Whirlwind Weekend!



It began on Thursday with dinner with my Beloved fil. We go see him nearly every Thursday and we usually do dinner out. This time we went to the Chinese buffet and had a lovely evening!


Friday we had some shopping to do. Not Grocery but for things like doggie toys and speaker wire and such. We had supper at Outback. Man their shrimps have gotten really shrimpy in size! They were about quarter size. Over all not the best meal we have had there though the waitress was darling.


Saturday evening we met up with a PHer, Pink Carnation, and her hubby at Red Lobster. Now they KNOW coconut Shrimp there! After a leisurely, chat filled dinner we headed to Walmart for some more shopping.

This was such a special evening with friends. Sue Ellen and her hubby are very sweet folks and I enjoyed the joking and fun immensely! I am really in awe that some one drove here all the way from Dallas JUST to spend an evening at supper with me! Though the food was great the company was marvelous. I have not had so much fun at a meal in a long long time! It was awesome meeting a lady who is so much like me! I think we must be twins!


Sunday we planned to remain home, my allergies are killing me today! However youngest called and needed a package that had come for a business trip. So we piled Katy (my new puppy) into the car and headed off to deliver the cable.  Realizing Katy had not yet eaten we drove thru and got her a burger patty. We got taquitos and headed home so I could begin the turkey dinner for oldest son who was coming out for the afternoon.


Tomorrow my running continues as it is the last day of the adult literacy council books sale and I want to go see if I can find any more real Nancy Drews or GLH books! I will meet my buddy there and finish any grocery shopping I have left after ward.


Then I think I will stay home and sleep and rest in quiet pleasure devouring GLH, my own or any new ones for a week!


2 weeks ago when I got a puppy her name was Dipper. I really detested that name. When my son came over that Sunday he also did not like that name and said I should change it. He was right. So now my baby girl is named Katy.

My reasoning will sound odd but here it is.

Katy is Dachshund and Wire hair Terrier, or German and Scot. My grandmother, Katherine was a German who married a Scot.  I am told I dearly loved my gma but I do not remember, she died when I was 2. So in her honor I name my puppy that I dearly love, Katy. Because you see, I am also German and Scot, just like Katy.


So Friday Katy got a new RED collar with rhinestones and a bag full of toys and chew things. She also got a set of new bowls.  While wandering around Petsmart I began noticing “clothes” for dogs. I am ashamed of myself because I actually found myself thinking, aw she would look so cute in that… more than once! I am not one of those people who dress up their dogs! At least until now I never used to be…  Her main job with toys it seems is tearing into it until she can remove the squeaker. She is not content for a toy to remain unscathed until she gets the squeaker out. Then it becomes just a toy to be dragged around the house. I have stuffings every where.

That is how my weekend went and I really would not trade a minute of it. The allergy and headachy feeling yes but the time spent with friends and family over good food and the money spent on puppy stuff, not a bit!

Notice in pic 2 she is smiling… such a ham already! Definitely meant to be a spoiled puppy!

hugs y’all!


Fast and fun Friday.

Every one needs a fast fun meal time. It is late of an evening and you want a good meal. You are tired form a full day of home keeping and or kid wrestling. Trust me, I know! Both are real work. Even for me, with a new puppy and 4 cats trying to decide between war and peace, it can be a lot to handle! Some times odd things can make a meal more interesting. Wednesday we had pork chops. Pork chops are one of those things I have a hard time fixing just right. More often than not I choose something like a shake n’ bake to make them. I know I can make my own cheaper, but I never seem to get to it. What to serve with them becomes the issue. W.C. Fields once said Pork chops and applesauce. At least I think it was him. I LOVE pork chops and applesauce. However I had no apples and no sauce. I went to my local shop and the ONLY applesauce they had, its first ingredient was corn syrup, not even apples! YUCK! What to do? Hey what is this??? Comstock pie apples… read the label, NO corn syrup. Hmmmm So for supper we had shake n’ bake pork chops with green beans and baked apples. It was quick, easy and delicious!

Making dinner.

Each week I plan to post in a segment called In the kitchen with Mel. In this segment I will write a post about a meal I prepare for my family. I will include recipes if there are any!

This week is Chicken Nuggets. 

In general I like to cook from scratch. There are somethings though I just can not make well. In those cases I like to take a store bought item and remake it into something special.

Today I felt inspired to make a favorite meal for my Beloved MJ. I wanted something a bit special to finish off the meal too.

I found Alton Brown’s recipe for vanilla wafers. It is what I call a basic recipe. Easy to make and in general I have the ingredients on hand. However I was not looking to make cookies.


No I wanted a cheese cake. So I took Alton’s recipe and instead of making cookies with it, I lined 2 pie plates with it. Using it to make a slightly sweet soft crust. For the filling, I used simple Jello instant pudding. Pudding is one of those things I just have not mastered.


Beloved is a chocoholic. He is also diabetic. Since there is some sugar in the crust (3/4 cup makes both crusts) I made his a sugar free chocolate pie. Mine is a regular cheese cake pudding mix. Once the crusts cooled I added the filling. 


Now for the main course I decided on Mel’s fried chicken nuggets. I began making chicken nuggets way before McDonald’s did. I use only chicken breast now days and have tweaked the recipe over the years. 

To begin with I take an idea I learned from Giada. I used to hate the mess involved in making these nuggets. When watching her show one day I saw when she is breading she uses a gallon sized ziplock baggie.Eureka! Simple and no more mess! I loved it.


Plus I can mix the eggs spices and milk in the bag, add the chicken, mix it well and let it marinade in there for an hour or more (it depends on when I get started. Today it will marinade about an hour.


Then in another baggie I can mix my flour and spices, yes I spice it twice, and still have little or no mess!


My sides will be onioned  smashed spuds, green beans and corn. I know corn and spuds are both starches. However they are 2 things that were together when I was growing up and I can not separate them and feel satisfied now!


Now for my spuds the onioning is easy. I add a lot of onion powder to the cooking water. For beloved and I, I will use 2 baking potatoes. I use oleo and sour cream to make my potatoes. I personally prefer butter but Beloved likes oleo.

Once the chicken has marinated at least an our in the milk, egg and spices mix I take the chicken out and toss the bag with the goo in it. Yes that is my  technical term for it. I have my next gallon bag with flour and spices all ready to go and put the chicken in there. I zip it up, and clean my counter and hands. I start some oleo in a frying pan while I squish the chicken and flour mix together and make sure the chicken is really well coated.


Once the oleo has melts and starts to sizzle just a bit I begin dropping in chicken pieces. I let them set, checking back every little bi to see if they look golden yet. When one side is golden I turn them over. Note, if the chicken is still squishy, it is not ready to eat yet!


The end result is a meal that might take a bit more than 30 minutes, but it is definitely satisfying.


For this supper I used 3 decent sized chicken breasts which gave us plenty plus left overs. 

As well as a dessert that will get a wow!

40 Day Challenge

Folks there are only 40 days until the election.

No matter what side of the aisle you are on one thing we all agree on, America is in trouble!


In 2 Chronicles 7:14 God says : if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.


Well I have joined a site whose mission it is to pray for our country for the next 40 days and I am asking you all to join me.


Only God can save our country but he will only act if his people turn to him and ask him to!


Please join me in 40 days of Prayer.


Hugs y’all