Ever Have one of those days?


Well I have been having one of those years! From allergies to pain management!

My goals are ever changing. Right now my main goal is to pack up this house and be prepared to move when we find our new one.

My Beloved and I are looking for just the right one. It can have some projects, but we don’t want one that needs everything!

Once we get moved and settled I will be back to sewing and cooking again.

I am cooking tonight. Meat loaf, au`gratin potatoes and green beans.

Today I plan to do laundry and begin packing up excess kitchen stuff. I have a lot of kitchen stuff and I don’t use all of it every day!

I also need to pack somethings from my office, my family Bibles will be surrounded by raggedies. This will get both packed and make a fairly light box!

Right now I need lunch.
Ham and cheese and chips.
hugs y’all!