Where are God’s people?


I keep seeing disturbing news reports. Not about foreign affairs either.

These things are happening right here at home in the land of the free and the home of the formerly brave. Our fore parents came here in large part to found a country where we could practice our Christianity without punishment. This has changed.


The news reports I am seeing deal with things the world does not see as important, or even things the world has decided  we as Christians need to accept and shut up about.


A bakery is closing. Why? Because it doesn’t have the support it needs from the Christian community. A group of activists gets to celebrate because they won a victory over Christ. How sad is that? People say they trust God, but when a thug confronts them and says they can’t follow him, they slink away like mice.


Why is it activists for satan can gather large crowds and the church stays away? Why are Christians not pushing through the crowd in support and solidarity with the bakers, the photographers and others who are being threatened and sued and charged with crimes because they take their Faith seriously in ALL aspects of their life? Personal and business.


Remember how strong the church, the true church, not the denominations we each claim, is. God says the church itself, is so strong the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. So why are we letting the bullies on the block hold us down?

I don’t care what steeple you worship under. If you are sanctified by the blood of Christ you need to get your armor on and prepare to fight.  The church has grown weak, begun to think like and accept the world’s ideas of peace. For too long we have heard meek and mild when Christ himself was strong and fierce when confronting sin. He was not meek in the temple, was he?  There can be no peace between the sons of satan and the church of God. 


It seems to me too many Christians have misplaced their fear. Their fear is aimed at the government, activist groups, thugs, terrorists. They have forgotten their God is the only one worthy of their fear and if they are his, he will protect them. Granted this does not mean physical protection necessarily but we are told not to fear him who can destroy the body, but him who can destroy both the body and the spirit. Who can do that? God.


God will be the victor, we have to make a choice, will we join him, or be against him, there is no other option.