What is a Keeper at Home Really?

Dishes 1

Tit 2:3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behavior as becomes holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;
Tit 2:4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,
Tit 2:5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

To understand this command we need to go back through history and find out what a “Keeper” is.
This word is used as far back in the Bible as Abel and Cain. Abel was a keeper of livestock. Cain is noted as a worker of the field. It is interesting to me how the animals needed a keeper but the land needed a worker. It denotes a difference to me between a keeper and a worker. Not a downgrade but a difference.
The word keeper is used 21 times in the Bible. God himself says he is a keeper. The word keepers is used also 21 times. So this raises the question, what is a keeper? Obviously a keeper is a person of some importance; because they follow in a job God has himself.
noun \ˈkē-pər\
: a person whose job is to guard or take care of something or someone
: something or someone that is worth keeping: something or someone that is good, valuable, etc.

So according to Webster a keeper is a guard, a protector. Further the synonyms for keeper are listed.
custodian, guardian, guard, lookout, minder, picket, sentinel, sentry, warden, warder, watch, watcher, watchman
Related Words
observer, patrol, spotter, surveillant, watchdog; bodyguard, convoy, defender, escort, honor guard; gatekeeper;

Wow, this doesn’t sound as simple as modern people make it seem. Most now think of stay at home wives and mothers as simple servants. There to cook and clean and wipe noses. From God’s word we learn that while it is that, it is so much more!

A wife and mother is a defensive position. There to defend and protect the family from the world’s influence. If the wife and mother fail, the family will fall into the muck and mire of the world.

Feminists tout the choice they fought to give us. Yes they did. They gave us the choice to abandon our post. The choice to put ourselves above our family. Something God never intended.
Dishes 2

Does this mean a wife and mother cannot have a career? NO! In fact it means if there is a choice between dependence on handouts from the world and a job, they should get the job.

woman 1187
Modern translations translate the word keeper for the different word worker. Let’s look at the dictionary definition of worker.

noun \ˈwər-kər\
: a person who does a particular job to earn money
: a person who is actively involved in a particular activity
: a person whose job does not involve managing other people

Synonyms are:
drone, drudge, drudger, fag, foot soldier, grub, grubber, grunt, laborer, peon, plugger, slavey, slogger, toiler, slave
workhorse; coolie, serf

Hmmm how does the world see stay at home wives and moms? How often are we equated with slaves, doormats and so on? God’s purpose for us is so much higher! We are workers yes but so much more than that!
The word worker appears 1 time in the King James Bible. Denoting a man who King Solomon chose to work on the brass for the temple.

I got an eyeful in looking up the word workers in the Bible. It is mentions 27 times. Most of those in company with the words “of iniquity”.

While I don’t generally prefer the KJV over any other Bible, in this case I do. For one I believe that since they spoke Latin and I believe that was the first “foreign” language into which the Bible was translated they have a closer connect with it. Two, well God would not place someone associated with iniquity in a place of honor and importance. However, I also believe God is as strong and able to protect his word today as he was when the Apostles were preaching.

Home keeping is not supposed to be a prison sentence. We have important work to do and while some of us may have more added on, like a career, we cannot shirk our duties as home keepers. Even though some of us may have servants to help, a nanny or a cook or whatever as a keeper, we are to be on top and managing what they do. Just as the P31 lady did in her home.

Modern Bible teachers say she was a composite of several women and not just one. I disagree. Our fore mothers did all she did out on the open prairie. Many raised things and made things and sold or bartered them for things they needed. All while cooking, cleaning, teaching (home school was big out on the prairie, as I think it should be today) gardening, weaving, knitting sewing, you get the idea and taking care of their husbands.




So what makes us so vastly inferior today? Well I would venture many of us spend less time in the word and on our knees than our fore mothers did. Today we spend more time in the world than in the word. EVEN the stay at home ladies. They have clubs and meetings and errands galore. Moms are busy taking kids to this or that.



I wonder, if all those activates were some form of Bible school, would we be rushing so hard to get to them? Back then the big source for entertainment was the church. There were hymn sings and potlucks and so forth. Today we have bands to entertain us during worship service. Back then people lived their Faith. Today it seems to be put on a shelf and dusted off weekly, or less often.

That is why folks try to minimize the role of the keeper at home, the guardian of the family, not the door mat and drudge.

Wives and mothers need to be beacons of hope, teaching God’s word, strengthening their families bond with the Lord. Not slaving and taking orders.

I invite you to go through and study on your own the biblical difference between a keeper and a worker. Read all 80+ verses on the words keeper, worker, keepers and workers. Pray and ask God to show you how to become a keeper of your home. Trust me, when we stand up and retake our rightful place, we will see a change. In our hearts, in our homes, in our nation.

Hugs y’all.

