I am so Blessed!
The last couple of months have been a bit difficult. Dealing with the pain issues has not been easy. There have been good days and bad. However, while I am not totally pain free, there has been a huge reduction in my level of pain. Added to that there has also been a huge increase in my mobility, range of motion and energy level.
The last couple weeks got to me. I was feeling overwhelmed and sort of invisible.
Well I have been wanting to work on a specific Bible study. There is a Bible I wanted to get and so I began a search. I had money on amazon for it but could not find just the right combo of look, price and font size. I need a larger font to avoid headaches, even with my bifocals!
What I wanted was a leather look, in a feminine appearance, with large font for a price around $40. I could not find it on amazon. I found hardbacks with the larger font but no leather look, at least not for less than $75.
I took my search to local shops, Hastings and Family Christian where I found what I wanted but not in my price range. Finally I got what I call a temporary Bible. A paper back. It had decent font size, was portable and was only $6.
My Beloved was right beside me the whole way encouraging me to give details about what I wanted. The only one close on amazon was definitely a masculine choice.
So this week has been fun. Sunday, Mother’s day my boys came out and gave me an awesome card, with 2 gift cards inside! PT was not as hard as some weeks. My energy level in the mornings was good.
Wednesday I decided to so peruse Hastings. I had a gift card Beloved had given me long ago and wanted to use it. Wednesday was my birthday and I was a bit blue. I found the last book in a set I am collecting, for less than the $6 on the card! Woot! I went to visit my friend and her girls later that afternoon. That always cheers me up and wears me out!
Thursday I had PT. After that I went and got some grocery items. Then I did something I never do… I took myself out to lunch! Usually I will take my Beloved out but I never go out alone! I had free coupons for a place Beloved does not enjoy, so I went and had a huge lunch, which I brought 1/2 of home! That night fil took us out for dinner. To my fave Chinese place.
Friday I met my friend and her darling girls (I have adopted the whole family, I love them that much!) at the fabric store. Hancocks is one of my fave places to shop, next to Lowes home improvement store! From there we walked to Family Christian where I found my temporary Bible and some cute bookmarks. When they went on to do their errands and such I took Beloved to lunch and then finished groceries.
Saturday, now that was a rush. I took some claritin the night before and slept late on Saturday. Normally I am awake by 7 and out of bed by 730. Saturday i did not wake up until 9!
I got up and got started on laundry. By about 2 I had 4 loads done. Judy, our boarder got called into work. When Beloved got home we took her in then we came home and I laid down. I was totally worn out. Beloved had plans to take me out for my birthday dinner. After we stopped by our dear son’s home to see his new furniture.
We get to my boy’s house and… there are my boys, Judy and my dear friend with her darling girls all waiting for me! The girls were dancing around yelling surprise surprise! It definitely was one!
They had ordered my favorite pizza (ham and pineapple) from my favorite place (Pappa John’s). They even had gotten me an ice cream cake! I have never had an ice cream cake… from now on we will have that on all birthdays! It was amazing! They got it from HEB, the BEST grocery store in town!
We sat and visited and son’s other 2 room mates came in and joined the party. They are lovely young people!
Then my Beloved said time to open your gift! I did not expect a gift, knowing I was not invisible and in fact was quite loved was over flowing my heart as it was! Yet there was a gift! Under a mountain of tissue paper was the most awesome birthday gift ever! An ESV Bible, larger print, leather look, in chestnut and brown with more study helps than I have ever seen in 1 Bible in my life! It is gorgeous and perfect and as a bonus, comes with access to a Bible site specifically for use with the ESV! With studies and places to store notes and I have not even explored all of it. I was too tired when I got home last night. I did set up the account though, with Beloved oohing and aahing over it with me.
Now for the true impact of this gift to be understood you need to realize, Beloved does not share in my love of Bible study. he does not attend worship with me, though he supports me in my own pursuit. For him to walk into the Family Christian store and ask for help in finding the perfect Bible was a herculean task. He did this hard thing, for me, to show me that even through all my illness and struggle to become a healthy active person, he still loves me. There is I am positive not a better man on earth than my Beloved.
Wow writing it all out has made me a bit tired! I need to get ready for service and get my truck loaded with things for the youth groups sale next week.
My heart is so full you will just have to imagine how infinitely I am blessed. There are no words to describe it. I for once and speechless!
Hugs y’all