Something on my mind.

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I have been reading about this brouhaha over what Phil Robertson said.
Now usually about this time there is a big brouhaha over when Christ was born.
It doesn’t matter so much what “they” decide to make a fuss over; the attack is on Christ and his followers.

Here is my stand. I am a Faith filled, Bible based conservative Christian.

I believe Phil Robertson is correct in calling sin sin. I believe he answered a direct question to the best of his ability. The issue as usual is folks wanting to be their own boss and not submit to God. That is NOT Phil’s problem; it is on the backs of those who chose not to obey God. The reason they make Phil (or whoever) their target at the moment is, they can’t get God to submit to their abuse. They rail at God and God just doesn’t pop down to take it on the chin for them. (He is God, he doesn’t HAVE to take guff from humanity)

Christmas is also “in doubt”. I do not celebrate it as a religious holiday. Why? Because while the Bible gives us all the info needed to believe in the birth of the Christ, it remains silent on the when. It tells us who (Mary, Joseph, Jesus and company in Luke 2) It tells us how (virgin birth) It tells us where (City of David) and it tells us why. (To save His people from their sin) However it does not say when. When doesn’t matter, the fact that he was born does. Even regular old historians like Josephus do not doubt that he was born.

I also will not find fault with those who do celebrate his birth at this time of year, or in July or when ever. Why? Because in Colossians we are told not to (Colossians 2).

What it boils down to is either we use the BIBLE as our guide book to serving God or we don’t. If we do, then we HAVE to support Phil Robertson’s statements. Why? Because they come straight from the book itself. Flatly stated with NO ambiguity what so ever. More than once and not just in the New Testament, but in both the Old and new.

So how is it some “Christians” oppose Phil? Because they have allowed their religion to corrupt their Faith. Faith takes the Bible as the inerrant word of God. Religion allows for it to be interpreted based on the mores of humanity at the time.

I am a person of Faith, not a product of religion. God tells us religion; true religion is the care of widows and orphans in their time of need. (James 1) Religion is supposed to be a work of Faith, not a label that divides people of Faith into groups that try to declare themselves the true believers.

One thing Christians and non alike need to understand. God never gives us permission to judge or condemn the people in sin. We don’t get to go out and bully them. Call them names or otherwise harass them. We are to give the message (this is sin, Christ is the way out). Jesus says if they accept it, great. What does he say to do if they do not? WALK AWAY. Wipe the dust of their life off your feet and move on. Don’t stop them don’t harangue them, walk away.

What does this mean? It means that those yelling and screaming about it being sin and name calling and waving fingers are also in sin. We are commanded to quietly, peacefully state the facts, make the case and then go away. No arguing, no continual barrage of truth, nothing. Make the case and move on.

Hugs Y’all