Birthday Haul #2, the DOLLS!

Before I begin the fashion show, I want to thank Teresa for telling me these 2 dolls are from the same line, Barbie a Mermaid Tale. I looked them up and I do indeed have a Teresa doll. I really prefer the brunette or red head dolls! One of these days I really should watch a Barbie movie or 2…

OK now the fashion show.

Here is our first model in the black with stars that I LOVE. However I am not sure the gold streaks in her hair work with the silver of the dress.

Lets try her in the throw back Dawnesque dress. I really like her in this one. It shows her off to advantage. She will wear these little gold sandals until I find a shoe that better matches the dress. The orange ones I have look horrid with it.

Here is our second model. She makes me think, Mary, so her name is Mary until I find out her Mattel name…
First I am going to put Mary in the black with polka-dots. I think this dress is really cute. The dress is ok on her but I don’t like how loose the top is.

Lets try this heart one. Perfect fit! Now shoes…

These Mary-Jane style shoes look neat with this dress! Plus she can stand on her own! Not for long and a slight breeze will knock her over but still…

Ok now for Ken… Poor dude. These clothes are going to be on him for a while, even though I bought him a new set. Why? Because they were so tight getting them on him! They barely closed in the back and it took 5 minutes just to cram his feet into these silver loafers! I have to admit though, he doesn’t look half bad as a doll.

Now for the dolls!

First, The redheaded one. She is a petite.

Look, they didn’t even tag her head to the box, just shot her in the head for nothing! I am glad I have an acrylic overlay right now. (I broke a nail and this is a temp fix until the break grows out) In my effort to remove the tags and not chop off doll hair, I missed and cut my acrylic!

I love her face. I love the freckles. I think it might be a Midge face. She was the only one I know of with freckles. Unless I find out otherwise, I am calling her Midge. I love this red hair. It needed a bit of a comb through out of the box.

Now the other Fashionista. She is a curvy, which from what I have read means older Barbie clothes will not fit her. As tight as some of the new stuff is on the old dolls, I wonder if it will even fit her! A plus is, she can stand on her own!

I wanted this doll for her face. It is not Asian, but has a hint of Asian in it.

Again Mattel with the head tags! Give it a rest already.

Her hair had some kind of ick in it, like too much gel or something. I brushed it a bit and it looks better.

ON these 2, they are good for playability. However I have to wonder why Mattel goes to such lengths to tie them in the box. Seriously, a simple tie around the waist should suffice for a doll a CHILD is expected to remove from the box! I do miss the bendable knees from my childhood Barbies though.

I haven’t given this lass a name yet… any suggestions?

Now for the new dolls, in the new collection.

Ashlynn Ella, daughter of Cinderella.

She is an archer, and a princess of power. Now Her arms bend a bit at the elbow, but her wrists do not. From what I remember of my archery classes, you NEED wrist movement to a degree.

I kept trying to pose her with her bow, with out any success…

I love the sweet face. Not a lot of make up, just enough to enhance it.

The only thing that bugs me on this doll, is how bowed back her legs are. It isn’t big calves, the legs bend that way. Makes my knees hurt just thinking of it!

Now for….

Apple White, daughter of Snow White. Since Snow White is my favorite of the princesses, I HAD to have her lovely daughter!

Of course I love her… she is in RED! In the pictures I was a bit put off by her crown, it looked too big. However here and out of the box, not too bad.

I again love the softness of the face. No garish make up. Just a simple sweet face.

Her dress, and a stand help her to stand up! She is not in the stand, her dress is just draped over it.

Her hair needed a quick comb. I plan to leave her as is for now. I was a bit troubled by her neck gear. It looks like something an Unas would wear to keep it’s neck safe from a Go’auld. However with out it her neck looks really long and thin… so on it stays.

Aww A ring for me! LOL

So what do you think?

Stay tuned… I found goodies at a yard sale this week!

Here is a peek…

Hugs y’all!

Birthday Party haul! Part 1

My family has fully embraced my desire for Peanuts and Barbie type items!

For my Birthday I received.