10 things about me

1) I have been married to the love of my life for 29 years.
2) I take my Faith seriously but not religion.
3) My second favorite flower is the Rose. My first is the Lilac which will not grow here.
Gift fron my yard 2

Gift from my yard1
4) I love to cook.

Calzone 2
5) I enjoy sewing. (Though I have not done any lately, I need to remedy that)
6) I can’t stand movie theaters. I need to do something else while watching tv. Sew, Knit, read anything but just sit there and stare at the tube.
7) I like old things. I prefer used things like dishes and table linens to new. I like to imagine the family dinners and things they have been part of.

8) I enjoy history, mostly ancient or pioneer eras
9) I like Genealogy
10)Though I am 90% utilitarian, I have my girly side too. I love dolls and old linens and old fashioned books (Grace Livingston Hill is my favorite writer!)
Mels girly side1

Mels girly side 4


Dolls1Mrks girly side 3
What are things folks don’t know about you?
Hugs y’all

Happy Family, Mel style!

Last night for supper I wanted Chinese food. Out of all styles of cooking, Chinese is my favorite.
I love making “Happy Family”. I do it somewhat different than most recipes, though I follow the sauce recipe here:
Easy Asian cooking
The rest I make up as I go along.
I generally use pork, chicken, beef, mixed veggies and shrimp. Last night I did not like the chicken I had in the freezer so I chucked that and just went with the pork, beef and shrimp.
First I chop the beef and pork. I generally used thin sliced cuts (In this case it was pork chops and round steak) I buy a bigger pack and divide it up into meal sizes.
I set it aside in the marinade mix. (I substituted Thai sweet chili sauce for the sweet soy sauce.) I do not marinade the shrimp.
Next I begin cooking the rice. By the time it is done the rest is close to done as well. I use Thrive instant rice. I love Thrive products! Often when making rice I will use broth, last night I used water seasoned with a large tablespoon of Mrs. Dash. (My hubby said he could smell the garlic in it all the way to his truck!)Hf2
I begin heating my oil in the wok. This time I used a new stove top wok/pan I got from the Kitchen Collection store here in town. The Kitchen Collection My son Chris bought me their large skillet for mother’s day this year and I now want a full set. It is Tivoli Zero and it is the best pan I have in my kitchen! (gasp even beating out my cast iron!)
I add the veggies to the pan first, they are chunkier and will take longer to cook than the thin meats.
By now the rice water is ready for the rice. I set it aside to cook on and unheated burner.
I make the “brown” sauce, tweaking a bit as I go and add it to the veggies.
I add the meat to the veggies, reserving the shrimp for last. I buy my shrimp precooked (great for salad!) so it only needs to be heated through.


Once the shrimp is warm I add in the seasoned rice.
there you have it, a happy Family, in more ways than one!

What meals make your family happy?
hugs y’all

Sausage Skillet Supper

Last night I made a family favorite.
Sausage Skillet. I take these ingredients:

Sausage supper 1

I use the veggie (or chicken if I have extra) broth and use that in place of water to cook the wild rice.

Sausage supper 2

Sausage supper 3

I set the corn to drain.
Sausage supper 4

Then I break up the lump of sausage.

Sausage supper 5

Sausage supper 6

I cook it until it is well browned.

I add in the corn.
Sausage supper 7

By this time the rice is usually done and I mix it in and mix it well so the sausage is smaller bits mixed with the rice and corn.
Sausage supper 8
That is the whole thing.

Beloved says he would be very happy if I made this 4 or 5 times a week…. Ummmm maybe I can manage it 2 times, just for him!
Hugs y’all!

Busy Saturday!

I got up about my normal time. I took care of Katy, jumped on the pc to check the classifieds, did my swag bucks stuff. Then I jumped in my newly repaired and no longer squealing and leaking truck and headed to town.
My first stop was HEB where I gathered my groceries for probably the next 2 weeks. Well for most things anyway. I need to separate and freeze the meats.
Then I went to what we call Harrison house. This is a house we looked at and I have fallen in love with. The lady there was having a garage sale and I had seen something I wanted when I was there Tuesday.
I bought more than I expected. I replaced a torn lamp shade. Found a board game that sounds fun (Are YOU Smarter Than a 5th Grader???) I also got a bunch of good quality but mismatched dinnerware; mainly I got it for the small forks which we have lost all but 2 of in our sets. Once we decide to move or stay we will decide on getting a good matching set once again.
Then I saw this:

It comes with these:

Plus 2 more.

