How is Your Summer Going?

My summer is a mixed bag. Between surgery trips, things breaking down and illness, its been off. However, there has been some fun in the bargain!

We are really enjoying the pool this summer. It has been such a blessing, especially the week we had no AC! My grandsons are little fishies and, like me, would spend hours in the pool if allowed!

We celebrated my Beloved’s birthday with friends at our home.

Then his brother had us over to celebrate again at their home! What a surprise they had for us. We both got gifts! Here is a large part of mine:

Barbies from the late 70s early 80s. Any clues as to who they are?

There are a few Skipper pieces though sil says she does not remember ever having had a Skipper… I have one here some place I wonder if these will fit her…

My favorite Barbie shoe is the basic black boot. I have always had a thing about black boots.

So when I do the fashion show post, what should go first?
I have too much to do today to do that part.
Tell me how your summer is going!
Hugs y’all