A few pictures from Mel’s Place.


I know how folks prefer blogs with lots of pictures so I will do this post mostly of pictures and captions!

Going across in order (click for a bigger shot)

First is the Moonrise from last night.

2) is Mouse in my desk drawer.

3) is Bear on my sewing desk

4) is Munchie

5) is Spaz.

Now comes the FUN part!

1) My Christmas Beanies! All gathered around the Christmas Tree in my office.

2) Barbie in her jaunty Santa hat.

3) Raggedy Ann rocking it in a RED and white cow girl hat!

4) My office tree, tied down because certain member of the kitty house hold seem to think it is there job to tear it down.


5) The new tree we got last weekend. It is growing on me is all I will say about that.

6) another shot of the moon rise

7) My precious puppy, Katy outside with me watching the moon rise.


I hope you enjoyed the show!

hugs y’all!

NO, it has been a whirlwind week!

Well my whirlwind week has continued! As of tomorrow night I will have been in town EVERYDAY since last Thursday!

Monday was the book sale.

Tuesday I was notified I was a finalist in a contest I had entered. Beloved and I went to claim my prize but the folks that had the key to the prize room were not there!

So we had to go back tonight! When we got there tonight they said they again had not set it aside for me. They assured me it will be there tomorrow and said they wanted my picture with the coin.

Tomorrow is our weekly dinner with FIL. Then on Friday he leaves for a 2 week trip with my bil. They will be traveling all over Texas!


Oh yes, what I won… Well our cell phone company had a 25 year anniversary essay contest. You wrote out your story about how you became a customer or something about them you likes.

I wrote out our story and sent it in a couple weeks ago.


Tuesday I got a text saying I was a finalist and to come in and claim my prize!

My prize was a Silver Eagle coin! It is gorgeous! The gentleman told me it was pure silver too, not a mix like circulated coins are. A 1 ounce Silver coin!


I can not believe I won! True it is not the big prize (that was a coin, a Samsung tablet and lifetime data!) However the idea that some one, not a friend or family liked something I wrote enough to award it a prize is quite a boost in my normally quiet life!


Here is a link to the story!


Here is an online picture of the coin.