9 Barbie accessory packs. 2 are duplicates, which I wanted.

6 dresses and 1 set of Ken clothes. I forgot to take a group shot of these.


2 Ever After High

1 complete set of Peanuts figures. Well it should be complete, but they missed Woodstock.

The Snow White Movie!

So first off:

The Peanuts set. I am not sure if I will open it or let it stay pristine. I have never seen a set with all the main characters, minus Woodstock before. I have 2 of the Peanuts Nativity sets, one in the box one out on a shelf but they don’t include all the kids. Actually the sets have different kids in them in some roles. This one really brought back movie memories.

Now Barbie stuff.

Shoe packs! 2 of these are the same. I actually have 2 more of these I bought already. I however love the half boots and the little gold sandals, the sandals for my barefoot princess dolls and the boots just cuz I love boots!

Movie night pack. This one came with 2 purses, one is a bit too dressy for movie night…

Beach bag. I love the shades!

Picnic. Ok is it just me or should the picnic basket have food in it and not a dog?

Camp set. I actually want more of these, I got 2 of this set, for a stageing project I am working on. (It will get its own blog post)

Camp fire set, I dig the guitar!

Sleeping bag. I think I want more of these. Again for the project.


Multi colored hearts dress

Yellow belted dress

Orange gown. This one reminded me of a Dawn fashion from long ago…

Pink. I like this one. Though I think the necklace is unneeded

Polka-dot. I like this one but it might look to short on a doll.

My favorite of the dresses is this one. The black stars. The necklace though is just too much. If one must wear a necklace, a simple strand of pearls would be better than this chandelier looking piece.

Now for the Ken clothes. I wanted a simple tee with jean shorts and sneakers. I bought this one myself, I went to all 3 walmarts and this was all they had, all 3 had the exact same outfit and nothing else for Ken. Just an aside, Mattel, quit making Ken look like a goofball please. Make him a man! Maybe give him a little scruff. He looks too much like a girly man. You do great on the girl dolls now put some effort in to the boy ones!

I was going to do dolls today too. I am just too worn out. I fell on Sunday and have had my grand boy twice this week. Between pain meds and a very active 4 year old, I am bushed! I LOVE the little scamp but man he wears me out!
I will do the dolls tomorrow. They kind of deserve their own post!
But, just cuz he is cute…



Well the 2 people who read my blog have spoken. They want to hear first about Thursday’s adventures!

The day began with this young man. Here he is patiently waiting for his sausage patties at “old Donald’s”. That is all he will eat. That and a Hi-C orange… only they are discontinuing the Hi-C orange in favor of another soda. In which case he will be getting apple juice.

He played for a while.

He saw me take a picture and said I had to take one of his Princess Peach toy.

Then I got a text from my friend at the Trendy Trunk.
I have Barbies are you interested. With a picture. My reply, we will come look.

I got all her Barbies. Mostly because I want to help her succeed but I really did like most of them.

This is the only one I didn’t like, What on earth is her purpose?

You pull the cord and her top half spins, but when you let go the cord, it goes in and she stops spinning. I do love her face and hair. I just wish she didn’t have this odd contraption on her body!

This one is a Cinderella doll. I probably have a Cinderella dress around here some where. However since I already have 2 or 3 of her I will leave her in the visitor play bin.

This Ken seems pretty standard. His outfit though seems to be rare. It may go to ebay. Since I plan to keep him in the play bin I will buy him some new clothes.

This one, I love the suit and matching cover up!

This one, I think has been redressed in one of the super star outfits.

Look at her jewels. They are more reminiscent of a holiday Barbie to me. They do not match the pink shimmer of her dress and Pink belt.

Later that day I saw an ad on facebook. A lady wrote her daughter was selling off several of her dolls she didn’t play with anymore. Most were Monster High, and I don’t do MH. I just don’t like the dolls.
However further down she listed several Barbies so I messaged her I was interested in the Barbie stuff. We set up a meeting and when dil came to get GB, we all went. GB needed a nap, and dil, ds and DG were all going to a movie that night.

GB napped in the car and continued on the couch once we got home. He and mimi had our own movie night, complete with a big movie box of candy.

From this meet I got:

A baggie of misc items.

Pet bowl and carrier

kitchen stuff


Some things I am not sure what they are. Looks like barrets a head band and maybe dog toys…

Halloween Barbie. Not a fan of halloween but I like the doll and will keep her with her stuff.

This one that seems a cross between a star Barbie and a princess… She goes in the play bin.

Another Elsa, this one complete! With shoes!

I think these 2 bikini babes come from the same line. Now just to figure out which line it is!

This young lass has a gorgeous swimt suit under her clothes! I am beginning to think I need a Barbie pool so I can play… ummm stage… a pool party…

There was also this lass. She went in the play bin, she was not to me unique.

Now for the last 2. These are my favorites out of my Thursday hauls.

This is it seems Video Game Hero Barbie, old version. The new version has smaller pink skates. LOVE the pigtails!

This one is obviously my favorite, since she is holding a guitar!

So what do you think? Was it worth the wait?
Do I tackle too many dolls per post? Should I scale back and just of one or 2? Or do a big post like this and then do each doll on her own at some point? (For the special ones anyway).

My next post will be my birthday haul!
Hugs y’all!

Just a note

No real post tonight just an update.
On Thursday I had my grand boy. ALL day and until almost 10 that night. I was too tired to write.
Friday I spent all day cleaning and organizing for a BBQ today… only it turned out to be a surprise party last night! I was too tired to write.

Today I realized that I had about 40 pictures from Thursday to write about. I got about 10 new to me dolls.

Plus the birthday stuff I got last night! Sadly my allergies, pain and asthma have made me too tired to write! I do however have dolly fodder for at least 3 days.
Plus I just realized I never posted Saturday’s post… Now I need to find it…and its corresponding pictures…

So, for the 2 people who read this, which do you want first.

A) the Thursday second hand dolls post.
B) The birthday haul post? This one will include several doll openings and accessories packs! Plus a look at my reorganized shelves!

Just so you know, I am one of those bloggers who checks email 50 times a day to see if I have any real comments…
Hugs Y’all!

The day after…

So today I finished one project for my Barbie house. She now has a shelf on which to put dishes and things. I like the Barbie house kitchen but it has no place to put things but in the fridge, oven or dishwasher.

So… Tada!

Yesterday I got an accessory pack for the Barbie house.

Here is what it contained.

The hardest part about using the pink paint was it is the same color my polish turns when my hands are cold. I think I got it all off…

Here it is in the house, staged with dishes.

See this sushi tray? I am not a fan but it was the only accessory pack I knew what to do with!

The sushi of course goes into the fridge.

Here is the trunk for her bedroom. I am thinking of making a pink cushion on top so it can double as a seat. What do you think?

here it is in the bedroom. Does it fit in?

OK I have been mulling the blog post where I told about my sister’s doll and I think those pictures were not the best. Actually, if it were not for the beauty of the doll, I would say they stunk!
So today after cleaning up my paint area I set it up to take better pictures.

Here she is.
She is defintely a look at don’t play with doll. There is no way to see inside her dress to look for a makers mark.

I do love the lace lingerie.

Isn’t she beautiful?

For some reason when I look at her face I think of Clara Bow. So, I am going to call her Clara. I intend to see if I can find more information on her some where!

My sister says This doll and a pink one were given to our mom. Mom gave her this one, the bride’s maid. I don’t know, she could have been a bride too!

Then I took better pictures of Sarah Rose. This is her new dress and shoes. I can see why Z wanted to dance with her. She is a very pretty lassie!

This one is with G’s Spiderman hat. He left it here yesterday.

Well I need to be up and out tomorrow so I am going to wish you all a good night!
Hugs y’all!

My Birthday

Today was tiring and fun.
I began a project for the Barbie house just after putting in a load of wash.

Remember this shelf?

Well now it is white. It will have pink shelf paper and pink dots on it tomorrow, I will post a picture of the finished item.

I found a wooden chest at hobby lobby, it is now white.

Before grand boy (G) arrived I got my dolly ready. She and I had a shopping trip planned, and decided to take G along!

We began our trip at the SA thrift. Where G said sadly, “I’m sorry there are no toys here’… at least 3 times!

We went to my friend’s shop. There were toys there, plus a new dress for dolly, and more!

Elizabeth’s son Z stopped by and wanted to dance with dolly.

G wanted me to take pictures of his toys. That blur, is from G’s arm. That boy can not be still!

While there dolly got her name. I have had this doll for several years. I don’t like Barbie as her name because Barbie has become generic for a type of doll. So She is now named, Sarah Rose. After my grandmother and Beloved’s mother. I will post a new picture of her tomorrow, I forgot to get one earlier.

Then G and I went to McDs. That was a bit of a fiasco. They no longer carry his Hi-C orange and he did NOT like that blue gatorade stuff (I can’t blame him there).
Plus they didn’t have the Luigi toy he really wanted. Then his apple juice squirted his clothes… he ended up eating 2 sausage patties, and he drank about 1/2 his juice.

In these pictures, you can see where he was when I got out the camera…

Then he came to sit and eat and said mimi take a picture of me eating and drinking… I tried!

After McDs it was off to the carwash to get my free birthday wash. G loved it! He laughed and called out the colors. When we were in the drying area he said, lets do it again! I promised to take him next time I get my truck washed.

Then it was home to Mimi’s house with Katie licka nose and a nap. No G doesn’t always take them anymore but today his highness needed one. He was restored to his usual princely self afterwards.

When G went home Beloved took me to IHOP for dinner. Which confirmed for both of us that they do breakfast really well, but not much else!

Ladies I am tuckered out so I am going off to bed!
hugs y’all!

Mother’s Day Weekend.

What a weekend!

I hope your mother’s day was wonderful.
Saturday began looking at yard sales. None of which yielded anything Barbie.

I did find a pretty drawer that will go under the dollhouse table for shoes and accessories.

I also found this shelf made out of a yard stick. I plan to paint it and make it more Barbiesque and use it to store dishes in the doll house.

I thought this Turtle might work as a seat in the living room.

Then I saw this and thought… BEDROOM!

After that was the Ladies Mother’s day tea at church. The turn out was I am told smaller than in years passed. I kept thinking, we could have had this at my house! There were 15 ladies. It was a lot of fun!

I had planned to come home, do laundry and so forth but… I was exhausted! So I rested, then Beloved and I went to the store.
We stopped by hobby lobby because I needed a another doll stand.

Why? Well because my older sister sent me a doll!
She told me in the letter enclosed that this doll and a bride doll were given to our mother. Mom gave her this one, the bridesmaid.
I remembered as a child seeing a bride doll on my sisters bed, I suppose now it was this one and I loved her.

So here she is with her new stand.
Joining the other special dolls on this shelf.

Now on Sunday! Wow there was church.

When I got home Beloved handed me these.

Then a gift bag.

In side was a brand new Kelly doll! Plus, shoes! Something my dolls all need!

After that my oldest treated us to a movie, youngest son came too!
Oldest took us to dinner at Outback. Youngest had to go meet his girl and her family so he did not go to lunch with us. I have lunch leftovers!

In the truck I found 2 more packages.

From oldest I got this doll, Fashionista # 54. Tutu Cool. A petite (ie short) Barbie! Plus the snoopy card!

From youngest I got 2 cards (one from he and his girl) And Fashionista #53 Lovely in Lilac. She is a tall doll. I remember when Mattel used to put the doll’s name on the box. Sadly neither of these lasses have names. I think this one might be a Teresa but not sure.
OK, ready to open??

The front of her package came off easily enough. There are thin rubber bands holding her in place.

OK look at this… no way a child is going to get this dolly out. Her head is stuck, and the only way to get to the stuff to release her, it to totally destroy the box.

3 tag ties. Mattel, listen, her head isn’t going anywhere with the body tied down.

Look, now she has these plastic things stuck in her head. If I try to cut them I risk damaging her hair. PLEASE quit putting extra holes in the lass’s head! (I did manage finally to cut them and I did not miss and cut her hair!)

She is a hard body doll, no bendy legs or twist and turn waist. I like her simple wholesome face. No heavy make up on her. Her hair is soft. In some lights it looks more blonde, in others a bit brown with some auburn in it. I do notice that unlike every other Barbie I have opened, she did not come with her own brush! (Not that i intend to brush her hair, she is going on the shelf!)

Now lets look at Kelly.

Again the front of her box was easily removed.

She too was held in with thin rubber bands.

I had to destroy her box also to free her head.

Then cut out these plastic tags. There was also a sharp bit of… glue or something I had to chip off of her head.

Kelly is a pretty little girl. On all of them though… the mouth just doesn’t look right… I have no clue why, it just looks wrong somehow. Still, a pretty doll. I love the sandals.

Ok now for Tutu Cool. Again since I can not find a name for her, I will call her Tuttie.

Her box did not come apart as easily as the others.

Though perhaps my practice on the other 2 made getting rid of the hair tags easier… She is also a hard body, no twisty waist or bendable knees. She also has modest make up on. Not the flashy stuff a lot of Barbies have had in past years. I also love her hair. Though I normally do not go for the oddly colored hair, it is soft and pretty.


Now the furniture set….

The table feels surprisingly sturdy. It is fairly easy to get together too.
The chairs come assembled.

The cups and plates and things fit on it in a lego fashion.

It comes with a puppy.

Sitting dolls at it… well the petite hard body seems ok, though I don’t like her feet sticking straight out that way. Being “petite” myself, I have had to sit in many uncomfortable positions (such as those dumb bar stool table sets) and the ache… poor lass her legs would hurt if it was a lengthy meal! The bendy kneed doll was a bit better, though her knees are not as bendy as I remember them being on my childhood dolls… The tall one… her feet could easily land in another’s lap!

Here are my new Fashionistas on the shelf. Look, the tall one is a hair taller than the Ken!

Well ladies I hope you enjoyed this super sized post that covered the last 3 days!

Actually Saturday’s post might be done on Wednesday since I have a project I want to do tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will open the shoes and maybe look at a project or 2 for the Barbie house.

Hugs y’all

Big Barbie stuff…

So today I went to some yard sales. I didn’t find 1 Barbie thing!
Not one!
I found a musty smelling GG that I left there.

I went to my friends shop and found something new for my BIG Barbie.

hp photosmart 720

She is about the size of a 3 year old. My Barbie, not my friend… This is the only before photo of her I could find.

After. She had a dress on her sale rack (my friend not my Barbie) I might grab too. I will take Barbie with me to try it on though. While there we will try on shoes too.

Then I went to CIA, my favorite thrift store. I found a lot of Barbies, all clothed and with neat hair. I picked out 9 and brought them home with me.

This is how they package them. The price is $1.50 each. More than I like to pay BUT, the hair has already been done for me! Plus I get clothes too!

I tried to avoid getting Blondes. However a few of them had something unique so they ended up in my cart.

This lass is too big for this dress, it won’t close in back. Let’s rummage and see what we can find for her.

There, this pink heart dress is too short, I will add lace to it eventually. At least it matches her earrings better than the blue one!

This poor girl is all mismatched! Diamond earrings, pink hair streak, which goes ok with her top but… tartan does not go with pink!

I don’t have a pink skirt that matches so… let’s put her in this dress instead!

This lass, I like just as she is. The pink Dress is a Barbie gown. All I will do to her, is change her black hair band for a pink one.

Look at her neat nautical necklace!

OK on to the brunettes…

This is a Belle doll in an I don’t know what kind of out fit. I don’t like it, that I do know!

Ah. Belle looks much better in a Belle gown than that too tight whatever it was!

Here is another Tiana.

Fortunately for her, I have another Tiana dress!

This young lady I will leave as is. She and her dress have a more vintagey look than the others.

While I like the red on this young lass, it doesn’t match her shoes…

We will try her in this dress from the other lass. Well it still doesn’t fit.
I need to look this brand up… it says chic on the label.

OK this one for some reason was my favorite pick of the night.

These jeans do not fit, they don’t close in the back. Also the red and blue do not match her lilac earrings or shoes… so…

I saw this at walmart and got it for her.

It also has a white necklace that just looks wrong with the peter pan collar!

Ok ladies, what do you think?

I am tired out so goodnight for today.

Tomorrow, aside from yard sale things, I have a very special doll to share.

Hugs y’all!

Snoopy Stuff???

OK I know I was supposed to open the Snoopy thing.
I did.

This is it… 6 3.5 floppies. Which my pc can not use.
So I asked my Beloved to put them on a thumb drive for me.
We shall see when he gets a chance if it works!

Today I had workmen here. Doing some kind of weatherizing of the house. It took them several hours. They replaced all our led bulbs with new ones. Wow, these are MUCH brighter than the old ones!

OK so while they were here…

Remember this lass? The long haired Rapunzel. The one on the top left, with hair down to her feet? Her hair was definitely a big tangle!

Well I did the boiling water and fabric softener on her today.

Here is the final result. I like it.

I couldn’t decide between lilac boots or the gold sandals. Ultimately I decided gold sandals were more princessy.

Then, the doll that had the really short mini and top and lilac boots got some attention. I really detest mini skirts on grown women, which Barbie is. They are ok on 5 year olds, older than that and they are in bad taste. Plus her hair was also a mess.

While I was readying her for her hot water treatment, I noticed she has an.. outlet or jack hole in her back.

Then, check out this huge hole in the top of her head… What on earth is happening? What kind of Barbie/alien is this???

Anyway I fixed her hair and redressed her. Much more feminine and not so harlot.

Now this doll is to me a puzzle.

She is much too large to be a Barbie clone. Yet everything I can find points to a Tammy or Sindy doll. However the only marks on her are on her head.

Which is faint and I think says unique…
The bottom of her shoes say Made in H.K.

Searching for her, I find her face and hair among the Tammie and Sindy dolls. No way she is one of those though… right?

Her head is vinyl and her body hard plastic. She really is a pretty little dolly. I just wish I knew what kind she was!

Well I am really tired tonight. No idea why, I have been one step ahead of falling asleep all day!

Hugs y’all

Today’s Project

So today was moving day. The Barbie Dream Town House moved.

It is now in my sewing room.
I looked this house up last night. I discovered that it even has a door bell, which this morning I tested. It works! I also discovered that it is still being sold by some… anywhere from $249 (Walmart price) to $630 (some vintage toy place price!) I still have not discovered which dream house it is, other than the town house.

I still need to restring the elevator. I think I will need Beloved to help with that. Or … maybe convince my sons (both more tech minded that I am) that it would be cool on Mother’s day…

In all seriousness. I took this

Made this

I wanted to protect the top so I put this table cloth on it.

Then carted this in and put it up.

I finished scrubbing it. Reattached the front door, which was not broken as I thought, I just couldn’t get at the correct angle to put it on. On the dining table it was too high, on the floor too low.

This new table beloved bought for me is just perfect. Plus it lets me store extra dolls, clothes and play sets in bins underneath it!

This is the play set I got the other day.

I put it all together.

Then stored it in a bin under the table, ready for action when needed.

In the end I decided my Barbies needed a pool party… or hot tub party.

At the hot tub are, Palm Beach Barbie, Sun Jewel Teresa and Summer, Water Fun Beach Barbie.

Sitting up from a nap (On a blanket and pillow by Mattel) is I think a Teresa doll.

In the elevator is a cool Barbie in a vintage dress.

Answering the door is the Barbie with a Tude.

In the kitchen is Lovely Patsy.

In the living room is I think a Teresa with Beach Feet (bigger than normal barbie feet).

Skipper relaxes in the yard with a couple of puppies(Made by Beloved on his printer) by the fire pit (An actual Barbie thing!)

While an extra hair (don’t remember her name) Barbie arrives to join the fun.

I can see myself staging this house with different dolls often!
Now of course I need to hunt furniture for it! I found some plates I think are Barbie that I put in the kitchen. (Lovely Patsy is holding one in the kitchen).

Tomorrow perhap we will take a wee break from Barbie and open the Snoopy learning set!

Hugs Y’all!