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Last week I had a blog post all ready to write.
It was about our 4th of July and all the things we have going on. Plus how I read all my old blog posts and am going to make a concerted effort to get back to being that woman…
Then Sunday the ac died and life became a battle between me, the home warranty company, the heat and various contractors.
Long story short (see previous post for the full version) we ordered a part for the ac that hopefully will get it operating for now while we investigate our options and wait for our BBB case to work its way through the system.
In the mean while we have a portable ac unit set up which works great… it keeps the living room about 85 instead of 95 during the hottest parts of the day. Considering the temps outside are hitting 100 and more, I can deal with the 85.


My health seems to have taken a hit, I have been more tired due to not sleeping well. Plus my throat is a bit sore too. Nothing big just a nuisance.

Yesterday MJ had a friend come by and they went over the system. He says the wiring issue definitely needs to be resolved. They got the ac going and it worked for several hours. We have decided to just run it when MJ gets home from work until bedtime so sleep is possible.

Now, just for fun, some pictures of my July.
These are the fireworks at a friends homestead. As usual my phone is posting sideways. I forgot to take my real camera to the bbq!






The front of my home.



Hug’s Y’all

Beware of American Home Shield

This is kind of long but I need to get it out and warn others.
AHS is a home warranty plan that realtors offer to home buyers (sellers can purchase it also to make the house more attractive)
There are varying degrees of plans.

Since this house is… 65 years old, when we bought it we got the most inclusive plan. The first year we didn’t need it so we extended it for this year.

It is turning out to be a big waste of money.

The first repair we needed was a sewer issue. They did a stop gap fix (flushing the pipes, which Beloved found he could do just fine) they can not do the actual repair, even though the malfunction is due to an improperly installed pipe because… they don’t do pipes. Fine we can take care of the issue on our own now that MJ has the proper tools. Funny how since he thoroughly flushed the pipes (something they never seemed to do) we have had no issue.

So 2 weeks ago my ac began acting up. I called them, because seriously, the ac is WHY we wanted the plan. Their ac guy came out and said it is the motor but I can’t fix it. Why? Because some idiot (the electrician’s term not mine) improperly installed the water heater and wired it into the ac circuit.
Until that is fixed he won’t touch it. Unless I let him disconnect the water heater.

As an aside, after he and his buddy left, later when MJ turned the unit back on it made a new hissing sound.

OK so i call AHS because improperly installed appliances are covered in my contract, as is an undetectable defect (home inspector never said a word and he looked at the circuit) Their definition of an undetectable defect is, if you turn on the system and it comes on, you don’t know there is an issue, this fits, both systems have worked just fine. Plus this is a clear code violation and the person who did it could be fined, all of these things are covered in my warranty. Specifically covered not in vague language. Not to mention it is a fire hazard and health hazard (My house is hovering consistently at 90 degrees. I went to bed last night about 1 am and it was 88. The AFB has issued several black flag warnings since this began.)

So the electrician submits his report to get them to approve the repair.
They email him, saying they are calling me, which they never did, denying the repair. They quoted him the section of my contract that states this is covered.

So he calls me irate and tells me the repair should be covered, he has done it for them many times in similar situations. So I call them. The CSR who I was really trying to be polite to because I know she has nothing to do with this, even though I was hot and miserable and fuming, transfers me to another lady.

She calls the electric guy and “questioned” him. Comes back and says I need to talk to my supervisor. Then comes back and says, we won’t cover it due to the over amping of the circuit. I said what? She says in the contract is a sentence that says if a circuit is over wired they will not cover it and that trumps all the other clauses. Now… this circuit I say has never arched, blown or otherwise acted over amped. Her reply? Well yes but it could…

So after arguing it a bit (once they get that robotic parrot voice going it is useless to keep trying) I said fine. She says is there anything else I can help you with today? I said well you haven’t helped me with anything so far so I guess not.

I called the electrician back and he said he told them it was an improperly installed appliance. He says she kept pushing until he had to say over amperage, the magic words that let them off the hook. He said he told her anytime 2 things are wired into a circuit for 1 there is over amperage and they have told him to fix it in other cases and this one was no different. She disagreed.

So MJ tells me to call the ac guy back and let him disconnect the water heater, he thinks his buddy Ralph can fix that.
Ac guy says I have to call AHS back because that ticket is closed. No the tickets are not closed until the issue is fixed. Then he says when I disconnect the water heater I am pulling all those wires out of the wall so it can’t be redone that way.

Then when I called AHS back they said, you owe us money we won’t send anyone out until you pay us. Now they are on auto pay and should have had their money Tuesday. I noticed yesterday it had not gone through so paid it early in the morning…

We have decided for now to rent a portable unit that is on wheels and can be moved from room to room.
We will get Ralph out here have him redo the water heater wiring first then call the ac guy back. We have another 5 weeks to get the ac out on the same fee we already paid I am hoping Ralph can do it by then but I am not letting this guy rip anything out of my house.

Once the ac is done so are we. We can cancel at anytime and we will as soon as the ac is back up and running.

I did notice in my research last night that there have been several lawsuits against AHS and other such companies for improper denials. Since they send the electrician out to fix my issue for other people, I think that is what this is and I plan to look into fighting it as hard as I can.

Busy Busy Busy!

woman 1187

Well… I have spent the last few days going over my old blog. I have discovered I used to get a lot more done when blogging almost daily.
My plan is to get back to it beginning now, or probably Monday.

There is not much going on around here really but I feel so busy!
Last Monday I listed 17 auctions. My goal is to get at least a few auctions up each week. Trouble is I am running out of stuff to put up!

I did finally get my toy closet cleaned out and set up. So now when children visit they can get out what toys they want to play with.

One other thing I discovered is, my pain issues went back a LONG way!
I am still struggling with it but I seem to control it a little better… not much but a little!

This week I am challenging myself to cook all our meals at home, and to pack a lunch for my Beloved.

Today is July 4th. We are invited to a bbq and firework show. One of the things we are trying to do is get out and make friends. I plan to begin game nights again.
Well i guess that is all for now. See you Monday!
Hug Y’all