I have been in search of the perfect hand bag. I grab one now and then at yard sales. I want a RED one of course.

Not an orange one (sometimes with what “designers” call RED I wonder how they made it through kindergarten)

Not pink

Not that purple alligator stuff.

Simple, fire engine RED.

I saw one I liked that was sort of a Hawaiian design that was red and white flowers. I LOVED that. However it was on Antiques Road show, some gal standing in line had it.

So I began searching on line. Found one I liked but didn’t drool over… $92.87… Ummm no.

Most are now clutches. I want a shoulder bag with a strap that goes below my waist. (Makes a decent rest for my arm when my elbow acts up)

I have a great jean purse but… it is not RED!

I do not understand why Red is such a hard color to, for one get right and two, find!

Here are some I have looked at.

I like the size but there is no easy and safe place for my phone. I also carry my kindle and it needs its own spot too.

This one intrigues me. It has a pocket for my phone and my kindle should fit snugly. It is however a big girly for me, and i am rough on purses I tend to toss them into the truck or cart. I am not sure the ruffles will hold up long!

I love this one and it is divided inside so the Kindle has a place but again no spot safe for the cell phone.

Since I “inherited” my son’s old Galaxy S3 I am more careful of it. This is an expensive phone. Still over $300! I love it but sometimes I think it needs more fuss than I can handle!

Now just to find a price I can live with… I am a cheapskate after all.