Mother’s Day Weekend.

What a weekend!

I hope your mother’s day was wonderful.
Saturday began looking at yard sales. None of which yielded anything Barbie.

I did find a pretty drawer that will go under the dollhouse table for shoes and accessories.

I also found this shelf made out of a yard stick. I plan to paint it and make it more Barbiesque and use it to store dishes in the doll house.

I thought this Turtle might work as a seat in the living room.

Then I saw this and thought… BEDROOM!

After that was the Ladies Mother’s day tea at church. The turn out was I am told smaller than in years passed. I kept thinking, we could have had this at my house! There were 15 ladies. It was a lot of fun!

I had planned to come home, do laundry and so forth but… I was exhausted! So I rested, then Beloved and I went to the store.
We stopped by hobby lobby because I needed a another doll stand.

Why? Well because my older sister sent me a doll!
She told me in the letter enclosed that this doll and a bride doll were given to our mother. Mom gave her this one, the bridesmaid.
I remembered as a child seeing a bride doll on my sisters bed, I suppose now it was this one and I loved her.

So here she is with her new stand.
Joining the other special dolls on this shelf.

Now on Sunday! Wow there was church.

When I got home Beloved handed me these.

Then a gift bag.

In side was a brand new Kelly doll! Plus, shoes! Something my dolls all need!

After that my oldest treated us to a movie, youngest son came too!
Oldest took us to dinner at Outback. Youngest had to go meet his girl and her family so he did not go to lunch with us. I have lunch leftovers!

In the truck I found 2 more packages.

From oldest I got this doll, Fashionista # 54. Tutu Cool. A petite (ie short) Barbie! Plus the snoopy card!

From youngest I got 2 cards (one from he and his girl) And Fashionista #53 Lovely in Lilac. She is a tall doll. I remember when Mattel used to put the doll’s name on the box. Sadly neither of these lasses have names. I think this one might be a Teresa but not sure.
OK, ready to open??

The front of her package came off easily enough. There are thin rubber bands holding her in place.

OK look at this… no way a child is going to get this dolly out. Her head is stuck, and the only way to get to the stuff to release her, it to totally destroy the box.

3 tag ties. Mattel, listen, her head isn’t going anywhere with the body tied down.

Look, now she has these plastic things stuck in her head. If I try to cut them I risk damaging her hair. PLEASE quit putting extra holes in the lass’s head! (I did manage finally to cut them and I did not miss and cut her hair!)

She is a hard body doll, no bendy legs or twist and turn waist. I like her simple wholesome face. No heavy make up on her. Her hair is soft. In some lights it looks more blonde, in others a bit brown with some auburn in it. I do notice that unlike every other Barbie I have opened, she did not come with her own brush! (Not that i intend to brush her hair, she is going on the shelf!)

Now lets look at Kelly.

Again the front of her box was easily removed.

She too was held in with thin rubber bands.

I had to destroy her box also to free her head.

Then cut out these plastic tags. There was also a sharp bit of… glue or something I had to chip off of her head.

Kelly is a pretty little girl. On all of them though… the mouth just doesn’t look right… I have no clue why, it just looks wrong somehow. Still, a pretty doll. I love the sandals.

Ok now for Tutu Cool. Again since I can not find a name for her, I will call her Tuttie.

Her box did not come apart as easily as the others.

Though perhaps my practice on the other 2 made getting rid of the hair tags easier… She is also a hard body, no twisty waist or bendable knees. She also has modest make up on. Not the flashy stuff a lot of Barbies have had in past years. I also love her hair. Though I normally do not go for the oddly colored hair, it is soft and pretty.


Now the furniture set….

The table feels surprisingly sturdy. It is fairly easy to get together too.
The chairs come assembled.

The cups and plates and things fit on it in a lego fashion.

It comes with a puppy.

Sitting dolls at it… well the petite hard body seems ok, though I don’t like her feet sticking straight out that way. Being “petite” myself, I have had to sit in many uncomfortable positions (such as those dumb bar stool table sets) and the ache… poor lass her legs would hurt if it was a lengthy meal! The bendy kneed doll was a bit better, though her knees are not as bendy as I remember them being on my childhood dolls… The tall one… her feet could easily land in another’s lap!

Here are my new Fashionistas on the shelf. Look, the tall one is a hair taller than the Ken!

Well ladies I hope you enjoyed this super sized post that covered the last 3 days!

Actually Saturday’s post might be done on Wednesday since I have a project I want to do tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will open the shoes and maybe look at a project or 2 for the Barbie house.

Hugs y’all

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Weekend.

  1. The table settings for your ladies’ lunch at church was lovely!
    I love your new Barbies and love that your family gives them to you as presents!
    I loved, loved, loved, the group picture too!

  2. Your hubby sure loves you! What a wonderful mothers day surprise! You’re right, Kelly’s mouth does look a little…off. The hang tags in the head DRIVE ME CRAZY. So frustrating to try and get her out of the dang box. My niece a couple of years ago got a Barbie bath set and I told her to wait as I had to get the doll out of the box. (you know how 7 year olds are trying to get their birthday gifts free from the packaging.) Because she would never be able to free her with the hang tags! I love how you thought of a turtle as a sitting cushion for the dollhouse. Clever idea!

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