May 2

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Well today was slow going. I woke up ok. My alarm went off at 7 but since not sleeping well is my new normal, I turned it off and woke up at 9.

I woke up realizing my blood sugar was a bit low (I get wobbly). So instead of exercise first I ate a muffin and drank a 16 ounce glass of water and took my morning pills.

I watched 4 shows on Genealogy (Who Do You Think You Are) before it dawned on me I was doing the same thing I always do. By this time though my eyes were heavy and burning, which is how they get when I am very tired, so I laid down. I got up about an hour later.

When I got up I was feeling much better though I still did not want to exercise and had such a hassle with my exercise pants, they always twist up around my knees, that I considered counting getting dressed as a form of exercise.

I let the dog out and began my WAP. I made it through 1/2 a mile before my legs and lungs said NO MORE. I stopped just before I needed my inhaler. Since I have not exercised in months, I think this is an acceptable start.

As I went to get some tea and a fruit and nut bar for lunch, I saw the bottle of Vinegar in the fridge… ugh I had forgotten all about that part. I got out my measure cup(used to be on a nyquil bottle) and filled it to the 2 tbs mark… down the hatch. BLEEEECH!
However since I have heard from my DR and from friends that this stuff has amazing health properties, I will continue. Hopefully by the end of this bottle I will notice enough benefit to it to keep on. Man it burned going down! I could mix it with water that just prolongs the taste.

I ate my bar and still have the munchies. I don’t usually feel hunger as most do. I go from I could eat to dizzy and nauseous because I forget to eat when the thought hits me. By the time I remember, I am close to sick already.

My energy level today is iffy but my mood seems good.

Dishes 1

Well it is time to work on the kitchen and get dinner prep under way.
See you tomorrow!
Hugs Y’all!

May 1

woman 1187

I am starting with this day and beginning a new chapter in life.
Perhaps if I post on PH and blog it in more detail it will help me meet the challenge.

My goals are
1) Exercise everyday. My plan is to do a WAP with Leslie Sansone on Monday Wednesday and Fridays and a callanetics session on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This I think will prove the biggest struggle.

2) Take all my vitamins and pills every day as well as my 2 tbs of vinegar (Raw apple cider)

3) Pay closer attention to my eating. HAVE at least a breakfast bar or shake EVERY MORNING. This will also be a challenge for me.

Sundays will be a free day, except for the pill taking. That I will do even on Sunday but I won’t worry about the exercise or eating parts.

My ultimate goal is to lose 80lbs and or replace my fat with muscle.

I have faced a lot of challenges the last 2 years, getting on new meds, fighting my bp and though my weight has remained steady at 238-244 I am not happy at that weight. I know the asthma is unrelated to my weight but I feel the weight is adding to it and making it harder to manage, kwim>?

My plan is to post on PH my exercise, pill and food. I will blog more I think in detail on changes in feelings and energy levels. If you do read my blog please comment so I don’t feel the blogging is a waste of my time, kwim?

What do you think? Does anyone want to join me?

Today being Sunday, Beloved and I met our oldest son and his girl at Denny’s. I order the same thing each week, a make your own slam with ham, pancakes, biscuit and sausage gravy, hash browns and a dr pepper. Today I ate less than 1/2. To be truthful most Sundays I eat most of it, but we usually go about 2, not 10 like we did today. I packaged my morning set of pills and took them with me. (Yay me!) This will be the majority of my intake for today.

My exercise was grocery shopping, Sams for salad stuff and chicken, Walmart for laundry soap and some odds and ends kitchen things.
HEB for fish, shrimp, splenda and veggies.
We drove through steak express and got ice and 2 teas.

I may close my eyes for a bit this afternoon but I still need to dry the laundry I washed last night and wash a load.

Hugs y’all