Book Review: Waiting for Summer’s Return.


I have been reading many Grace Livingston Hill books over the last several weeks. I am a HUGE GLH fan. Some times though I just need something else.

I love stories of those who came before. My idea of a contemporary story is more 1930s than 2000s. I do have a few, very few contemporary books. I just do not read them much.

So while deciding which GLH book to peruse next I decided to look for more of her work on Kindle and stumbled on author Kim Vogel Sawyer. Why she was listed under GLH I do not know, but I am glad she was!

This story is set on the Kansas prairie in the 1800s. I am guessing late 1800s though no date is given. It is set in the Mennonite community of Gaeddert. One thing I enjoyed was the bits of “low German” sprinkled throughout the book. My grandmother was a 1st generation American, her parents having come over from Germany in the late 1800s. She spoke low German. Though Grandmother or grossmutter passed when I was a toddler she must have spoken some phrases to me. I feel comforted when I hear or read it spoken. The reasons given for the men in the book to have left Germany is the same reason my grossvater and his brothers left Germany. Forced military service.

In this story, Summer Steadman is left alone in the town of Gaeddert. Her husband and children had become ill and died on the way to Oklahoma territory. Summer is alone, or is she? Is God still there or has he left her too? Did she ever really know God to begin with?

Peter Ollenburger is the town miller and a widower of 5 years. His son Thomas has been badly hurt and is in need of a tutor. Perhaps Frau Steadman will work out. It will solve her problem of a place to stay, in a shack on his farm, and his need to make sure his son gets the studies he needs to become more in life than his father. 


Though the town disagrees, Peter shows more understanding and living out of God’s words than many of the upstanding church citizens do.


All in all a great read and once I am through with my next GLH cycle, I will be considering more by this author!