A Special Doll…

One of the dolls I have gotten that I am excited about is this one.

Spring Blossom Barbie. An Avon Barbie! My first that I know of!
There is no picture of her on her box.

Her face is simple and sweet. Her hat feels like actual straw.

I notice her gown is pink tagged. So some of what I thought were gowns from sets may actually be clothes that came from dolls.
Her basket of posies is a rubbery plastic.
She has pretty yellow slippers.
I do not intend to remove this lass from her box. She is perfect as she is!

I spent this morning painting. I was able to do 3 pieces in the time it took to do one with my tiny paint bottle yesterday. When these sides dry, I will do the other side.

Now this set… I got these tiny Fairy dolls.

I recognize Tinkerbelle.

I think I have seen a larger version of this one.

I love this red head! Her flower dress adorable. Not keen on the face though.

I like this yellow one too. She appears a bit knock kneed though.

I really like the braid on this orange one. She is also the only barefoot one! Plus, those freckles!

This one looks very… curvy. Somehow her dress just doesn’t look right to me. The others are all simply little girlish. Which is how I picture the fairies. I know it seems silly the things I get hung up on. However it is my sincere belief we push children to mature too quickly in some areas. Looks is one of those areas.

So what do you think of the Spring Blossom doll?
The painting? Will the pieces look good in white or should I leave the rest alone?
Which is your favorite of the fairies?
Hug y’all

4 thoughts on “A Special Doll…

  1. Do you plan to sell the spring blossom Barbie? I like her a lot! Favorite fairy is the orange. I’d buy her too, if you’re selling 😊

  2. Tinker belle is for sure my favorite!
    The last little fairy…. well frankly hussy is the word that comes to mind.
    The Spring Blossom Barbie is really adorable. I want that hat and basket in my size! I had no idea that Avon dealt with Barbies!
    As far as the furniture, I can’t decide. I like it both natural and painted white. I just really love wicker. Looking forward to how it looks all put together!

  3. Vickie,
    Right now I am not selling any.
    Though the set of Fairies will probably go that way. Only as a set though.
    Keep watching Helen, one bed is done but for covers!

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