you can ice and decorate… I actually prefer them uniced, they are not so sickly sweet that way!
Oh and 1 last thing, while Judy and I were out shopping Friday we went into Hobby Lobby and I found an ornament that is… well me… ish…:

I did not buy it but I think I may have to go back and get it…
Hugs y’all, have an awesome week!

All by my self…

Yesterday I went yard saling all by myself. I rarely do that but Beloved had to work, my friend was busy and there was a sale I really wanted to go to!
I found the big church sale I wanted to go to and did great. I found some stuff for a friend, some music collections and 2 suitcases, perfect for the doll clothes I have in HEB bags!

On my way to do groceries I stopped at another one and scored 2 Animated Snoopys plus several beanie babies.
Then when Beloved got off work we went to a local thrift store that was having an awesome sale.
Though I did get a bit aggravated. They had toys for .25c. I figured I would dig through the bins and find some dolls to work on redoing. I found 5 dolls… However it turns out they do not consider dolls toys. Dolls were $1 each. Of course the checker did not tell me that. There was a huge line behind me so I paid and went out to figure out what happened. Then I went back in and got a refund. Seriously I would not have paid more than .50c for any of them, they were in disrepair and had things like ink all over their faces and so on.
I did score some nice children’s books though at 3 for $1. Thankfully they did not misrepresent those. I have heard before complaints about this store. They will post an ad, all books for .xx but when you check out they will say, oh those books are not the sale ones… I just went for some .25c toys and I got a few beanies and some fuzzy sort of thing that had Ann Geddes name on it…

Some of my favorite finds:
Snoopy! I LOVE Peanuts and especially Snoopy!

The calendars also have cross stitch patterns in them!

Mint mini beanies!

The suit cases!

I did have fun and I needed the outing. I will miss yard slae season when it is over!
hugs y’all!