2020 A new Beginning

2019 was a hard year. It was emotionally, physically and mentally draining. I am exhausted. So, I want 2020 to be a new beginning.
I want to craft and cook more. I want to spend time in happy home pursuits. I want to experiment in my kitchen. I want to walk more and eat less.
I want to write and craft every day. I want to make at least one completed craft each month. I want to get my Bible studying back up to where it was. I want to spend more time with my adorable grandsons.
I want to plan a couple of weekend trips. Not big expensive ones but ones where we go some where and relax. Visit museums and eat in nice places, not just Ihops.
I want to make changes in my home too. Paint and such not expensive ones. We do have an expensive repair but it will be largely unseen… a floor joist needs to be fixed.
I also hope to post here at least monthly. I surely can do a few interesting things to warrant that!
So last month I finally got back to sewing. Nothing dolly lately. I made 2 aprons as gifts and both were loved. Enough so that it bolstered my confidence to get going again.

Here is one of them.

I got a new “kissy” face picture for my phone.

I love these boys!
Hugs y’all

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