In the kitchen with Mel… again!

Reviews of recipes from Light and Easy for Two by Lee Harvey and Helen Chambers.


I inherited this cookbook from my mother in law. When I did groceries this week I geared my list specifically to items in the recipes in it.


Last week I discovered I had the ingredients to make the lemon Chicken. We really enjoyed this one. One thing I do like is the amounts are listed for 2 people. If I need a bigger batch I can double or triple or what ever. That to me is easier than cutting recipes down for some reason.


Last night we had the tamale pie. I really liked the flavor. I was out of chili powder so I substituted Mrs. Dash southwest spice instead. I did not so much like the tamale inspired topping, and will in the future make corn bread on top instead.


This morning I made the Banana muffins. They were ok. Personally I felt they needed more bananas in them. I couldn’t taste it very well. Served with cream cheese instead of butter, a very nice treat!


Since I wrote about the muffins we have tried the Hamburger Stroganoff, though I do use sour cream not yogurt and we really liked it.

The vegetarian potato pizza was a huge hit though this last time (we have made it twice) Beloved added meat to his! I add cheese to mine but my vegan son just piles on the veggies and thanks me for a nice supper!


We did the Mushroom and wine white fish. I used cod and honestly was not happy with the lack of flavor. I will try it again and use more sauce ingredients next time.


We had last night the pork stroganoff. This was my first experience using red wine in cooking. I was really expecting it to be an overwhelming and … dark, or perhaps heavy tasting dish and was overjoyed when it was not. I really liked it.

I will post more recipes as we try them.

What’s cooking on your homestead?