For $50! Now designers call this midcentury modern. I just thought it was cool and I LOVE drop leaf tables. It was bought in 1960 and the lady running the sale told me about her family and was sad no one wanted it. She and her sister did not have room for it and the realtor needed the home totally empty.
It came home with me for $40. I waited there for Beloved until he could come in his truck to pick it up. Mine was already full of groceries! While I waited I chatted with the ladies and learned about the house and the neighborhood. Now I really love the house. She told how the neighbor, a 90 year old lady a year or so ago drove through the front room and destroyed the hutch that went with the table set. Along with the family china and piano. About how her dad had the house built on what was then a quiet dirt road and how the man that built the business my Beloved now works for used to live in the house behind it and she remembers his children.
Then Beloved arrived and it was a flurry to get the set loaded and get off home before the rain, which ended up never coming!
We got home and unloaded everything then went for a drive back around town looking at different neighborhoods and see what we liked or didn’t about them. We had lunch at the Asian Buffet, mediocre Chinese food but there is no good Chinese food anywhere in town. Then we came home and crashed! I actually fell asleep for a couple hours. Then we went to Fishers because Beloved has a head cold and wanted something to help with it, and tomatoes! How could I forget tomatoes?

Anyway, here is the set in my breakfast room. I am looking forward to breaking it in today!

Table with chairs

Fall table

Hugs y’all!

A wonderful Thursday.

Yesterday I meet up with my youngest son’s girl friend. Our day began with lunch (which really since neither of us had eaten breakfast was brunch!) at McAllister’s deli, one of my fave shops and they offer a wider variety of vegan fare than most places here as well! We went all over town looking “with all our eyes” (as LIW would say) at things in the mall and Hobby lobby and down town at Eggemeyers and Concho Confetti.
We discovered San Angelo Aquatics, a salt water fish store. It was kind of creepy in there, very dark and we were the only visible humans. I told her we better leave before some creepy monster came out of the back room and ate us.

I finally released her from my custody about 430! Poor girl put up with me from 11 to 430! Then I took my truck, which was squealing embarrassingly loudly all day to the garage and dropped it off.
Beloved picked me up and we went to one of his favorite places, Cork and Pig for supper. The food was great!
C&P slawand roast beef

C&P Fries
Last night the music was too loud and was… not enjoyable. Give me plain old simple rock and roll instead of amateur blues please.
I wish we had a 50’s themed place. That would be fun I think!

The day ended with a quick trip to Wal-Mart to get some things I am out of and then home to crash exhausted into our chairs and watch Wheel. Is it sad that I DVR Wheel of Fortune? I really enjoy the puzzles!

Today I am sore but I am still glowing from the blast I had yesterday!
Hugs y’all!

One of my best Saturdays.

Yesterday my Beloved and I took a trip to Brownwood Texas. We went because one of my PH sisters was going to meet us there. She lives in … North Richardson… I think up near Dallas.
Suellen met us at the Section Hand Steak House. First of all it was awesome to see her. She is such a sweet delightful person to be around! Unfortunately her Beloved could not attend.
We got so busy chatting and showing off pictures of our families, we kept forgetting to look at the menu! When we settled down a bit we finally did order. I must say here and now, they really know how to do a great medium well steak! Their fries are awesome too. With your meal you also get an unlimited salad bar. For a finish we ordered coconut cream pie. It too was wonderful!
After a long, delightful lunch we all jumped into MJ’s truck and went off antiquing. I must say I have not had so much fun or spent quite so much antiquing in a long time!

I noticed right away there is a key concept they understand there that folks here in Angelo need to get down. It doesn’t matter what the book says, your prices need to entice customers to buy, not give them sticker shock! I think sometimes folks out here believe their things are coated in gold.
At the first stop I found an awesome small rocker for my dolls. It was amazing and such a good deal:

This adorable chair was only $5! It would have been at least $25 here.

I also added to my Raggedy collection with this sweet little girl:Small Raggedy2

She was only $2! Her face needs a bit of a cleaning but she is sweet anyway.

I also found this small milk/juice bottle:
Old Bottle
Looking closely you can see it is beginning to turn purple. I spent $3 on this.

I found at the next place a doll for a friend who may read this so I can not post a picture. I found 3 for her for better prices than I find them here in Angelo. The prices at this place were closer to that of Angelo and all I bought was this one thing which was in a mark down bin.

The 3rd stop was a deep warehouse filled with lots of stuff, some cool most junk, and tons of… dust!
I did find a few items here though.
A vintage 70s Nancy Drew book, one I have never read! :

For $2. Now I must say the folks here, get the newer ones, With the shiny yellow covers and price them at $8.95, the cost of a new one in a regular bookstore. I collect these vintage ones which I rarely see or can afford here.

I also found the cutest utensil holder at this shop, it is a grandma with the utensils held in her bustle.
Gramma holder

Gramma face
For $3! She was too cute not to bring home!

The last stop was a really cool store. I found a hoosier cabinet that I would LOVE to have but with things are uprooted as they are at this time, buying it was not doable though the price was not bad.
I also found a white Face spangle Beanie, and… one I had never seen, a blue face:

I also found a complete set of a red, a white and a blue Liberty. I had only ever seen a mini beanie of this one. I collect red, white and blue beanies, and any of the bears that strike my fancy.


