There are several things that have been getting on my nerves lately.


I meander all over the web. I read a lot of stuff, from news to personal opinion pieces. Several things have come to my attention lately that irk me. These have been building for a while but I never focused on them enough to put them into words.

One of them is the attitude I have seen voiced like this. Stop letting your Faith interfere in your logic. Basically ignore that which makes you what you are and see things my way. Depending on the person this could be on any topic from minor theft (such as getting back too much change and keeping it) to adultery (they made me do it…) to gay marriage, to abortion. Generally every time this statement is made it is in support of something negative. Where the person is trying to assume some right to do something against the laws of God and expecting us to condone such activity if not allow ourselves to be complicit in it.

Folks call looking at all things through Faith a narrow vision. Well… If it is so easy for you to say to me, quit “hiding” behind your Faith and so forth, why don’t you quit hiding behind your mask? Right now being gay is somewhat of a popular thing. At least from all the press it is getting and the celebs (admittedly many of them I have never heard of and some I wish I never had) supporting it and all. From my view behind my Faith you have the right to live your life without assistance (ie interference) from me. I should have that same right. However if I cross you I can be sued.

I don’t need to “get out more” “away from” those who share my views thank you. I have lived among folks like that most of my life. Worked among them too. I have seen their lives and did not like what I saw. Divorces, drunkenness, drugs, affairs. Destroyed lives all while trying to find happiness. No thanks. I have found true happiness and it doesn’t involve partying, sex or alcohol. I have been told by folks living “out” and “away” from Faith that I am one of the most well adjusted people they know. They also know they can count on me for honesty, straight talk and help if needed. All done kindly and if necessary firmly, but all done in love and in the name of God. As I told one person who gushed about an act of kindness I did, it wasn’t me. I mess up every blessed day and when I happen to get it right, it is just Christ shining through my cracks.

The thing folks who do not have Faith do not understand, or rather choose to ignore is, those of us who do make a vow to live by Faith, have a ruler, higher than any human court, a judge who is implicitly righteous and a book given to us to follow. In this book we are told that Faith is to rule our life, we are to eat, sleep and breath it every moment. We cannot turn it off when it becomes inconvenient. People of the world have it easy, they do not have to obey the tenets of this book. So why be a person of Faith if it makes you harsh according to the rest of the world? Because friend, if people of Faith are correct, as I believe we are, there is a God who CARES what we do. He tells us to do everything we do to his glory. EVERYTHING. There will be an afterlife when we must answer to him. In this case it is much better to strive to live by Faith and let men think us fools than not. If the men are right and mankind is it and there is no afterlife, then well we lived lives as good people and did what we could to be solid and moral and we lost nothing in the living. Once we are dead if you laughed at us or called us names and so on, we won’t care anymore.

Another thing that has begun to irk me is all this freedom from religion stuff. As if we have to prove God’s right to exist. In THIS country we have the right to practice our Faith as we are commanded. The USC guarantees us this right. It gives us freedom OF religion not freedom FROM religion.

Another one is folks asking for things then crying when folks make demands on it. Look if you want my money for something you will have to follow my rules to get it. For example this birth control mandate. No one is saying you can use methods we don’t like. We are just saying WE won’t pay for them. There is no USC guarantee to birth control. Or marriage, or food and shelter and so on. Ah ha some will say you don’t want to help the poor! Ah but yes I do. I do so through my church which helps run an outreach by which the poor get food and clothes and other assistance, with NO government gun to our heads to provide it. This is done for GOD not for government.

This last one has bugged me for years. It is the dumbing down of God. People are more and more seeing God as their buddy, a big huggy teddy bear that will love them and take care of them even when they walk away from him. Jesus is seen as the big brother who will cover up all our misdeeds. I have seen him referred to as JC, and not in the way the Bible speaks of him. Gone is the reverence we once had for God. This is making it easier for the world to discount him and water down his message. After all if folks in the various denominations and religions think so little of God that they believe they have to host entertainments under the guise of worship, then why should the world care? If Christians are doing things to mimic what the world calls a good time, why should the world change?

After all this is how we got easter and Christmas. Someone decided that to convert pagans we had to appeal to them in some manner. At least that is the story most accept.

The problem is God tells us, and it seems to me in pretty frank terms, that we are NOT to mimic the world. We are to be different and if folks in the world cannot see the value of a life of Faith in God, then we are to leave them to their own devices. No finger pointing, no yelling, no trying to harass them into agreement.

If we are truly disciples of Christ then we like the 70 must heed his words, which I will leave you with. Read Luke 9 and 10 for a more detailed account.

Luk 9:4 And whatever house you enter, stay there, and from there depart.
Luk 9:5 And wherever they do not receive you, when you leave that town shake off the dust from your feet as a testimony against them.”

Hugs y’all