Here I am again after several months absence…
You see a couple weeks after I got back from vacation I went to my dr. She put me on several new meds, in addition to the ones I was already on.
A side effect of one was depression.

Depression is something I never thought would come to me. I am generally an upbeat person. I live a blessed life with a fantastic family and no real complaints to make. However I do have down times, usually lasting from a few days to a couple weeks.
This was different. I felt I was stuck in a pit surrounded by quicksand and holding on to a root with no way to get out. No reason for it at all. Then last night the quicksand slipped and I was able to move. I was so giddy sleep barely came last night planning all the things I wanted to do today.

Today I feel like a new person. I got up, had breakfast, true it was late, with the new meds my sleep schedule has been up ended and I stay up late at night and sleep late. Anyway I actually was able to exercise again today! I only did 3/4 of a mile but I can still breath, no need of the inhaler and I feel good.

I am even planning a gift I want to make for a friend and a gift for my hubby.
I actually have an appetite today too. sewing1


My hope is to get this blog back where it is supposed to be. Following my homemaking and creativity journey.
For now, I need lunch and some time in the sunshine!
Hugs y’all