The Pancakes that weren’t…


Ok so today was supposed to be different. It is, just not in the ways I planned.
I do have energy, I am getting home keeping done so that is great.
It was supposed to be a plan and draft a pattern day for an apron. However my sewing room still looks like tornado alley so that won’t happen. Progress has been made in here, just not enough!

My darling grandboy is here too. Yelling at Elmo in excitement as I type.


I wanted to make him some special pancakes today. Just because I have the urge to be creative and love cooking. However I decided it would be better to do french toast, quicker not as messy and it can still be creative!

Since I was experimenting I didn’t use a recipe. I also made just a small batch.
I used these ingredients:

Egg, Almond milk, vanilla, nutmeg and some organic white sugar.
I used cookie cutters and made him a train and a truck.


It was easy to cut the shapes out of slices of somewhat stale bread… I don’t like bread so it goes stale often around here.




He seems to like them.

Even when cooking with premade things, which I really do try to avoid, you can have fun and be creative. What can you create out of things in your pantry today?

Hugs y’all



OK this is a new year, time for a new(old) beginning.
I am taking this blog back to it’s roots.
1) Bible studyprayer2
2) cookingmommusic
3) Home keepingLaundry1
4) crafting. sewing1
I am trying to figure out how I will work it. My grandboy comes on Monday and Wednesday… Monday is my kick off for ebay and such…
My goal is to keep up with Bible reading, Posting my sewing projects and home cooked meals, with recipes and pictures.

I hope to post something everyday beginning Monday!
Hugs y’all