For Helen…. The New Guys

My friend Helen asked for a blog post. I promised to see what I could do.
Well I woke up with a major sinus headache. So dear friend, this is a short post for you.
I have been looking for some guy dolls for my Barbie girls to date. The ones I find second hand mostly look like Justin Beiber. He might be cool to some but for me…nah.

So first I found this lad on sale at Walmart.
He is named Ken… in the floral tee… Ummm Ken is a blonde surfer dude. Not this guy. I have not decided on a name for him yet, nor have I looked on the site to see if he has a name.

His box was pretty easy to get him out of.

Seriously people, what do you think his head is going to do that you must tag it to the box??? Fortunately the tabs went into his head and are not visible.

I do like that his hands have a bit of detail.


I got this lad off Amazon.

His box was in better shape than the other lad. Plus his head was not tagged to the box.

I did not get a good look at him on Amazon so did not see his… odd looking hair. Still he is a clean cut young man suitable for my lassies to go out with! Any thoughts on a name?

This next lad I HAD to get…

This ladies is my Beloved MJ made into a doll! It is about time they came up with a really cool lad!
Yes I can now say I married a dream guy! (Isn’t that what all Ken dolls are supposed to be???) I have always believed I married MY dream guy, now he is Barbie’s too…

This one I am naming James, my Beloved’s middle name.

The only down side is, none of the lads have bendable legs for ease in posing.

So which guy is your favorite?
Hugs Y’all

2 thoughts on “For Helen…. The New Guys

  1. Finally a decent looking guy!
    I love #3 and adore his glasses!
    You have to pick the perfect Barbie to pair him with!
    Can we vote please??
    Guy#2 is kind of cute and I love his clothes. The hair is a cultural thing I think.
    Not overly fond of guy #1.
    His face is kind of strange but I do like his body shape and detail.
    So when is the dating game?

  2. Hi Mel! Sorry I have been MIA for……a loooong time! Nice work on the Ken dolls! I agree, Barbie needs more mature looking men to date. (and as you said, NOT the Justin Beiber looking men!) I like the one with the glasses too. To me he looks like an Anderson.

    Hope you are doing well and have been able to find lots of dolly goodies!


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