Day 3 with FlyLady

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Well today went better. I did not feel sick, though I have developed a headache this evening.

I got 1 load of wash done, some kitchen tidying. Made dinner and got my kitchen clean afterwards.

Now I will gather my morning pills and get off my shoes and relax some!

I hope you all had as nice a day as I did.
hugs y’all

Day 2 with Flylady

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Was a bust. I got my routine jangled when my dil called and asked me to join her for breakfast. She called before my alarm went off.

I came home and did my reading and prayer and began 15s but… I ended up sick and sleeping most of the day instead.

However I still shined my sink before bed!

Here is to day 3 being better.

hugs y’all

Day 1 with Flylady

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Well today went well. I got up, got dressed, made my bed. Even brushed my hair, something that usually gets done at some point.
I got my wap work out in.

One thing I need to tweak is there is no space in the morning routine for Prayer and Bible reading. I need to add that. Here is why. I did my reading this morning. I asked God in my prayer to be with me and strengthen my arms and lungs so I could do all that was needed today. As a direct result, I believe, I was able to do a full 15 minute mile in WAP and not have to stop due to pain or difficulty breathing. This has not happened in over 2 months.

I was able to tidy the main bathroom, gather trash and get the can out before they came, I got my kitchen done and tidied and dusted the living room, which is the zone this week. I also did 2 loads of laundry.

I do remember now why I did not like her emails though. EVERY thing is an ad for her stuff.

Dinner was simple, corn bread, rice, beans and sausage. The rice and beans were in a mix so it was a simple meal.

hubbycare1With enough left over to pack for MJ to take to work.

After dinner I did up the dishes. Now I am ready to relax and take off my shoes!

Hugs y’all!

June 25th…

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Well … This last month has been wild. First, just after I got things posted, I had an attack of gout. Once I got that taken care of (FYI Cherry juice is awesome) I suffered a huge allergy attack. I could not breath and was coughing and miserable for weeks. Then I had a reaction to the anti anxiety med the doc had put me on… I just felt foggy all the time and really didn’t care about anything. So my Beloved hubby said, don’t take it anymore! I stopped.

I saw the doc a couple weeks ago and am on a better track now. I have doubled my allergy meds and it is helping. I also began taking raw apple cider vinegar daily. I feel less tired and no more fog.

So now I am planning to begin again with a few changes.
1) I plan to re-begin my old habit of first thing in the morning reading Phil. 4. The whole chapter every day. It is my favorite passage in scripture. I also will begin again to read Proverbs 31:10-31. I did this today and have done more so far this morning than my late normal.

2) 15s. I need to restart these too. I just need to get a handle on life again.

3) planning 1 room per day, amidst laundry and up keep chores like dishes.

Today I Plan to:
do the laundry, or at least 2 loads.
Laundry 2
Vacuum the living room and Dining/ game room
clean the kitchen
Dishes 1
make and freeze cookie dough
boil eggs
bake and freeze cake.

I may even investigate flylady again… eek you know it is bad when I go there!

Well I am off to find the kitchen and reboot laundry.

Hugs y’all