Do NOT play twister with cats…

As you all know, I have 3 adorable kitties.
My favorite is Mouse. Yes I know a mom is not supposed to pick favorites but Mouse acts like she is my baby. Plus she is smaller and fuzzy and cuter than the other 2.

I mean just look at that cute fuzzy mug. Her sisters, Munchkin and Spaz are tubby grey tabbies as well, with a bit of orange tossed in. Mouse is grey, darker grey and white. 
Now Friday I was asking my helper Judy a question and when I turned to leave her room all 3 kitties swarmed me, once I had my foot up to leave. In trying to step over kitties my foot landed on the case holding doll clothes… and I hit the floor in a spectacular face plant. 
 I laid sprawled on the floor for a bit taking stock. Everything hurt, my hands and knees stung, you know that burning scrape feeling. My toe really hurt and my shoulders throbbed. Slowly I sat up. Nothing seemed to be horridly wrong so I slowly rose to my feet. Other than achy pains I was ok. Nothing seemed out of place or broken there were no cuts just areas feeling stung and bruised. 
Over the course of the last few days the pain increased in my right shoulder. Today it seems a dull roar instead of an echoing crescendo. My foot seems fine too, I did pop my toe last night and after a resounding crack the pain almost instantly dissipated. WHEW! I was tired of limping! I did end up laughing at what my fall must have looked like. If I can’t laugh at myself, what is the point of being a klutz?? And to think, my name means Graceful Honey Bee… ummmm yeah that’s me….
I am back to doing my normal duties today. Being Monday that means laundry. 
Well the dryer is buzzing so time to go reboot the machines!
hugs y’all

A month???? Really????

Wow, almost a month has passed since I last posted! I really can not imagine why!
This month I read two more JoHannah Reardon books. Gathering Bittersweet and Redbud Corner.

First I will tell you about Gathering Bittersweet. Anyone who knows me knows I am big on pioneer and early Americana works. This book takes place about the time of the railroads so while not pioneer, it still fits in the eras of my interest.

Fay and Rachel are heading to Montana after their father dies, by way of their uncles farm in Illinois. A short stop for the summer ends up having life changing effects on both young women. The book was a very interesting read and I finished it quickly. the characters are engaging. She gives villains to grapple with as well as heroic acts. Always things are rooted firmly in God’s hands and prayer is a common act, not just a way out of dire circumstances. I really like that. I also like that her women have senses of humor. All too often Christian women are portrayed as dour and correct. Granted some Christians are that way. However looking at some things on this earth indicates our creator has a sense of humor, and so should we! Mrs. Reardon captures that very well. The plot is also realistic for the time period. 

The next book I read was Redbud Corner. This follows the tale of AH Ni or “Annie” as her American friends come to call her. Ah Ni is Chinese and here just for study. She has no time for anything other than her books and her work, especially not the “American” God her friend love so much.
This book was a departure for me. I have not read anything involving other cultures as a main theme. I have come across them as a sub plot in various stories but not as the main thing. For example Jane Kirkpatrick’s series, Kinship and Courage, speaks a touch about Chinese ideals in the 1800s. This was a first though in modern ideas.
My favorite part I think was seeing Ah Ni’s relationship with her mother. Mother’s are important to me and I like that Ah Ni was devoted to her’s. I also enjoyed watching her growth in social and other areas. 
Please give Mrs. Reardon’s books a read and let me know what you think! She has made my top 5 lists of favorite authors.
hugs y’all!

Changing things again…

With Judy having become my live in helper, I have decided to as much as possible turn the sewing room over to her.
I have taken back the breakfast room now that the old stove and gazelle unit are gone. The flooring pile will go back to its previous owner (we have had it for 4 years give or take and not used it… now he needs flooring so we are returning it to him!) The large Raggedy was my gift for Christmas from my friend with the 3 darling little girls. I adore her! She had a big silky ribbon, but I put that ways as it was inviting tug of wars with my kitties…

This is a nice sunny room and my rocker fits just perfectly!
I got this old rocker about 20 years ago. The lady that gave it to me had an oral history of it that went back 90 or so years. So if her history is true, and from the reactions I have seen on the faces of knowledgeable furniture restorers it is, this chair is over 100 years old. This rocker is so comfy. I love to sit in it and read! It is the perfect height for my short legs!

What do you think of my new office??
hugs y’all!

Crispens Point by JoHannah Reardon

I had the blessing of getting this book on my kindle. I love my kindle though honestly I still prefer hard copy books.
This story follows Charlotte Fyne as she begins her life in a new town. I loved how real the different peoples reactions to her came across. I also loved how she responded to her across the street neighbor. We all have people in our lives like the town folks.
As Charlotte lives out Christ before them they begin to glimpse that she is not what they thought.
Take the pastor of her church for example. Charlotte is a Christian romance writer. She stands by her career choice because “God created romance”. The pastor envisions all romances as bad influences on women and is determined to show Charlotte, from the pulpit the error of her ways.
However Charlotte is oblivious to the barbs being showered on her and agrees with the sermons much to the pastor’s chagrin.
Another totally awesome plot is Charlotte’s ability to reach out to tween and teen girls. This is an ability I wish I had. Charlotte admits to having been wild as a teen and uses her abilities to help the young girls learn the true meaning of romantic love.
Charlotte also have an exceptional relationship with her mother. I love the camaraderie between them, even when faced with devastating news.
In then end the world rights itself and Charlotte find the man God has planned for her.
I loved this book and intend to find more by this author. This one will be on my read again shelf. I see JoHannah Reardon becoming one of my favorite authors.
Check out her books, both in hard copy and on kindle!

Hugs Y’all

Happy New Year!

Yes I know I am a few days late. I have been busy getting things done around the homestead. I love calling it that even though there are no animals or at this point even a garden!
Christmas for us was good but had a tint of sad with mil not being here. I know she is happier with Jesus but we miss her still.
Judy made me a gorgeous apron! Her sewing skills are just totally amazing! Here are the dresses she made for my friends little girls:

The apron I made for my friend:

My goal for this year is to move toward more self reliance. I plan a garden again. Hopefully we can avoid hospitals this year.., Though next Monday I take my darling fil to the dr for a test on his heart. He may or may not get a pacemaker put in then. They come prepared to stay over night…
This week I am beginning to seriously watch what I eat and exercise. I am using My Fitness to do this. I down loaded the app to my Fire. yes Beloved blew the budget and got me a Fire!

 I do love it and can do most things on it that I do on my pc.
I also downloaded youversion, a Bible program. I plan to work on memorization this year. I want to memorize books of the Bible, not just bits and bobs. This program not only lets you read and take notes and follow Bible in a year plans, it will actually read it to you! I love that part.
Well I have decided to declutter. You know what that means. This time I have after careful thought and consideration decided to part with the old stove. It need way more work than I have skill or cash. Plus on reflection, there is just NO space for it in this house. With that, mil’s china cabinet and the freezer in the breakfast room there is just no space for a table… we NEED the freezer, table and I refuse to not have mil’s china cabinet, so the stove must go.
Also going is the gazelle exercise thing. It is just too awkward to use. Since I use Leslie Sansone’s walk away the pounds, I do not really need it anyway.
Well the charity shop’s truck will be here any minute so I best sign off for now!
Next time I will review a book I read by an author I just found, JoHannah Reardon. Which for some reason my kindle insisted was mrs. Fearsome…
See you in a day or two!
hugs y’all!