Why I believe a person’s denomination does not matter.

This has been on my mind quite a long time. It is my belief that there is no one totally correct denomination any longer.
Even in the denomination I choose, the church of Christ, there are differences and sects that pull different things from the Bible and claim they have IT right.
Why do I believe this? Because I believe THE CHURCH is made up of souls, saved and sanctified by the blood of Christ. Christ did not teach a Faith of laws and rules. That was Judaism, and men could not keep it. So a new way had to be made, since God loved the world and wanted to save it.
Jesus is that new way. For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son. Some versions say only son but that is not correct. Why? Because in Genesis 6 we are told there were “Sons of God”. Jesus was special because he was begotten. I looked this up and as a verb it is to father or procreate. So God created sons in the old testament, and begat a son in the new. Why the switch? I believe it is because in the NT he needed a son that could really understand what it meant to be human. Jesus had all the frailties, needs and feelings of a human. Yet he had total control of himself so that he relied on God and was able to remain sinless. Whereas Moses gave the law of the physical, Jesus takes it further into the law of the heart. No longer is it sin only to do a thing, it is a sin to desire to do a thing. Example, Moses said adultery was a sin. Jesus says that to lust is the same as committing adultery. Mat. 5
So then we read in Ephesians 4 that there is one Lord, one Faith, one baptism. This signifies that spiritually there is one church. Not one denomination. Not one physical church, one spiritual church. Who belongs to this church? The souls who accept Christ and follow him.

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I further see evidence for this in Philippians 1. Paul writes that he knows that people are preaching in hope to hurt his feelings. His reply? Basically so what? The thing that matters is, everywhere Christ is being preached, either in honest desire to save or in a desire to hurt the church.
Is this being done today? Yes I think so. Whenever an anti church person uses scripture in an effort to try and deny it, or prove the church is sinful, the scripture is still spoken. Sometimes I think God even uses nonbelievers to teach believers. When false teachers use it to teach their false doctrine, it is still used. Remember we are told in Acts and 2 Timothy 2, to study for ourselves whether what they say is true or not. Do not rely on a preacher, teacher, missionary, friend, Parent or anyone else to teach you God’s word. Read it, study it for yourself so you gain firsthand knowledge of what God has saved for us to see.

Remember, even though there may be many huge churches, God tells us narrow is the way and few there be that find it. Not every person who enters the doors of a church building, no matter how often, will be saved. Does that mean we get to point fingers and declare this or that person unfit? No. We can calmly confront sin, but only God knows the heart. Only God is a righteous one with the… right, to judge any of us.
Call sin, sin, but do not make the mistake of condemning the heart of the sinner. Remember no matter how pious a person maybe, WE ALL are sinners in need of Christ’s saving grace.