Well here it is the day after thanksgiving…

Dear Judy has been visiting me for 3 weeks now and helping me get the fall stuff done.
We got my bedroom rearranged and cleaned. It feels so good to have doors that close and to be able to get dressed in there instead of the dining room! Though we did not redo it, remember I had planned to redo the floor and paint and all that. We just decided not to. At some point I will hang something behind my dresser to cover the door… just have not decided what yet.

We also got the Christmas decor up in side at least.


Mini Tree

The big tree.

One of our helpers…

The nativities are not Christmas decor. I will do another post maybe tomorrow about those. 

We made a thanksgiving feast for the 5 of us. Then watched the cowboys pull out another win! Love those boys! Watched dvred comedies (Last man standing is a hoot). We even watched the Punkin Chunking finals.
Then we went out to check on Best Buy. Hahahahahahahahaha! There were at least 250 in line to get one of 17 door buster tvs…
DS, who was upgrading his man cave (aka his bachelor’s living room…) was disappointed and did not want to stand in line, since his tv of choice was not a door buster. We let him off at wally world to see their tvs. He called and said mom, this place is like a maze only the walls are moving… He came home and ordered his tv from Best Buy on line.
Beloved and I went out a bit this morning, not early! Just to look at some items. We got 1 gift. It was lovely weather and the crowds where we went were not too bad.
He even took me to lunch. I was not feeling great so when we got home I took an aleve and a nap and now I feel better. Not on top of the world but not under it either…
I hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving and a safe black friday!
hugs y’all!

A Down Week

Nothing new or exciting happened this week.
Seriously nothing. I have been feeling kind of down. Judy cut out 3 things for me last Sunday, I sewed up 1. Some how it did not work right, it sewed fine until I tried to use the machines embroidery stitches… then it decided to eat the material. Aside from that even though cut the same way as the last one, this nightie is just a touch too tight. Well only if I like to breathe in my sleep…
I think once my Saturday work is done I may work on the doll dress… it is a test one…
Thursday I did rouse myself from my malaise long enough to do laundry, clean the kitchen and bake a banana cake.

I also got some cute kitty pictures to share.

Mouse Going to nap.

Hugs y’all