Prairie Homemaker began many years ago when I was contacted by a friend and asked if I would take over her forum. My friend was Miss Maggie, the original Hillbilly Housewife.
I told her I would but I could not keep it the same. I am not a housewife. I did not marry a house. I am a homemaker. At the time I lived on the prairie. Now I live in town. Though my heart is still out on the prairie.
People began asking me to blog and so I did. I have been blogging for…12 or so years. Only 7 available on this blog. I found the others by accident a few days ago.

My goal with this blog is to share my hobbies, my crafting and my Faith.
For those who wish to join, we have a forum for conservative Christian women at www.prairiehomemaker.com.
There is also a facebook group called Homekeepers. 2 facebook pages. Prairiehomemaker and homekeeping.
Please comment and share your thoughts!

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  1. I’m trying to spread the word on a positive TV show (SD Based) that is airing tonight, Dec 9th, at 9 PM on the National Geographic Channel. It really has some good values, traditional skills and some fun stuff – we filmed some anyway, hope it all didn’t get edited out! Following is a paragraph I wrote up:
    Thanks for spreading the word! (6 part series)

    NEW TV SHOW EMPHASIZES FAITH – please support by watching!
    A brand new, positive, faith-based TV program, called “The Pioneers” will air on National Geographic Tuesday, December 9th, at 9 PM CST.
    The concept of the show is four modern day couples choosing to go and live traditionally as their ancestors did in the late 1800’s, in order to get closer to God.
    The show has elements of faith, prayer, hanging onto God in hard times, but also has some wonderful elements of traditional surviving skills, sprinkled with good times and fun.
    I’m asking people to please send a message to the TV producing world that positive, faith – based shows have an audience, too! Without positive feedback, shows like this won’t happen. This is a show you can watch with your church or your children, unlike many shows out there.
    If you go the National Geographic TV Channel website and search under “The Pioneers”, there are photos and clips posted. I believe you can also send feedback to Nat Geo about the show.
    Again, Tuesday, December 9th, 9 PM CST…… “The Pioneers”
    Thanks for reading / watching, and have a blessed day!!!

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