My new old stove…

I got this from a gal I met on freecycle. Her mom had been trying to sell it. She gave up and said I could have it if i still wanted it.
At first glance it looked great. As I have begun to study it however, the condition is really poor. Now I know why the guy said I couldn’t take it to the scrap place said that when I picked it up.
Nothing daunted my plan is to derust it, then paint is cream and blue. The blue will match the Newport on the front. If it was in decent condition I would hesitate a bit. However since it currently has no resale value, I will do as I please and make it match what the breakfast room will someday look like.

It is missing near as I can see 2 knobs and a door. I want to get the gas pipe off of the back so it will fit better against the wall. I do have the grills, cast iron and decorative too, but they are still in the truck since I forgot to grab them.
I think when done this will be a lovely display piece!
Hugs y’all


I have several collections. One of my favorites is rooted back in my childhood.
One of the few memories I have of my childhood was my mom’s nativity set. I remember being told to take a nap while mom and my older siblings decorated the tree. When I was allowed to get up the tree would be beautifully decorated with a nativity underneath. The only thing not done would be the baby Jesus in the manger. That was my job. The nativity was one most likely purchased in Germany, where I was born. I have researched what I remember of it and it seems to be either German or Italian in origin, and made of paper mache. The baby however was the tiniest plastic doll I have ever seen, maybe an inch in length. I have found on ebay nativities with that exact make up. Unfortunately they always go much higher than my meager budget!
So I collect others, until the day I can get one exactly like the one I remember.

My collecting began with 3 nativities my mother in love gave me about 4 years ago. they were hers that she down sized when moving from her large home into her retirement home.

Then a couple years ago I fell in love with 2 that Penney’s had on sale and Beloved bought me both! one was traditional. The other was of children.

The snow globe my youngest found as a child on some ones trash pile.
The wooden angel my sil made for mil and it was downsized to me.

Next is a metal set I found at a yard sale this summer. I love how english they look.

This wooden set I discovered at a thrift store this summer and I fell head over heels in love with the look on the babe’s face.

Last is another ceramic set I got yard saling.
I have a couple more sets still boxed in a closet until I find a place to display them. My nativities stay up all year and I love each and every one!
hugs y’all