What a ride Holiday!

Whew! The holidays were busy here how about at your place?
We began on Christmas eve when we took our kids (Drew, Chris and his girl Courtney) out to dinner. Then we went to see the lights. I have pictures some place but can not find them now.
We were enjoying the lights when we saw movement. As we looked a family of deer bolted past the truck and off into the night. This was in town too, not out here where we live. We followed the sound of howling dogs until we totally lost them. We then went back to watching the lights.

Christmas morning I got up and began the cooking that I had not gotten to on Christmas eve.
The presents were almost as tall as the tree. The guys (My Beloved MJ, Drew and Chris) got me a new laptop and it is taking me time to get used to it.

We did dinner differently. I cooked it here and the kids came out and opened gifts. Then we carved and dished up and hauled it all to Drew’s. Our home is just not suited to having company over.
We had a good time with food and family. It was exhausting but awesome too.
The next evening Chris arrived with the moving truck and parked it. It was late and we headed to outback for dinner. Courtney and her mom were not up to it and so stayed at home. Drew’s friend James came with for dinner.

Friday Chris, Courtney and her mom left for Lubbock. Saturday we along with Drew moved their plunder after them. Their house is really nice. It is what is on my dream list. The only difference is i do not want a duplex!
Chris was reunited with his kitty Spaz and they all seem to be getting along well.

I am excited to begin the new year. I am looking forward to building this blog and rebuild my businesses. I plan to seriously attend estate sales to find treasures to ebay as I used to do a few years ago.

We went out to do a bit of shopping on new year’s eve. When we got home as Beloved was bringing something in when he heard yelling out at the road. He went out to check and I followed shortly after. A neighbors dog had gotten loose and had attacked a small boy on a bicycle. The child was badly bitten on is foot. Beloved called the emts and sheriff. We are not sure how things have worked out but we do know the youngster needed stitches in his foot. I do not like the dog. She used to try to get at me when I was cleaning the yard near her fence. I don’t think she is mean just very territorial.
Well that is how our 2013 ended and our 2014 has begun.
I hope you years worked as well!
hugs y’all