Something Old and Something New.

I love this doll. She reminds me of Audra from Big Valley. Linda Evans when she was truly beautiful.

Before her ex made her get surgery to become his ideal.

Right down to her boots.

Now… I have told you of my totes of new doll stuff.
Do you know what happens when you see something you like enough to buy it and put it in a tote for later…

I saw this doll and really loved her hair. I paid full price. I just love the hair. I put her in the tote.

Later I Saw this doll, and just really loved the hair. She was on sale for $6. So I bought her and put her in the tote.

Then I went and saw this doll on clearance, and just really loved the hair and bought her for $4.50… and put her in the tote. Then, when I began reorganizing I decided to see what was IN the tote… yep 3 lovely dolls, and I still really love the hair!
The same goes for clothes…

Ken has a few extras… I just LOVE a man in jeans and flannel. So I got these for my MJ/Ken. Got one, stuck it n the tote… You see where this leads right? This time I stopped at 2 though…

These are just so gorgeous I may just display one and open one. I fell n love with the dress and got one… Saw it later and…

This set I love the pink tee. It looks like something I would like to wear…

I have 4 shelves of unopened dolls. The top 2 shelves are keepers. They will remain box. The other 2 are in the air as to whether they will be unboxed or not. Given away or kept. Some are duplicates, the idea being buy one to open and 1 to leave boxed. I may rethink that plan… Not sure yet but some may end up at toys for tots or under the church children’s tree.
Do you ever do this?
Hugs y’all

It was a Dark and Stormy Day…

Seriously, it is! Steady rain since about an hour ago, plus a lot of rain last night. What this means for me is… pain issues and breathing issues. Went to the doc yesterday for my every 6 months visit.
I love my doc. She is a nurse practitioner and she LISTENS. She understands my eating was off from stress and encourages me to get up and try again. Not eating more, just eating junk instead of my normal stuff. I really do need to find a better way to handle stress. Since my hands hurt lately, knitting is out for now. Maybe a punching bag… Whatever there must be a better way. I have though, lost about 8 lbs since July. Even with my eating off!

So, in the spirit of new beginnings, I made my big craving. No, I don’t always eat sugar! I have been craving for a week what I call a Denver omelet. I really have no clue why I call it that. It is my favorite way to eat eggs. I also dusted off my Keurig and made myself a caramel cappuccino. Hey, a sweet HAD to be part of this!

My version of a Denver omelet has onion, bell pepper, ham and… mushrooms! 2 eggs, scrambled and mozzarella cheese. I am not a cheese fan but gouda and mozzarella I can do.
I didn’t take a bunch of cooking photos. I really didn’t plan to blog on my breakfast. Here it is in all its glory though, and the cuppa joe too.

In other news I am rearranging dolls in the drollery. I have over the last several months collected doll stands off ebay. Yes, I could buy them from Hobby Lobby but… they get theirs from China too and for the cost of one of those stands I can get from 5 to 10 of the plastic ones that allow the doll to shine instead of the stand.

I did find out, these stands do NOT do for the bigger Barbies, the talls or full ones, nor do they work for Ken. That means I still have use for the dozens I already had from Hobby Lobby.

On thing I like about the ebay stands is they come in different colors. For instance, a red gown can have a clear or red stand.

I got a small package of thee as a test case… So far, I have not gotten then to work with any of my dolls.
Well I am going to indulge in a rare 2nd cup of coffee and play with my dolls for a while.
How is your day going? Getting any rain?
Hugs y’all