Successful Yard Sale



I don’t know what others consider a success. I read the books on them and folks make $200 or more at them. I cleared over $100, spent a day with my best friend and her family and had fun. After the sale Beloved came and loaded up my empty totes. (All unsold items went to a charity store). I took him to lunch and spent my afternoon in a nap!


The down side was I got over heated and felt a little sick for a couple of days. Other than that it was awesome. I got rid of a lot of stuff I finally admitted I would never use. Other folks got bargains on things they liked or maybe even needed.


I took 12 totes and came home with one less than ½ full.

Still feeling the loss of my Father in Love. I am afraid I will be feeling this for a long while yet.


This weekend we head to his house for round 2. I think once we get these things done it will be easier to work through the missing him.


My youngest son had a car accident the night of the viewing. He has been told his car is not repairable…. So now he is looking at getting a new to him car. He and his dad visited the first dealer last night and the one thing they walked away with was, they will not look there. The sales people were rude. This son also begins a new job in September. He is my baby boy and he will turn 26 this year!


My oldest son is doing well. He actually asked for help in cleaning his house the other day and has managed to get his roommates to help him keep it clean!


Can you tell I am proud of my sons? The Lord has blessed me richly with my family.


So how are things on your homestead?

Hugs y’all

Life is rough.



This year is better than the last several or it was until 3 weeks ago.

One of the greatest men of this century died 3 weeks ago.

 David Paul Frizell SR. went home to the Lord.


He left behind 4 children and their families to grieve his passing.


Dad had been sick for a long time and is now whole again with God and his bride.


For us we begin a new phase of life. One with out the patriarch of the family.


We have to move on with out the advice and love we knew dad always had ready for us.

For me it means submersing myself in home keeping and beginning in earnest to build up my online business on Etsy and Amazon.

As well as my sewing and blogging again.


Right now I am going through things and getting ready for a yard sale with a friend of mine on the 17th. It will be a crafters haven, with fabric and notions and books and patterns and… I don’t know what all yet! I do know I am not adding in any clothes!

I can’t stand those sales that advertise clothes. I rarely go to those. To me that tells me the sale is mostly clothes, which I can rarely use or wish to dig through!


I still miss dad. Oh man do I miss him. I find myself thinking during my days at least once of something I wish he could give me his thoughts on. I still see his last message to me on my phone; I can’t bring myself to delete it. How sappy is that? I just can’t do it though.


I do plan to work on this blog more and begin writing more like I used to. I also, once I clear the chaos that is my sewing room, plan to begin again the sewing  blog posts I used to do and cooking ones too.


My phone now takes great pictures, though some times it freezes and refuses to cooperate! Either way I plan to once again become a presence online. There will be more Bible study posts too. I am working on one now that is taking some extra thought and research.

Hugs y’all!