These were $5 each. More than I normally pay but these were all ones I do not have and wanted to complete sets I have.

I also found another Raggedy:
Large Raggedy 2

Large Raggedy

She is homemade and needs a good cleaning but she was just too pretty not to bring her home. She was $8!

I love antiquing with my Beloved but to have a girlfriend along was such a pleasure! I really want to have my friend move here to Angelo, I can just imagine us strolling the down town area in an afternoon stopping at a little café (of which I see many but have never visited any!) for a coffee or lunch.

I felt bad for my darling Beloved; he just hung back and chauffeured us around and let us do our thing. There was not much for him to get excited about there.

On the way down we drove through a darling little place we must go back to, Santa Anna Texas. It had some pretty cool looking shops as we drove through, but we wanted to meet Sueellen for lunch on time so we did not stop.

My one regret is, we got so busy enjoying each other I forgot to take any pictures of the trip!

This picture is of a dolly I got last week. She was too cute to pass up!
toddler raggedy

Hugs y’all!

Using left overs

The other day I posted how I used a tip from Semi homemade to make meal prep later in the week easier.

Well after that meal I made Runza. Runza is a German meat pie. However instead of doing the traditional, with sausage and kraut, I use pizza fillings or things like turkey and cheese.

I took some of the bell peppers and mushrooms from the Chinese supper and added ground beef, tomato sauce, onions and cheese.

The celery became my lunch, I was just craving celery for some reason! I love its crispness.




Copy of FB_IMG_13814416701250098



Then last night I made Shepherd’s Pie, again not the traditional version with peas and carrots. This one used up the last of the left over peppers and onions, about ½ the left over ground beef, the shrooms. To those I added 2 small cans of salsa (bought at a dent and ding sale at HEB for .25c a can) 2 cups of instant mashed potatoes, which I made up as garlic potatoes and 1 ½ cup of cheese.
Cooked for 30 minutes in a 400 degree oven. So preps for 1 night, helped create 3 home cooked meals.

Sheperds pie1

Sheperd's pie 2

Shepherd's pie 3

what’s cooking at your place?
hugs y’all!

2 Wok Supper

I love Chinese food. Well American versions anyway. Don’t bother getting me to try squid or fish head soup.
So last night I decided I wanted some. The problem with living in a middle of no where place is… there is no really good Chinese food. There is acceptable, but not good. Also, there is no delivery. A bonus for the bank account!

I prefer lo mien to rice. So I decided to do a beef and pork low mien with egg rolls and crab rangoon.
First I set my noodle water to boiling. I added a pinch (a real pinch not a hand full like on the cooking shows) of salt and 2 tbs of olive oil to the water.
Then I began prepping the other things.
I must pause a minute to say I used to love watching cooking shows. I still do but my current passion is home repair/décor/diy stuff.

So I used hints from 2 of my favorites. Rachel Ray (I used to not be able to stand her hyper and chipmunk like voice but she has matured and I can watch her show now) A garbage bowl. I always use one now and it saves so much time and trip to the trash can!

The other tip I used was not for this dinner but for the dinner I will make in a day or 2. I prepped all my veggies and set aside those for a different meal. This tip, is common sense but I like that Sandra on Semi Homemade uses it.
Ok so while my water works itself up to a good boil I chop
Mini baby carrots
Red, orange, yellow and green bell peppers.
Boneless thing pork chops
Steak (I used sirloin because it was what I had on hand)
Linguine noodles






Cream cheese
Won ton wrappers
I gathered my onion powder
Garlic powder
Soy sauce
And sweet Thai chili sauce

By this time the water was boiling.
I set my oven to 425.
Broke my noodles in ½. (This makes them easier to handle when eating)
Got out wok 1 and added olive oil and let it heat for a minute, This wok will be cooked in layers. Carrots first.
Beef (Add in 2 tbs of sweet chili sauce here)
This is roughly in order of what it takes to fully cook each thing.


While that is cooking and the noodles are cooking I being my crab Rangoon.
I open my cans of crab and set to drain.
I put my 8 ounces of cream cheese (soft now from sitting out in a heating up kitchen) into a bowl and add 1 tsp of onion powder and 1 tbs of garlic (you can use fresh I just didn’t have any)
I mix that up add in ½ tsp of low salt soy sauce and 1 tsp of Worcestershire sauce.
Then add in the crab.


I set out 3 won ton wrappers, fill with mix and wrap. I made 9 of these. I put them in the oven for 12 minutes.




By now my noodles are ready for step 2.
I get out my other wok and add some olive oil and let it begin to heat.
I drain my noodles and add them to the wok. I add in some soy sauce. Not sure how much I just poured some in until it looked right.


I ended my cooking by putting some store bought egg rolls in the microwave and this was our supper: