Whew do I have a post for you…

My plan was by this time of year 2020 to be in crafting genius mode. I am not. I am still in where is my craft room under this mountain of raw materials mode.
Does that stop my driveway shopping excursions? Not for a minute. This last weekend I got some really cool things too.
On Saturday I went to an estate sale at a retirement community. The high rise was having it in the community room.
I got some boring stuff.

A couple pool floaties that can be filled with water or air. The idea is they can be used to cool your aching back. I think they will just be pool floaties.

Then I paused at a table with a lonely looking lady and admired this bowl she had fake grapes in. “Just take it” she says. I told her I couldn’t, that wouldn’t be right and offered $2 for this bowl I didn’t want. She said no just $1. Wait that is not how negotiations are supposed to go! So yes I took it and to be honest it is growing on me. I am searching for it’s origins but so far not finding much.

She also had a lot of pewter. So I bought this little pitcher, creamer I think for my Beloved. He collects pewter.
Only it isn’t… pewter. It is quadruple silver plate from the Pairpoint MFG co. in New Bedford Mass. Who I understand went out of the silver plating business about 1938. Possibly before then.

Then we went to brunch at Denny’s with our adult children.
We did decide that brunch together is fun and we should do it on Saturdays but… at my house which has better food, service, less noise and much less cost. So the consensus decided. I do love cooking and for a crowd!

So Beloved and I hit one more sale. It was for a good cause, Veteran suicide awareness. This guy travels the country putting on these sales to raise money to help vets get the help they need. Since my father, going back several generations was a vet, my Fil and grandfather in law were vets (on Beloved’s maternal side) I support helping veterans get any and everything they need. I personally feel that veterans when they get home should get free medical care, housing and schooling for life.
Anyway he had some pictures Beloved looked at. I think he finally chose a T-Rex.
I found Barbies. Of course!
The guy tells me they are vintage. No. They are 80’s or 90’s. I told him vintage is 70’s and beyond. He says he knew they were old because he had put them in storage 10 to 15 years ago when his little girl didn’t want them. OK that’s 2005, still not vintage but I didn’t argue. I knew he didn’t know what he was talking about because while he was trying to urge some one else to buy something I heard him tell her he bought the dolls along the way to resell…
Either way I paid my $2 each and made off with these. I will enjoy redressing the ones not in original clothes.

These Kens look to be the same. I think the dressed one is all original. He has a wedding band on! I have never seen one with a wedding band before. He will go on a shelf as is. The other one I will enjoy dressing up in some of my Ken clothes.

These 3 girls. One is wearing a dress from a Ty Kids. I know because I have the Ty Kid that owns the dress. What is up with the bikini babe’s leg? She will go into the tote with the rest of the swimsuit dolls that are in their original suits. This 3rd one I will fix up her hair and add her to the model tote.

A cheer leader! I need to find some pompoms and sneakers. I know I have sneakers I may have pompoms.

I am thinking this one was an ice skater. Maybe one of the Olympic ones. I have seen this hair and face on various skater dolls.

Then this one in a simple white swimsuit.

This one I named Ellie Mae. Not at all sure why… it just seemed to fit. She will become one of my new stuff models.

Then there is this one. I guess she was left in the sun with leggings on or something?

The biggest score of the weekend though were these.

Near as I can find they are Cuddle Cats by Lefton. They must be fairly rare because I can only find crumbs related to them. They were made in Japan which dates them probably to the mid 60 early 70s which is when Lefton began moving manufacturing from Japan to cheaper places. The bits of info I have found have been on places like pinterest.de and .eu Nothing US so far.

One person says they are just after WW2 and made in occupied Japan, but in that case they would be marked that way. These only have the paper labels.

I don’t care for value, I know they are worth more than the $20 I paid. The tea pot is damaged but well repaired and one of the shakers has a flea bite on it. Otherwise they are in excellent shape.

Have you shopped on any driveways lately? I know much of the country is still too chilly but here in Texas it is almost ac weather!
Let me know what you think of my shopping. Did I do well?
Hugs y’all!

Surprises Barbie

OK Beloved and I took a walking trip through Walmart. I found on clearance for $5 a Surprise Barbie! Now seeing as these are still $19.98 at the other Walmart (we have 3 super centers here and… 4 or 5 markets) I had to scoop this one up!

I love the face and the hair. She is a simple doll, suitable for a young girl. Also for grandma’s who still act like small girls!
The hair is so curly, I LOVE dolls with curls. She doesn’t bend or turn which is disappointing in a supposedly $20 doll. Still she is pretty enough to keep for dress display.

Ok the first box contained, scrubs! So I am supposing her to be a nurse. BTW I adore the pink tennies!

The next compartment revealed… a smock and artists palette and brush.

So a nurse who paints as a hobby…

The final compartment revealed… a puppy with a bottle… maybe she is a veterinarian instead of a nurse.

I have no clue but she is a lovely doll. To be honest, I think the $5 was a decent price for her. I would not have paid $19 or $20 though.

I got another doll at the same time. This one I have not decided to open or not but the box is good for pictures anyway.

She is National Geographic Barbie.

I love the penguin. I actually got my oldest grandson a bag of penguins for Christmas. This one was on sale for $4. They had a lot of these so I might get another one and open one. I might get a few and keep some for gifts for my Barbie needing friends…

Have you scored any dolly goodness lately? Find any lasses on clearance that had to go home with you?

Hugs y’all

2020 A new Beginning

2019 was a hard year. It was emotionally, physically and mentally draining. I am exhausted. So, I want 2020 to be a new beginning.
I want to craft and cook more. I want to spend time in happy home pursuits. I want to experiment in my kitchen. I want to walk more and eat less.
I want to write and craft every day. I want to make at least one completed craft each month. I want to get my Bible studying back up to where it was. I want to spend more time with my adorable grandsons.
I want to plan a couple of weekend trips. Not big expensive ones but ones where we go some where and relax. Visit museums and eat in nice places, not just Ihops.
I want to make changes in my home too. Paint and such not expensive ones. We do have an expensive repair but it will be largely unseen… a floor joist needs to be fixed.
I also hope to post here at least monthly. I surely can do a few interesting things to warrant that!
So last month I finally got back to sewing. Nothing dolly lately. I made 2 aprons as gifts and both were loved. Enough so that it bolstered my confidence to get going again.

Here is one of them.

I got a new “kissy” face picture for my phone.

I love these boys!
Hugs y’all

How is Your Summer Going?

My summer is a mixed bag. Between surgery trips, things breaking down and illness, its been off. However, there has been some fun in the bargain!

We are really enjoying the pool this summer. It has been such a blessing, especially the week we had no AC! My grandsons are little fishies and, like me, would spend hours in the pool if allowed!

We celebrated my Beloved’s birthday with friends at our home.

Then his brother had us over to celebrate again at their home! What a surprise they had for us. We both got gifts! Here is a large part of mine:

Barbies from the late 70s early 80s. Any clues as to who they are?

There are a few Skipper pieces though sil says she does not remember ever having had a Skipper… I have one here some place I wonder if these will fit her…

My favorite Barbie shoe is the basic black boot. I have always had a thing about black boots.

So when I do the fashion show post, what should go first?
I have too much to do today to do that part.
Tell me how your summer is going!
Hugs y’all

Still around!

The last month had my birthday, followed by my grandson’s birthday. Then a 2nd trip to San Antonio. There was a lot of other stuff tossed in (car repairs and so on) that were not as much fun as the birthdays!
My Beloved is back on hemo dialysis. In a way it makes me sad. It however will restore my home to home not hospital like status. He says he is happy with the decision.
Well instead of a big post, I am going to post some pictures.

First, 3 generation of Frizell men. I love these guys.

Next a few from the Witte Museum in San Antonio. We only hit a small portion of it but it is an amazing place! If you go, Tuesdays from 5 to 8 is free. Don’t forget to look UP! They include the ceilings as part of the exhibits! Sadly my pictures of the ceilings did not come out well.

Next, my Boogie Boys birthday. He turned 1!

On the way home we stopped by the place where I got my Shirley.
Where I saw ….

Which both now reside with me! I am trying to decide how best to wash the clothes. They were sitting there for a long, long, time and are quite dusty.

Now some random pictures from the month.

Hugs Y’all!

Finally… Dolls!

OK I know it has been a looong time since I wrote about dolls. Sorry Helen!
Hopefully today’s post will make up for it.
Last time I told you about our trip to San Antonio and I mentioned a new dolly that came home with me.

Here she is! 1972 Shirley Temple! I just love Shirley Temple Movies. I am in awe of how they allowed children to see the tragic side of life too. Not like now days with rainbow bridges and such. Children then saw tragedy as a part of life. Shirley was adorable as she maneuvered through the various hardships of a depression or civil war tyke. Real tears erupt when she says her mommy got cracked up too (like her dad a pilot did). Anyway, I saw this doll at Mason Country Collectibles and fell in love. They actually have 2 more that I want. All in original dresses but not totally original.

Next, I got another of my all time favorite Barbies. Sweet 16! Now I have one in the package, one out on display and one to play around with. All 3 have complete dresses, with the often missing string bow.

Then, I saw this young lady and fell in love with the face. It is simple, adorable and not overly made up. I love the freckles. I believe she is a Midge, because my older Midge is the one with freckles. Sigh…

I saw her on clearance for $5 and got her to open. Got another not on sale for $7.94 then forgot and got another for $7.94… and I didn’t even put any of them in totes!

Then I saw this one in RED. Did not fall in love but still thought she rocked the plaid pretty well. She needs leggings though. I think I have some here somewhere.

Then I saw this dress set and it made me happy so home it came.

This swimsuit set also made me happy so it came home as well!

So lets open the dolly with the damaged box because I think she will look great in these new clothes!

This set looks like a wedding outfit. Something you would wear to a fancy affair of some sort. It needs shoes…
Which pair?

OOPs the ones that match the purse won’t go on over her heel!

OK lets try the swim set.
Not my favorite suit. Though the gold lam`e sets off her hair. I do love her silky hair!

OK with the cover up. I like the cover up better than the suit. The necklace just seems out of place. The bangle rolled somewhere on my desk and eludes me!

Let’s try the shorts set.
I think it makes her look young and less fashion star. I added the sneakers from my stash.
I think she will stay in this set for a little while.

So what do you think? What shoes go with the fancy dress best?
Should I unbox the RED doll and give her some pants?
Do you like my Shirley?
BTW I don’t buy every doll I see.
I did not get this one because I don’t like the mouth. it looks… foamy some how like she’s rabid…
My hope is to be able to blog at least once a week now that things seem to be slowing down and aligning in better lines.
Hug y’all!

What have I been Upto???

Well this year has begun with a BANG!
First my Beloved retired in January, the 18th. The 23rd he ended up in the hospital. For 14 days.
He got out and was out for 10 days then right back in! This time for 17 days!
Mean while I was working to get things in order, insurance, filing for disability and all that for him.
March was semi quiet just LOTS of dr visits, as in 3-4 a week. Then April opened with us on a road trip to San Antonio where he got a fistula put in. He is going back on hemo dialysis when it heals, in 1 to 3 months.

Now in all the excitement, I have fallen twice! I fell, quite literally out of my house… onto my front porch and my Best friend’s feet! Then the night before we left town, I fell at the church supper! I am fine just bruised and embarrassed!

Before we left I was working on a doll post. I have a few new additions to show off when I find that post. You see, my son upgraded my pc and all my files are on my Beloved’s server… somewhere! I will get him to find it for me.
In the meantime here are some pictures from the trip.

The view from our 11th floor hotel room. We stayed at the Omni Colonnade. The beds were typical hotel beds, wiggly not firm. The restaurant was supposed to be upscale. The only thing on the menu I recognized as food was a hamburger. It was nothing special and to be truthful, I would have liked a whataburger better.
The pool and Jacuzzi were fantastic though. OK the jacuzzi was. I didn’t try out the pool. I loved watching the view from our window. I could, off in the distance, see the San Antonio airport and enjoyed watching planes come in and land.
After not enjoying the dinner, we were NOT spending $21.95 on their breakfast. So we found a familiar place, Ihop! Where we saw this:

The cutest coffee carafe! It is roughly 1/2 the size of the ones here in Angelo. The service was better too and the atmosphere!
A last parting look as we left.

After San Antonio we went to Fredricksburg to shop. We got lunch at a small place, it was in a house! Called the City Cafe. The food was excellent. Check out Herman’s chicken fried steak dinner!

After lunch we needed to walk off some of that food! So we perused main street stopping at the Christmas store, the General store and Dooley’s.
We also went to the Amish store. Next to it is an antique furniture store. How would you like this in your living room?

That is my friend Linda posing for me!

Caught this picture just outside of Fredricksburg.
We stopped at a really neat shop in Mason. It is Mason Country Collectibles.
If you ever get a chance to go, do! They have antiques and awesome metal art. I actually bought 3 items there. A Shirley Temple doll, a gecko and a blue bonnet. I will get pictures of them all for my next post.
Here is one of the things i would have LOVED to bring home with me.
I just love that fountain!
OK that is a basic summary of my time the last…3 months… My plan is to do a real honest to goodness doll post in the next couple of days! Until then,
Hugs Y’all!


Just a short catch up post.
Last month my Beloved ended up retiring on disability.
I am fine with that. What I am NOT fine with is that he retired on the 18th and ended up in the hospital on the 23rd!

He is home now but was in there for 2 full weeks!
So I have not been able to do anything blog worthy.
Next week I hope to change that. I had just gotten an apron cut and ready to sew, and begun a dishcloth when my days became nightmares. We are taking this week to adjust and then I will hopefully be able to do my stuff again!
Hugs y’all!

2018 Is at an End

Well this last couple months has been a whirlwind!
I will post it in pictures. You can ask what it is in comments if you like!
Thanks giving:

Christmas, at least getting ready for it. Oddly I have no Christmas pictures!

I had 5 trees this year:
1) The vintage one on which I hung classic ornaments, antiques and such.
2) The beanie baby tree
3) The Charlie Brown tree
4) the children’s tree. I have the girls from church over to make ornaments and my collection of toys ornaments went on this tree.
5) The white window tree with all my red ornaments on it.
I also have a usb, led tree at my computer.
So with 2018 in the books, here is to a healthier, happier 2019!
hug y’all

An Addendum to My Thrifting Post.

I had a couple ladies ask for pictures of more of my finds. So I took some more. These are pictures of things that didn’t get good pictures when I first took them.

First up, the casserole dish, ready for the oven with our dinner!
Next the mugs. Well 3 of them. You already saw the one I used and the gift one.

This one is very plain but I love this shape of mug. If needed I am sure I can dress it up at some point.

Doesn’t the scene on this one just scream cozy and at home?

I have always had a thing for those duck/geese sets from the …80s or was it the 90s… I would still love the canister set. Apparently so would others. Judging from the prices I see on them, when I find any at all, they must be extremely popular!

Next the gift box for the mug. My SS loves snowmen.

The ornaments that will be once a week gifts. Really each week we are just supposed to do cards. However when something says give me and then several things say it… There are seven weeks until the party to give something. I got 6 things so far. I gave the plaque yesterday. So I need 1 more small item to be able to gift something each week.

The popcorn boxes. We watch a lot of stuff on TV. Not from the networks, but streamed from Netflix among others. Sometimes you just NEED popcorn.

The big SS gift. The box is a wreck but I have a lot of boxes that I can replace it with. Which will prolong the anticipation because the boxes I have are from kidney supplies…;D Isn’t he just too stinkin’ cute?

Last one of my favorite pieces. The Peanuts .10 box. I wish it had had the variety of cards in it. I would love to have framed one of each!
From your thrifting, what has been your favorite item? It could be something you just love (Like a pink English egg coddler for your bathroom) or something you use often.